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melonbun (1 hour ago) #2544390Oh I'm actually pretty good considering I only got 3 hours of sleep!! I'm really happy and excited because that Chrom chara figma finally got a prototype but also more importantly they announced Vol. 5 and 6 rubber straps coming out in April!!! Which means Henry!! And Gaius! And Tharja and Olivia and Cherche and a whole lot of others! (18 more exactly) Aggh I'm so excited.

Oh my gosh no freakin way! Yes! I'll have to buy the one with Gaius in it! (He better get one!) But there's so many figures, and so little money.
11 minutes agoheathersaurheathersaur
She is pretty much impossible to put together. She just did not fit correctly onto her base no matter what I tried.
12 minutes agoDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
Use putty or some tack to stick your figure's base down to the furniture or surface it is on.

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