1 hour ago (1 hour ago)RhythRhyth
Chloe-tsundere (4 hours ago) #2415541Uhm there are different types. I got one pretty much exactly like this.. So i guess it is just preference then in your case. But the short itself is fine :)
Not every short has the denim design :) as in pants-like

Post pix of shorts

-edit, for some strange reason I feel like I must mention I'm joking la
1 hour agonelielsneliels
Try to cancel a few. If amiami doesn't allow, talk to your friends, find people from your city/region who might want few items and make sure they're gonna buy. When time comes, pay for yours and get them to pay theirs. Seriously, don't be soft and find serious buyers (especially if they're your friends, they might want a discount or something).
1 hour agoAwesomealexisAwesomealexis
Cute shot :3
1 hour agoBlitzAceBlitzAce
I want to get this and the can badge just because I love his expression here. Too bad its a AGF exclusive. Too bothersome...
1 hour agoPlumePlume
Jesus, this franchise has so many of these little stories behind it... I would gladly read a book with all of this stuff (the pink locket story, the Moon Stick toy saving the first anime, the story of how SuperS became "The Chibiusa Show" and how that affected Stars, etc etc etc) if they ever had the nerve to publish one.
1 hour agoPlatinumOtakuPlatinumOtaku
Da stimmt das schaff ich schon aber Figuren sind nun mal so schön p-p

Das stimmt wohl alles kann man nicht haben , deswegen muss man sich das Beste raussuchen .^^

Ehrlich gesagt ist das schon fertig und oben .^^
1 hour agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
Aww so cute ; v ;
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)angelhaloangelhalo
Tadeshi (2 hours ago) #2415740I own item #155101 and she's technically almost like the prototype. The shading is a bit simple though, no QC issues, no paint errors/bleeding, so overall, I think they are a rather nice/true to their prototype company. I do have to mention that one of the legs on my Kuroneko figure doesn't go fully in the base peg. She isn't wobbly or anything, but You can see a small gap between her foot and the base.

glad to hear that! The more I look @ her , the more I wanna get her >.< ..she is my favourite char before I started watching DAL (in terms of her arts) ..

I owns a Kurumi by G.E and it couldn't fit into its base for 1 of the leg (had to enlarge the hole myself)..couldn't get a refund as well :( all I get was a partial refund in points by Hobbysearch as they couldnt get a 1:1 exchange for me (G.E doesnt support 1:1 exchange for opened product)

But man... March's quota will be pretty much all for item #236243 already :(
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)MoroMoro
More seriously, I really don't recommend trying cancellations with AmiAmi. They explicitly say you're not supposed to, and while they will often do it without trouble, you can consider it a strike against your account. The more cancellations, the more likely you are to get banned, and it'd suck for one bit of irresponsibility to make you unable to use the store in the future. It doesn't seem like you're "beyond help" (lol) so I think the best option is selling off the preorders you can't keep, either on release, or try to arrange to give them to someone--but BE CAREFUL with this, because as Tokitokii has stated, if the person you're passing it to has any strikes on their account or AmiAmi just doesn't like them, you can get in trouble too.

I think it's best to pay for as many of them as you can and then sell them after you get them. You don't want one mistake to become a much larger or more annoying mistake.

Don't take my annoyance personally, it's just that posts like this (and worse than this, people who have abused AmiAmi's policies and broken their rules a ton and then act the victim when they're going to be banned) show up with some frequency and it can get tiring to see how many people do stuff like this.
2 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Sturmhornisse (2 hours ago) #2415749Hihi, those pics are defenitely the best of her until now. When I saw them I thought you might like them as well. Very self confident and sexy. She defenitely steals Ranka the show with ease.
Well I actually don't think her tights are especially thick but I would need to see her in person to be sure... But she will be at least a DD L-bust. But I would not say that DDdy is impossible.

I may preorder Sheryl now. hehe

We will know next month when preorder opens.
2 hours agoSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
Maybe prectice your figma fixing skills on her. She'll look better, and if anyone else breaks you won't be going in for the first time scared.

Also, perhaps if you display her away from other figures, the damage won't be as obvious as there is no immediate comparison.
2 hours agoescape_ropeescape_rope
Cloudedmind (2 hours ago) #2415728Isn't the sales tax 8% now and not 5% anymore? The original price is 525 which includes tax if I'm reading things right. Or is it only 8% for certain items?
I don't know why that price but all similar items cost 500 yen (tax excluded) on our regular stores. Here's HS's Contents Seed items (ext link) and their pricing.
2 hours agoItrenoreItrenore
DeadlyAnime (2 hours ago) #2415703View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

daww, thank you~! ; vv;
2 hours agoCielExoCielExo
If anyone is after her I'm giving up my preorder for 4500¥ shipped Reg Sal.
2 hours agoItrenoreItrenore
TenoriLove (8 hours ago) #2415090(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday

wowow thank you so much~!
2 hours agoGme40Gme40
Wario54I don't think the Vita port would have as much of that...the Togainu no Chi PSP port cut out a lot anyway. I just didn't have the time for it yet, I haven't even been watching Fairy Tail or anything. I'll let you know how it is when I do watch it, since you want to know so bad. ;P
You're so mean, I'm not that lazy! Chump!

Yea, all the VN ports cut out the good stuff. I'll skip it and await for your commentary instead :p
How dare you use that C-word on me
2 hours agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (2 hours ago) #2415732Now Sheryl looks pretty good. :D
Does it look like she has an L-bust? Her thighs look like DDdy thickness. Maybe she is DDdy?

Hihi, those pics are defenitely the best of her until now. When I saw them I thought you might like them as well. Very self confident and sexy. She defenitely steals Ranka the show with ease.

Well I actually don't think her tights are especially thick but I would need to see her in person to be sure... But she will be at least a DD L-bust. But I would not say that DDdy is impossible.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)MoroMoro
Milks (2 hours ago) #2415724To everyone commenting about the Perfume- A few people I've talked to have bought perfumes and fragrances from Japan with no problems at all. I know I'm taking a gamble, but in the end, I'm ever so hoping it pays off.

I have to admit, sometimes, I don't like the definition of "Shrine" either (Is there any medium between "Collection" and "Shrine"? I'd like to use that word, if I could).
I don't really hunt down doujins (Except for one UtaPri one that I don't even know the name), but I can imagine why it'd be so difficult to track down. Those Plugsuit dresses look so comfortable, though I know the pains in finding clothes. And I know that exact feeling with the Umbrella- it's those "silly" instances of merchandise that are so quirky but so godly expensive. I wish you luck in finding the Plugsuit dresses and the Mugs!

I hope you don't have any trouble with it. I've never tried to import perfume but it doesn't seem like a big bottle so it's more likely to slip through unnoticed. It's also possible that the seller had some sort of special export permit?

Yeah I wish there was some word with less...awkward connotations that could convey a more special (and more specialised) collection. Oh, maybe "hoard"? Then we can all be figure dragons :D
Those dresses were expensive to begin with, being Gainax store exclusives, but now they're so scarce I'm sure they'd cost 2 or 3 times as much as that. The mugs didn't cost much at the Exhibition, I expect, but since it seems like the Eva Store isn't planning to pick them up, I'll have to hope they show up somewhere like Rakuten.
2 hours agoYummerlyYummerly
According to hIE, the star key is exclusive - (mfc link)

At least we get the wand though normally though ^^
2 hours agoErenJagerErenJager
takson (19 hours ago) #2414162You did not try to cancel when those pathetic pictures came out ?
Too late now to cancel. I had mine cancelled many months ago when our post office was going through upheavals. Thankfully, Amiami understood my plight.
Uhhh that's not really my reason. I'm just decreasing the amount of figures I preorder now. /:

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