3 hours agoatimidtempestatimidtempest
I'm not touching these Rem figures until I get a Ram figure. C'mon manufacturers, you'd really break some new ground here! xD
3 hours agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert
Awesome! Now we just need a dang Kirito scale!
3 hours agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert
My Klein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it was a figma, but I'll buy any Klein figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 hours agokasumicckasumicc
sychaotik (6 hours ago) #14380373Oh my, sounds like you don't have the best luck when it comes to nendoroids. The only nendoroid I own that seems to keep shooting up in value even preowned ones is Tomoko item #166617 . She was a present from my boyfriend who preordered it after we fell in love with the show and Tomoko herself. I was contemplating buying that Mawaru nendoroid myself too. She's such a pretty nendoroid and I had seen her on Ebay preowned for about $22 but the penguins she comes with had extensive damage so I passed on it. I have been looking for Arita myself but just like you said, the only low priced ones are ones with damage :( Also, damn looks like you and I are rivals then since we both are looking for good deals on her hehehe.But still, I wish you Good Luck with your hunt.

You have Tomoko, lucky! I'm not interested in the character but I'm well aware of how much she's worth nowadays.
Mawaru Penguindrum's Nendo shows up regularly on Mandarake with damaged boxes but otherwise good condition (there are 2 right now), so you might score a good deal if you aren't too picky. As for Kuroyukihime, best of lucks xD I've waited for a long time to see if I ever find her for under 3000 but nothing so far.
3 hours agowewewewe
sugardaddygaius (4 hours ago) #14382189Which site do you recommend I preorder him off of?

If in EU, try Nippon yassan and BiJ whom declares lower values, if in US he's going for less than $60 if you're willing to wait 2 months later (Mhtoy, otakumode, anime-island). Or you could use a proxy.
3 hours agoshiimashiima
lightningmaid (9 hours ago) #14380177Shipping out the 26th of August? Mine still hasn't been shipped. :(

I think it'll ship out on the 31st for international orders.
4 hours agoameriameri
Chloe-tsundere (14 hours ago) #14376361Back on yahoo jp
23800 yen [ext link ]
Ok price even with fees i guess? ;) up to you. New and unopened it seems

Thanks so much, you're too kind. ^^ may consider this if nothing comes up on mandarake soon. hate proxy fees >_<
4 hours agoatimidtempestatimidtempest
MikuMimi (10 hours ago) #14380159Oh I thought I missed her! How long does she have left?
She's up for as long as stock remains! No idea how much stock is left, so you should probably preorder her soon if you're anxious about it.
4 hours agoSillyNoodleSillyNoodle
I got item #61090 on yahoo auctions for around $1 but with the proxy fee's it was $4.46! She was sealed and the box was in mint condition as well :D!
4 hours agoJishmaelJishmael
My best deal was probably the first nendoroid I ever bought. Attack On Titan's Levi that I got for £15 in an auction
4 hours agosugardaddygaiussugardaddygaius
indian_summer22 (8 hours ago) #14380258Nope. He is exclusive, so AmiAmi won't stock him.

Which site do you recommend I preorder him off of?
4 hours agosychaotiksychaotik
Lol I actually have Kuroki myself and everytime I see her prices these days, I think its hilarious. ia ctually lost her massager part and was considering buying a replacement but at the current prices. No way. Also, awesome because I got the Futaba nendoroid from Amiami too this month :D
secretly-otaku (4 hours ago) #14381351I just ordered item #5737 yesterday for 850 yen in C condition (broken peg, which is not something that cannot be fixed) and it has been the lowest I have paid for any figure so far... and I don't think it will get lower than that xD.
You know, I wasn't planning to get her, but I just had one item ordered for this month item #331760, and I don't know if this only happens to me, but I just feel it's a complete waste to pay shipping for a single item when you can get 2 items and you would get the same shipping fee. So yeah, when that happens, I usually lurk the pre-owned and sale sections and see if something catches my attention just to get the most out of the shipping cost. Strange, isn't it... or not at all? Anyway, I now can reproduce the dream sequence of the Lucky Star OVA once Kagamiku gets to me xP.
And I've seen those fluctuations in nendo prices. A couple of months ago I saw item #236172 for less than 2K yen, but now he's in the 4ks or higher! I didn't get him before because I hadn't watched the anime yet, but after I saw it... it was to late TT-TT. And let's not talk about item #143935, item #198348 or item #166617, and there are even worse out there!
4 hours ago (3 hours ago)Titan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Yep, of the four scale figures I've ever bought, three of them had alternate parts. I like them as it gives me more variety to display them.

If I wanted the option, but they were two completely separate figures, I probably wouldn't bother buying either one. And exclusives, particularly with GSC, tend to incur customs charges, which would mean I wouldn't buy it either (there isn't any character I like enough to suffer a massive handling fee plus the customs charge on the full price of the item and the shipping price.)
4 hours agokoum41koum41
Maybe they will release this figure once Fairy Tail comes back to TV!!! But prob not...how sad
4 hours agoBearcatBearcat
sychaotik (4 hours ago) #14381108She looks so adorable and how did you manage to get her for that cheap lol it sounds impossible.
The magic of Mandarake :D picked her up in Japan in like their bargain bin. It was a great surprise lol
4 hours agoalexleealexlee
Chidoru (1 year ago) #2791625I'm selling mine. If interested, please PM me! :)

hi are you still selling it?
4 hours agoValestein3Valestein3
Oh? Did something happen to one of your figures? One of your orders?

Did someone tease you?
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)SaurysSaurys
Not really the cheapest in this thread but it is for me. XD

item #287774 I got Umaru for $30 BNew. The owner said it was supposed to be gifted to his sister but she apprently didn't like the nendoroid anymore so he decided to sell it to me. Free shipping and he came from the same country. Lucky me! Considering Umaru's price jumped in the aftermarket in Japan.

item #330989 Caped Baldy for $28 BNew. He's hard to sell here idk why but maybe most people already have him. I just saw the local shops have mountains of newly-arrived Saitamas.

item #322189 $30 Pre-order BNew. Considering his beauty, he's a steal for me. ;w;

item #322188 Got him in splits. I just completed him last week and I'm so happy! His total worth is $25

So far, those are my best steals since I'm a new collector.

Bonus: I saw Kashus for $25 MISB free shipping in my country too.
4 hours agoRadnarRadnar
alluhaman (9 hours ago) #14380182Damn I missed my chance... Shoulda snagged it while it had that big Tom bonus... Do you know why they ship this figured out suer late? The saber fig is due in November but Tom says they'll shipped it out in January
A couple months of delay is pretty standard for U.S.-based shops, due to how their supply chains work. Since one of TOM's warehouses in in the U.S., the delay is probably just due to waiting for the stock from their distributor.
4 hours agoCaylmCaylm
Kuromii (7 hours ago) #14380321I understand about the flag, but they still could have arranged it a bit better to be honest.They could have since the flag looks detachable at the pole. That could reduce the box size by 1/3rd. I come to expect large boxes from GSC since Kiss-shot.

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