2 hours ago (2 hours ago)RevienRevien
I find it pretty interesting how high you rated the painting and posing of this figure when the pose isn't entirely accurate to the illustration it's based on and the paint has almost zero shading outside of her actual skin (great QC aside, it's hard to make too much of a mess of it when there's not much there to actually mess up).

Probably the second worst 7th Dragon figure imo, with Psychic stealing that first place (by a big margin) with all her various flaws she had.
2 hours agozukorizukori
widzę tu same dobrze rzeczy <3
2 hours agocutesushipiecutesushipie
I'll try my best to find someone! I'm sorry, I thought it wouldn't effect you that much because I was on the third spot, but I guess I was wrong. I'll ask friends and try to get someone to fill my spot. Again, I'm really sorry!

nagi2525nagisa (2 hours ago) #9324827Hey! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but yes, I did!
I was trying to find someone to take your slot and I'm currently waiting for them to reply.
It's a bummer for me to have someone confirmed drop out because I had just ordered a second box a few days ago thinking no one would be dropping out. Can't you find someone to replace you? I'd like to avoid the hassle of having to list it up for sale a bit everywhere and then, it ends up forgotten. I'll see what I can do on my side!
2 hours agosilentwinter91silentwinter91
Best quality dragon2020 figure out there, my shelf turns into a JRPG when shes placed on it.
2 hours agoGowcaizerGowcaizer
Most impressive!
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)silentwinter91silentwinter91
Englishlistening (9 hours ago) #9313179Because of the inflation, 7000円 in 2009 is more valuable than today, so if one thing keep rereleasing at a same price, it means it's getting cheaper and cheaper. It's unfair to both company and people who preorder it at early time.
Pvc figure is not just a toy––even a toy will become more valuable after some years. You say give a chance to those who hadnt bought her last time, I totally agree, but shall you leave some benefits to those who spent same money––but more valuable at early time? A lot of my friends abandoned their hobby because of re–releasing, it's really unadorable to see one's collection becoming a large amount of old toys(and nobody appreciate them since there's always a new one, not expensive). So why those who didnt preorder it earlier can preorder it at a same price(in fact less price) just because they preorder it later?

If you are going to argue from that point of view, then you are in the hobby for the wrong reasons.

Firstly, even if a company re-releases a product, it should not drive a figure price down to the ground in ordinary circumstances and should retain some of its retail price value.

Secondly, unless space cost is very cheap in your country, hoping to retain your investment in toys is a stupid proposition and you are in the wrong market. (sideshow, tsume etc)

Third, price inflation is dependent on the resources used in production. I'll go out on a limb and put it at 3% every year. The price after compounding annually is 8.9k yen in 2016. Figure companies aren't stupid, i can wish all i want but the reality is there will always be a price hike; labor cost is not going to actually get cheaper in the future.

4th, your figures are going to be worthless in year 2050 when we have 3d printers at home.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)nagi2525nagisanagi2525nagisa
cutesushipie (3 hours ago) #9323277Hi! I pmed you something and I was wondering if you received it or not?
Hey! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but yes, I did!
I was trying to find someone to take your slot and I'm currently waiting for them to reply.
It's a bummer for me to have someone confirmed drop out because I had just ordered a second box a few days ago thinking no one would be dropping out. Can't you find someone to replace you? I'd like to avoid the hassle of having to list it up for sale a bit everywhere and then, it ends up forgotten. I'll see what I can do on my side!
2 hours agodrakanitydrakanity
PasiatLSSJ (5 hours ago) #9320894I know, I know;) I was just thinking that maybe someone added them to wrong category - the face looks so bad to me, that I got the impression that this isn`t Alphamax product, but some bootleg. Sorry for this. Maybe i exaggerate a bit ;)

Ugh, now that you mention it, I took a look at those pics for the first time lol. While it's not completely terrible, I agree it definitely isn't that good. Hopefully the real thing does look better.

It does seem like a problem with many of the Alphamax figures I've purchased in the past, that the faces don't match up with the prototype. I know most won't perfectly, but at the least, they should come really close to it. One reason I'm hesitant on pre-ordering item #236319 which I adore the face of, but have a feeling they will mess it up.
2 hours agoForlornSerpentForlornSerpent
I got mine today. I waited by the door so I wouldn't miss the package. I hate going to the post office to get my figures because I wasn't there to sign the package. Today, I didn't even hear the door knock. They just left the package by the door. Luckily I was there to get her before the heat did any damage.
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board piikachu! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 hours agotakaitakai
I've never owned a Sonico figure before, I think I'd like to start with this one. She's so sexy in this one.
2 hours agolonesomefollylonesomefolly
Got the set from HLJ and I'm missing female ranma. Anyone looking to sell her? I'd trade but I don't live in the US so it'd be too costly for it to be worth it (I have an us proxy to receive her though)
2 hours agoChekitaChekita
JinZo (1 day ago) #9240887I'm looking for some insight from experienced collectors. What do you think are the chances of this figure shooting up in price after release?

I am not a very experienced collector, but I noticed, that figures based on AAA games often raise with the price on the aftermarket.
Fire Emblem got quite popular after Awakening in the west. Sure, some people knew the games before Awekening, but the most only heard of the games through playing "Smash".
The Lucina Figma got a re-release based on popularity and Sallya went up with her price.
Because the target audience is bigger. Not just figure collectors, we also got the Nintendo Fans buying her.
So I think the chances are good, that Tiamo/Cordelia will be more expensive on the aftermarket.
2 hours agoKaneTWKaneTW
How does the base gimmick work? I can't make sense of the instructions and I figured I'd ask first before grabbing a dictionary.
3 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board KristenWest! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)agranville45agranville45
this is unbelievable.they are making an revoltech Kaiba. my dreams have final came true.
3 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Runcible Rebel
SureFigures (1 day ago) #9241093I'm not personally a fan but I can kinda see why he might be big in Japan. Then I noticed on the item page: (mfc link).
Nice! I'm flattered <3 that's good company to be in
And since you're subbed you've been seeing a little bit more of my garden as well :)
That menu has my mouth watering. I had scoped out a few of those after finding the 'vegetarian dishes' tag, including the tofu ones. Whenever I see fried tofu, my interest is piqued. I didn't notice that recipe for scallion pancakes though. They are so good when made right. Mmmmm I've definitely had them made way too greasy on several occasions though. I'd like to master that recipe and make a curry dip for them (Malay roti style).
I didn't notice those cucumber dishes either. Interesting, sounds like a nice spring/summer food too.
How did that bok choy come out?
I was looking at (ext link) also, I was thinking swap the meat for seitan but you're right, seems like it'd be tasty enough with just vegetables... or tofu.
Do you have her cookbook?
We have an oven. Ours just sucks. The heat is really uneven. I know its "sweet spots" but it's almost impossible to effectively use both shelves at once. Its pilot goes out sometimes so I have to deal with that. Furthermore, it's just old. It was around for the previous tenants and they were really messy. There is a crispy layer of charred who-knows-what lining the floor of it... Anyway, enjoy that new oven for me ;P
That's terrible they make you their scapegoat. Even your mom does that? Sounds exhausting, I don't know how you tolerate it. From what I gather, you and your little brother sound pretty tight though, rolling through NYCC together and all(?)
EMS going up?!?! This hobby keeps getting more-and-more expensive. I'm going to have to start thinking about other shipping methods if that's the case. If you would, keep me updated on what you hear about that news.
I haven't heard much about the whole voter purge since last week, besides a bit of speculation. It seems like the media doesn't care - not surprising either. But yeah, de Blasio was probably only saying so much because it looks bad on him. I wonder if those votes ever got counted. The whole closed primary thing is so dumb. Such voting laws are clearly in place to make it hard for certain demographics to vote.
I'm starting to lose a lot of hope. At this point, I'm praying the FBI digs up some dirt from this investigation and Hillary is forced to step down. That whole email thing is pretty sketchy. I finally sat down and read up on it a bit. A lot of stuff was deleted and it doesn't just look like "personal emails". Or maybe she considers them "personal" because her assistant is her best friend. It looks shady and not just because I don't like her.
Hillary v. Trump is so gross to think about. What is wrong with our people?
I saw that re-release. I'm surprised they're choosing that when their Meiko figures are in such high demand. I guess they're just riding the wave from Nitroblasterz. Which reminds me of something I wanted to ask you: Does she have alternate uniforms in the game? Or do each of the characters only have one? I was also wondering if Spidermasa ever pops up.
I see the distinction now. It would be nice if it was either:
1) Entries determined by JAN codes; or
2) Separate entries for each disjoint figure, then listed in the description if it's bundled or the necessary details of the bundled version.
It's weird to have a mixture of them but I can also see how it happened - it certainly is a grey area.
Are you going to be at BBG Saturday or Sunday? Or both? Right now, I'm thinking I'll be there Saturday.

Skipping to the important thigns first:

I'll be going to BBG both days so I can get material for my blogpost about it, which means I'm going to be running around a lot and then dipping out to go to work lol. Most of the time I only go for one day but I want to take photos and... my favorite stage show act, the taiko drummer kids, is Sunday afternoon. Between that and a baby shower afterwards I asked to come into work later on Sunday :p Still mapping my attack plan. Have you looked at the events schedule? Anything you're looking forward to?

(mfc link) EMS price increase info, USA gets it the worst of course. Plus the 300g tier is being removed. That tier was ¥1200 so EMS minimum is gonna be ¥1700 I guess. I like Hobby Search but I emailed them when they announced the increase to ask if they'd add AIR small packet to their options. They basically said not now, not ever. More reason to dip out, I guess.

They announced a re-release of Speedy item #146809 along with finally making Supreme Catatonic item #430034 after all these years. So adding Catatonic to my list, 5 scale preorders left to make for the year. Crunchyroll has been having some damn tempting DOTDs lately though.

So how does this indoor garden work? Is it in your apartment or in the building itself? What's the light source?

That bok choy recipe is always good, but even right now I want cucumbersssss. I do have her cookbook, she had a book launch event so I got it signed. But with that, I can't take my treasure into the kitchen and get it dirty! I need to buy an extra copy for that so I can preserve my signed copy. Between the book and the site there's still a lot of recipes I want to try. I like browsing people's recipe sites/cooking channels and I rank them on success rate - if I try a few recipes, how well they come out. Maangchi ranks the highest, with Dim G. a very close second (it's only because Dim stopped making videos ages ago ;_;...)
Facepalm studio: my sister told me Maangchi put up a new recipe last night for soy milk, and in the comments people asked if they could use milk instead of water to make it.


Her recipe mixes soybeans with roasted cashews... looks like one of the tastier homemade milks I've seen. I don't have any soybeans on hand to try yet though. (ext link)
She ends the video by mentioning an email she got from a cancer survivor, like many cancer patients she lost her appetite/body weight but then she found Maangchi's site and started making her recipes on the daily, and it brought back her appetite and body weight. Maangchi is magic~
But then, in the related videos at the end, this came up for me: (ext link) But what does that have to do with... (I haven't watched anything related to that) but I guess it's good that they ain't mad...?

Ohh I see. I do know about dirty ovens >< They reach a point where they can't be cleaned again if you let it build up long enough. This oven actually has a glass door and oven light so I can see what's cookin'. I was thinking I should try making some actual baked goods and see if they bake more evenly. Reminds me of my old classmates, I would make brownies from scratch for them and they'd ask me to make special brownies. So I'd say "Pfft okay, bring me special ingredient." So happy they didn't because I would have just unwittingly dumped it in lol.

I just ignore them. People project their insecurities all the time so while it's annoying, I don't take it personal. Only person who doesn't scapegoat me is my older sister, but she judges me instead. LOL. On that note she's on another vacation, so she's going to come her afterwards to pick up the packages she had forwarded here. I should barricade my bedroom door.
My brother and I always have a blast at NYCC Saturdays, he'd get to go more days if his punk ass would actually put effort into school though. He's not dumb, just unmotivated/unfocused.

What is wrong with our people is they aren't info seekers... that's something pretty general. If I got on TV and said "Peanuts are poisonous" I could instantly cause a panic and a peanut ban. Very few people would actually look into my claim and see if it's true or not. People want information handed to them. So, whoever controls the media controls the world. And the media is purposely blocking out Bernie.
Then, some people are quietly enamored with the idea of a female president, I think. I've been wondering if my mom falls into this category. She's getting up there in age and if not for Hillary, who could be a female president in her lifetime? Another candidate is not guaranteed.
I had to check my mom's email for some Amazon Prime receipt and I found an email from Hillary "We need 89 more donations by Tuesday" I was like WTF you don't need shit, how did you count that out, even?

About Blasterz, you can get Spidermasa to pop up via special moves. I'd have to dig up the video link of it. Her Blaster move makes her turn into Armormasa as well. As for outfits, she has a ton of color schemes plus there is DLC you can purchase for swimsuit versions of the girls. (yum...)

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