3 hours agoLyLy
explosiv3 (3 hours ago) #17752530almost release date and there's no pre-order yet. I'm scared for the quality control of this product.
Would probably buy him anyway.. :p

But Rin was also released in May and PO started in February - therefore I think it's still "in time". ^^
And I liked the quality of Rin and Sousuke. So I don't think they will fail with the others. :3
3 hours agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
AdrienAgreste (4 hours ago) #17751936I just met you and this is crazy but
we both like Black Butler wanna talk with me about the recent chapters maybe?! [I'm sorry i have no one i know who reads it hdfjfidfjkhgdg]

hahah sure thing! thanks for the friend request too :) how do you feel about the current arc? I'm having conflicted feelings... lol I am thinking I'll have to wait until it ends to see how I feel overall. I'm not really sure exactly where it's going and it's probably my least favorite arc honestly :( but we shall see when it's over!
3 hours agopaTKanypaTKany Over 9000
Echizen-Momoko (1 day ago) #17714566Would someone mind checking this?

Please add classification encyclopedia #32633 for all these entries.
3 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
orochimaruxsaber (3 hours ago) #17752624did anyone order from MH Toyshop?? >__< the release date on their site is February, I hope that's correct!
Anyone have any experience ordering from them before? Do they usually get their preorders on schedule?
thanks in advance :)

They're usually pretty good (unlike A-I) on guesstimating when they receive their stock. Sometimes, it comes a week or two earlier than expected. I order from there for Megahouse exclusives and it's been pretty much on the money 85% of the time.
3 hours agorumblethumpsrumblethumps
Hi! Idk if I'm too late or not, but are you still selling the Touken Ranbu straps? Specifically the Ookurikara one, but I'd also be interested in the rest of the set too if they're still for sale! (except Mitsu, I already have him ^^; )
3 hours agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bang Bang
Osomatsu (4 hours ago) #17752490Penis week

Penis year
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401I'm so sorry I took so long to respond! I got a second job part time at a retail store and with xmas I was working a lot at that job in addition to my main job. Now that xmas is over they cut my hours down to about 10 a week (LOL) so I have more time.
It's all good ^^ It's always a busy time of year. I was running around nonstop for at least a week before we left to see our families. Glad that's over for another year ^^;

Anyway, don't worry about taking your time between replies!

View spoilerHide spoilerSekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401But firstly, how was your Thanksgiving? I haven't talked to you since then. I hope it was good! I don't eat meat so it was a little meh for me, the same every year lol. For my xmas I got a couple things from my parents and sister. With this extra job I've been working I earned a lot of money but I also spent a lot so it was almost like I didn't work anything extra at all haha. I bought a lot from the rightstuf sale and then the Sentai sale too! Lots of DVDs/BRs. I finally snagged In The Garden of Words and a few others so I am pretty happy! I think I will do a loot post maybe sometime in February of everything I got from November-January. We will see. Of course my big purchase this month is two of Native Aoba! Then there are a couple games this month like Gravity Rush 2 which is my most anticipated as well as Tales of Berseria and KH 2.8!! So much this month and the next couple months are filled with games too. What are you playing now?
Thanksgiving went well. Instead of going all the way back to the East Coast, we tend to do a small thing with my sister-in-law. She hosted this year, though I contributed mashed potatoes and pie. My other sister-in-law is also a vegetarian, so my in-laws tend to lean heavier on the non-meat dishes for the holidays. Hope that at least the desserts were tasty!

Christmas was a travel adventure with visiting my family in FL and then my husband's in MA, and then coming home to pounding, heavy rain. We didn't get any flooding in our neck of the woods, though some towns north of us that we've visited before were hit pretty badly.

I did end up skipping most of the Right Stuf sale, only picking up Oreimo 2 and a couple of manga (an omnibus volume of Kurosagi, which I was already reading, and vol. 1 of Wandering Island, which, given the mangaka's past works, might never get a vol. 2). The HLJ sale ended up absolutely killing my wallet, though-- I got so much stuff! Some of my favorite pickups from that were the first Desktop Army set (encyclopedia #113145), item #179144, and item #324295. I'm gonna have a big January loot pic DX

How did Aoba turn out? I don't collect ero figures of any kind, but have been curious about this BL landmark that Native's released. There was that ranty blog post some days ago (looks like it's been deleted now?) that was kind of confusing since I've gotten the impression that Native's quality tends to be very good. Do you think he'll lead to similar figures in the future?

As for what I'm playing right now, it's a lot: Pokemon Sun (roughly halfway through now), Dragon Quest Heroes, Picross 3D Round 2 (so good), and one of the Ace Attorney 6 DLCs are what I'm mainly focusing on at the moment. Picked up a ton of games in the Steam Winter Sale, including DQH, and got some gifts from friends through that as well.

Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401So did you get your item #1610 ? How was the condition? I bought my Milla Maxwell figure pre-owned off AA and she smelled horrible just awful. I aired her out for awhile and she was fine though, but I still don't know what that smell was. At least it wasn't smoke. I seriously gag when I smell smoke, I can't tolerate the smell at all. Other than that my pre-owned experiences from AA and even manda have been good. I got Kogi item #287698 for really cheap off suru and he was in fantastic condition. Speaking of touken Ranbu, I know better than to PO the figures anymore so I will be buying them all in the aftermarket. These are next on my list item #287697 item #331503 item #331505 Of course for upcoming figures there aren't too many but I have a few on order. I'm really excited for the Yuri on Ice figures though! Have you watched that? Not only does it have BL hints here and there, but it is absolutely hilarious and the animation and music are beautiful! I've already bought a boatload of merch for it too, I can't believe how much I've amassed already and how much I have on order.
item #1610 arrived in really good shape! I was afraid he'd be all sticky-- something that's happened before with an older figure-- and old Nendo joints tend to be on the fragile side, but luckily, he's fine. I've since ordered an A/B item #56407 from AmiAmi, along with a couple of more recent figmas, so I'm hoping I'll have the same luck with her. Congrats on the Kogi! It's been really interesting to see how that series and KanColle have taken off in the figure world. I think one or two of the Abyssals look neat and, on the TR side, item #322190 is quite cute, but I don't know much of anything about either series and already have so much I want to buy anyway :P

I have not seen any of Yuri!!! on Ice, but it seems like it was the most-talked about anime of the past season. It sounds like a very high-quality production, and I am curious to check it out sometime.

Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401Hmm yeah I will wait for Stein's Gate to be free on PS+ or something, it definitely seemed overhyped and I swear the anime was such a bore. I so regret spending $30 on it. I don't mind really long games, I prefer them to be longer as really short games sometimes piss me off. Like with God of War. That series is so hyped but honestly it's too easy, too short, and Kratos is such a stereotypical angry drunk boring character. All the GoW games were under 6 hours for me, and just meh. They definitely tried to emulate the hack n' slash elements that Devil May Cry pioneered but they just couldn't match up to it. Then there are indie titles like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Very short but such a wonderfully beautiful and sad, tragic game. I don't mind some games being short but when I pay $60 for something and finish it in about 6 hours, it gets a lower like/rating from me. A longer game of course doesn't mean a better game, but games that are so short I just feel like I am missing out on something.
Game length doesn't matter for me so much these days; this is one of my favorites of the past couple of years and it's a 90-minute long "walking simulator" which I paid full price for. If it's something that exceptional, then it tends to be worth every cent. Mostly, though, I'm a bargain hunter when it comes to games, and thus typically only preorder when it's a franchise and/or creator I already love. Sometimes I get burned (hello, Halo 4), but most of the time, I'll only take a chance on something new to me if I can get it cheap enough. Of course, I'm a longtime member of the Cheap Ass Gamer forums ;)

Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401Oh most definitely anime is now becoming somewhat of a fad I believe we can attribute that to gaming in general being more tolerated, not to mention how popular toonami is which promotes a lot of anime and gaming. Though, I do miss what toonami used to be when I was a kid. It used to play Sailor Moon and the Thundercats cartoons. Now it's just a channel for kids in and right out of high school, mostly male of course, the advertising and shows they pick for it seem to indicate as much. I mean I guess publicity of any kind is good but I feel toonami is just trying to hard to push anime in the wrong direction, they're just following a fad. Anime and gaming will die out again soon enough I think, probably within the next three years or so. Who knows, I'm still looked at as a weirdo for liking anime and whatnot, and laughed at by little high school girls still. Hmm, the only pricing for anime and whatnot I don't like today has to do with Aniplex of America. They are implementing JP like pricing for their releases and I don't get why they thought they could come into this market where you can buy a whole season for $60 and think they can charge $80 for like four episodes of a 24 ep series.......Anime isn't that valuable in the US so i don't get this. But hey, they aren't getting any of my money and I sincerely hope they let Funimation continue to have Black Butler. But anyways, how are you enjoying this anime season? Anything you like/are watching?
Not watching any of the new shows right now, and anyway, I'm more apt to see if there's a source manga whenever something catches my eye (most recent example of this: Descending Stories). We still have quite the backlog of older stuff here and have started working our way through it again. At the moment, we're a little more than halfway done with Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth, which we're enjoying even though "healing" anime is not normally our kind of thing, and what we watch next will be my husband's pick.

I do agree that Aniplex's pricing is on the absurd end of the scale. It seems like they're especially worried about reverse importing of Blu-rays and that's why they charge JP-level prices stateside. They only get my money these days during times like the Right Stuf holiday sale; there were some very good deals on several of their releases then.

Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401The news for Switch will be out on the 13th! I'm pretty excited. Can I still hope for a Super Mario Sunshine 2 and a Super Princess Peach 2? Is that too much to ask? *Sigh* I miss the era of gaming from the PS2/GC days. Really I do. Even the PSP was great but now Sony has abandoned its successor, the Vita.........there's just hardly anything coming out for it now T_T I don't like this shift in mobile gaming to be honest. I really like Mobius FF but I don't know, to me gaming should be done on a console or a handheld specifically for gaming, not on your phone. That makes me sound old, doesn't it :'D Oh I'll add you to Steam when I create an account! One of the things I got for xmas was the Amnesia otome game LE which included a steam code so as soon as I set that up I will add you! I'm afraid to look at all the games I will be buying on there tho orz. I'll need a computer specifically for gaming it seems.
My biggest hope for the Switch right now is that the GameCube Virtual Console rumor is true! I would like to finally play Luigi's Mansion without having to pay out the nose for a secondhand copy. A new Metroid Prime for the Switch would be great as well, though I'm not holding my breath.

I have Amnesia as well, though I haven't played it yet. TBH, the only otome game I've played so far is Hatoful Boyfriend XD Either Amnesia or Hakuoki will probably be my next one. As for PC gaming, there's never been a better time to get into it! How powerful a computer you get depends on what you want to play, but most indie and Japanese PC games tend not to need anything expensive to run.

Sekhmet (18 days ago) #17324401So what have you finished reading? I read a pretty messed up manhwa recently...........it's not for the slight of heart and is even more messed up than Guilt Pleasure's stuff. Have you gotten around to Rabbit Man Tiger Man? It's just so adorable, a shame it got dropped by June. It apparently took so long for volume 3 to release they just let it go. Volume three was set to release in Japan in December but guess what? It already got delayed to August this year, yes, August of 2017. Wth. It's a shame, her other works got licensed by older BL companies that are now defunct, but she has such a nice and unique art style along with beautifully sweet stories. Her other stuff includes The Judged and The Last Portrait, one was released by Blu and the other by Drama Queen in the early 2000s. Check them out if you can too! Oh so how do you like Princess Jellyfish? I love it! I'm curious who she will end up with! Oh and did you see June is now taking pre-orders on their site? They just put up Twitter Birds Vol.3! Have you read that yet or anything by Yoneda Kou?
Manga-wise, I am reading a lot and need to cut back somewhat. Fortunately, I'll be able to wrap up a small handful of those series later this year.

I did read Last Portrait a while back but couldn't really get into it. It was good, but somewhat dull for my tastes :/ Princess Jellyfish is AMAZING. I love it so much! It's so funny! I'm cheering for Kuranosuke to wind up with Tsukimi even though he's a pushy jerk at times, though his uptight brother is cute in his own way. As for Youneda Kou, I have read NightS and that's what got me hooked. I'm currently most of the way through the first volume of Twittering Birds and oh man, this is going to be a sad, dramatic tale, isn't it?

In case you're interested, I wrote about my favorite games and manga from the past year here and here, respectively. That's all from me for now; hope I haven't forgotten anything, though I will probably edit it in if I remember ^^; Take care!
3 hours agol0lil0li
Price keeps dropping on amiami. I'll get her when it falls under 6k new. Might also get Nico.
3 hours agoMaakieMaakie
I'm trading or selling this figure! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading!

I live in Europe, keep in mind international shipping will be expensive if I have to ship outside of Europe!
3 hours agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
did anyone order from MH Toyshop?? >__< the release date on their site is February, I hope that's correct!

Anyone have any experience ordering from them before? Do they usually get their preorders on schedule?

thanks in advance :)
3 hours agoNaomelloriNaomellori
wolfmanhitsugaya (4 hours ago) #17752484They have produced so far my favorite Erza and favorite Asuna, (granted they are both prototype stage, I don't know anything about their final product quality)
Same here...but wow they're pretty quick on getting her coloured comparatively~~
3 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
TrashCat (5 hours ago) #17750524
Just a quick note - I've been done, please don't PM me, delete all of this instead
3 hours agogrizzengrizzen
CharlesG (3 hours ago) #17752602I don't recall it being too expensive. It has a simple and clean look to it which I like as well as an optional glass panel for the top. I wouldn't consider it rugged though, which is okay since I don't use it to often. All the drawers still roll smoothly after 2 years.
Thanks for the reply, yeah wasn't expecting the world for under $200 just hope it holds up. I've had others from different stores in the past where the bottom just starts falling out of the drawers.
3 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
"There's a package downstairs for you."

Me: someone left my box unsigned for in the rain--

...it wasn't him. Relief and sorrow combined >.<
3 hours agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
It go let... it go let...

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