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chapters0 (5 months ago) #11685332anyone selling or know where i can get this from?

If someone is interested in she, Naruto and Sasuke:
[ext link ]
3 hours agoLawyersLawyers
fuck me I missed the amiami preorder - anyone willing to give theirs up?
3 hours agonaisornaisor
Zegna (5 hours ago) #16703970I'd also like to do that. Do you know of any good guides on this?
Seems Makaizou is pretty difficult...
[ext link ]

All the guides I have are in Japanese since I don't have problems reading them. For figures, I highly recommend the one above (it is not in MFC's databases, I guess I'll add it when I make the time); however, it is not very intuitive just by looking at the pictures, and I'm afraid reading is necessary to get the context.

My suggestion (try under your own risk) is to first attempt to make the head detachable. Once you detach it carefully, I think it might help cast-off the rest more easily. Try to pull and detach the overall head (front hair, face and back hair pieces) as one piece, watch out for the right arm while doing so. It seems to me that, if done right, it shouldn't damage too much any paint that it would need any repair.

Basically, in order to "gently" disassemble almost any PVC figure without breaking it (maybe just damage some paint in-between seam lines), you put the figure in hot water (as hot as your hands can resist, or like a thermal bath (onsen), around 40°C) for a few minutes and then try to pull the piece you are trying to disassemble. This is a little bit of an exercise in patience for some figures. I suggest trying to pull while inside the hot water, only one separation at a time, and basically the water does not dissolve the glue or anything but it renders the PVC more flexible and by some gentle pulls for some time it will let you "break" the glue and separate the pieces. While inside hot water, please be careful not to unintentionally deform some parts (hair, arms, etc...) by applying pressure there, be careful how you rest the figure inside the hot water too, and use only very thick portions as areas to grab while pulling (i.e. the head and the snake tail).

To cast-off the clothes more gently, I would suggest to attempt it only after removing the head successfully. Then, place in hot water again and try to pull the shirt and skirt pieces gently from the seam lines. You could try to open a little (just a little) with an X-acto knife; just be careful not to carve the body with the knife in the process.

I have separated figures in the past in order to make molds and recasts; once I finish building my workshop I plan to modify some figures I have (including Miia); but, basically that's what I would do to try and cast-off her to not completely destroy the cloth pieces.

I'm sorry, but when I work (sculpting, modifying) I seldom do any photography (I actually don't like taking pictures) or documenting since I do it usually on a whim when I have some free time. But, I'm more than opened to discuss it from time to time. :)
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Kind of hoping for a trump hat alternate head.
3 hours agoMudMateMudMate
item #167013 because it meant that you persevered through a lot of wait to buy it.
Who am I even kidding? This guy will never see the light of an opened box.
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As I woman I'm not a bondage person, but it is nice that this is the first 18+ male figure (with nipples!) It would be great if we could get other 18+ male figures that extend outside of the BL genre (I'm personally not into the BL genre (but I have some friends who are and I'm cool with that). I've tried get into the genre but I just can't but I did like the Dramatical Murder anime to some degree. I also hope that figure companies could at least start giving all male figures nipples for once (they look so deformed without them!)!Adding nipples to a male figure as a final touch shouldn't be that hard.
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Finally I will own something by this amazing artist!
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okami34 (6 days ago) #16549238Omg I love your Dream Figure list (my only critique is that we should hope that Native makes straight men figures too not just the gay ones.I will say this though: I am forever grateful to Native's Aoba for paving the way for male figures and setting the standards for them. Hats off to Toy's Works too even if their coloring sucks. We girls and women deserve our sexy, strip tease men. Along with some mythical men too(and shotas,if you're into that.) I believe we are getting closer and closer to reasonable priced Genos scale figure. Tsume's Genos is great but expensive and impractical. I'm saying this because it come with Led lights that will most likely need new batteries from time to time, there no mass production of it, and it cost over $500.00 USD. There is also another Genos coming out later by First 4 Figures that will be an exclusive and will cost about as much as their Saitama (who costs $349.99)or more. First 4 Figures is also making a Sonic that will most likely get the same treatment. So far Goodsmile has blessed us with a chibi Genos but I want me a scale! However, if we have any hope at all it would have to be Alter or Goodsmile to make scales of Genos and Sonicat a reasonable price of course..
(Sorry, at first I replied on my own profile ><")So...
Thank you dear! ^-^
Oh yes absolutely, of course I'd like if Native would make sexy male characters from other shows as well - however, don't they only work with characters of shows with adult themes? :O You know, I don't think they would undress a character from a shonen/shoujo anime if he was not canonically seen in such way (not gonna lie, I would be happy if they did xD). Or would they?:O
But now I'm really happy at least we get one +18 male figure for now : ) Hope more will follow! Like I mention in my dreamlist I'm in absolute love with sexy male demons >: )) I just love horns and wings and tails - just like a lot of ecchi girl figures have T-T... Why no demon boi for me?? T__T

Yes I've seen those OPM figures but they are not really the type I like... I mean they look great but in my opinion they still look like the type of male figures dudes would be mostly interested in. Huge, typical superhero-action-pose, zero sexiness (imo). There are female figures from normal shows getting all sexy and fanservicy even though the genre of their manga/anime is not just entirely about that (not to mention the ridiculous nipple-showing-through-the-clothes-and-armory -_-") So why not boys?? And as you mentioned they're really damn pricey (tho I understand it since they are also huge).
I love Sonic and I absolutely love his sexy design and glorious behind ;} - I bet if he was a female character there would already be figures with that in focus -_- And I too would really love a fine Genos T-T
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Happy Birthday Fluffer
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Kosura (5 hours ago) #16703974View spoilerHide spoilerHere's the thing with comments like "nice work" and such (positive comments), to me they feel like an insult. Especially when I put massive hours into something to get a response like "nice work" feels insulting. Same as how comments that just say "this is bad" have no meaning. Honestly, I prefer to not hear any comments that say something is good. If I put something out there (which rarely happened but now it kind of happens weekly) what I really want is as you said, some "nice"/constructive criticism. Only then can you improve your work or accept that that's how it is.
In this community I feel as if people can't really read well. I've already accepted the fact that my explanations are total crap but whenever I make posts and see comments on these posts I'm left speechless, not in a good way btw XD
Not just on my posts btw but as reactions to figures and such. Sometimes I see reactions that I just don't understand why they feel the need to even comment that at all, as well as responses to other people's comments that feel as if they never actually read the comment to begin with but felt the need to attack that person just cuz.

Well there is however such a thing as taking something too much to heart. I understand that some short comments may feel a bit lackluster but you shouldn't let yourself get so worked up over that.

If that can help, here's how I see it. When someone says "Nice work" it usually is one of these scenarios:
- Either the person is genuinely satisfied with what (s)he sees and has nothing more to add. It does feel awkward because I know perfectly well that there is a mountain of things that are horrendously wrong with my work so that person is basically disagreeing with me ^^;
However as I said before, everyone has different levels of perception and tolerance and not seeing flaws does not mean that the person does not pay attention or does not care. I can obviously not demand that people see everything the way I do.
- Or the person had some remarks to make but didn't want to hurt my feelings. Well I'm thankful for the concern. It's a shame because I don't really need that people take gloves with me but it's probably also my fault for not making it clear.
- Or the person had some remarks but left them out because they felt that they couldn't do better themselves and have been raised in a spirit of only criticizing if they can do better. Again I think it's a shame but I understand that they're not holding out out of malice.
- Or the person had some remarks but swallowed them out of fear of a comments backlash. That's wretched but I can't really blame someone for putting their own safety first, can I?
- Or the person had some remarks but was too lazy or just wanted the +20 comment points. Well I can't find an excuse for that one, screw that guy! ^^

So since I'm only allowed to get mad in the last one of these scenarios and I'll never know which one I have in front of me, I should just settle for one that causes less stress and assume that the comment, however brief, was made in good faith and just be thankful for it.

In the end, since none of us is ever gonna change how others choose to interact, the best course of action is to try and adopt a more forgiving attitude, I know it's easier said than done but your spleen will be forever grateful for that (trust me).
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Whats a good place to Preorder her that ships to the US?
3 hours agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Feliz cumple :D
4 hours agoKosuraKosura
Lilie (4 hours ago) #16703994I think it's important for content creators to mention that they are looking for critique, since non-content creators don't automatically know that. Also about the meaningless comments, in r/Art they have notification that says: "Don't leave comments like "That's great", "Nice picture", "Amazing". "If you want to critique a work, make sure to add constructive criticism."
They also have rule: "Try to add to the conversation in a meaningful way. If you have nothing to contribute but like the post, then upvote the post instead. Comments that don't add to the conversation may be subject to removal."
While i think this works well for their sub, i wouldn't want this on all content creating communities. For example i wouldn't want that kind of rules to MFC since this community is much more casual and chill.
I personally don't mind the "nice pic" comments, because it's something i do myself aswell. Sometimes it's hard to come up things to talk about, but you still admire the content and just want to leave harmless nice comment, letting the creator know you like his/her work.
As i mentioned earlier, it's best if the content creator tells that she/he is looking for criticism for his/her work.

If you don't want criticism there's no need to put it out online imo.
If you're just putting it online because you want to hear praise then ... I don't think I have to continue there.

I absolutely love that rule. I've seen it on image boards I used as well but some of em removed that rule or maybe I just can't find it back.

For me that's what like buttons are for. If everyone that likes something would comment "good work" that's just the same as spam.
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Welcome to the board AkoAguirre! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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I guess we have to wait longer, and possibly beg for, an affordable Genos scale and/or figma to come out. Maybe season 2 of OPM will persuade the figure companies more. OPM season 1 focused a lot on Saitama and he got a lot of figures. Maybe season 2 will focus a little more on Genos and other characters that the series didn't touch much on.hyappers (4 hours ago) #16704028yeah i know, theres one by f4f and tsume, i really need something i could afford tho;; 500 euros is just wayyy too much for me ;_;
4 hours agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
it's been long time since i've seen a masterfully done Toy Photography

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