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1 hour ago (1 hour ago)mikki-malumikki-malu
I only have 1 figure in 2 colors item #3904 coz I still can't decide which one I like more, they're both cute. I was also thinking about variants of this Sonico item #219580 but in the end I decided I don't need several similar figures when I have so many others on my wishlist. Normally I don't have a problem choosing, one color is most times obviously better than the others to me. If one variant is limited, expensive and hard to get I'd skip it easily, from my experience it's not really worth the efforts.

Almost forgot, I'm gonna have all 3 color variants of this guy item #358836 and his chan. But it's different than scales, these guys are all being used as models and I'm getting various colors to see which one works best (and for fun too). I'd get the grey variant of figmas item #331746 someday too if I decide I need more models of this type when I get them. But I'm never getting those limited cheetos item #451824 unless their price drops to that of standard ones, I don't really like that color anyway :)
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)DBZRuss25DBZRuss25
Complete crap I paid $150 and it damages easily. I just smashed mine out of temper & frustration after unboxing due to the door being stuck. So now The door is completely crushed the rest however Is somehow still alive anyone want it can have it for free just pay the shipping I have pics pm me I'm within the U.S
1 hour agoTiamat26Tiamat26
WanderingWastrel (2 hours ago) #14995055In most cases, I am not even tempted by variants.
I also have item #144282 and item #320502 because I really like ducks.

Ducks LOL

That truly made me laugh out loud !

= )

2 hours ago (1 hour ago)WolfiePieWolfiePie
BloodFlower (11 months ago) #4152425Then why the fuck hasn't anyone added character and origin? Fixing it now. Although I had a really hard time recognizing this as the Zinogre armour, I guess the "god ring" in the background threw me off.
It's not actually the Zinogre armor (the Zin armors in the games don't look like this). It's a gijinka Zinogre, with a switch-axe-style weapon that's also not from the games.

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