1 hour agololicon_Dangololicon_Dango
customize it from online shoppinggnocchi (9 hours ago) #2108048gorgeous dress, what do you mean prepare? ;v;
1 hour agomackeyzmackeyz
Is this her pose for the figure ?
Though she ruins the title "7 sins", this one looks delicious.
1 hour agomikki24354mikki24354
Instant preorder!! Now I just wish they'd make Hakutaku and maybe Karauri and Natsubi too. Ah~
1 hour agoBlueMondayBlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
CarafelliusPrime (22 hours ago) #2107039At that point, I had done some figure customization. I had bought a second Supreme Class Starscream from the Cybertron line and repainted him into the same basic color scheme they use for Acid Storm today. I was so pleased with it, I bought six more and did the other two Rainmakers, who are still officially nameless, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge. And with Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge, I did a little kitbashing as well, making sure their wings matched their G1 versions as closely as I could come. I bought more Universe 2.0 figures and Wal-Mart exclusive movie 1 figures to repaint too. They were already repaints from figures from Cybertron and Classics. Although that project still remains unfinished as I lost my painting areas.

Haha, wow, you're a wild man. I've had plenty of grandiose ideas regarding figure customization, but haven't really ever thrown myself into it. I once made a 1/6 Dirty Harry Callahan figure, but that was almost entirely commissioned. And I once tried repainting (ext link) to look like somebody else, but quit halfway through, since my paint wasn't taking (not that Bruce didn't deserve being changed into another character, wearing the Bat-symbol so blatantly on his turtleneck like that)..
1 hour agothiago_0107thiago_0107
Marih (3 hours ago) #2108616Alguém aqui com alguma encomenda já no Brasil esta com ela presa nos correios?
Estou com uma presa 20 dias...queria saber se é só azar de minha parte ou tbm tem alguém nessa situação --'

Se for small packet, isso é normal, cara. Eu tô com 3 presas na alfândega (uma há 37 dias!), olha só: RR449422115JP ,RB270295165HK e RR449466880JP.
1 hour agoDeepEyesDeepEyes
DustinKim (1 hour ago) #2108747My heart says yes.
My bank account says no.

Story of my life....
1 hour agodog10170dog10170
WindsorSeven (3 hours ago) #2108631I looked it up and the PSX is a real thing lol.
I've only seen one gif of X2's coliseum and I'm already excited. It looked awesome and way better than X1's.
Lolol his ahoge is what makes you like him?! Just how easily are you pleased lol? There were quite a few outfits I wanted to buy as well, mainly all of Elize and Alvin's lol. At least X2 has in-games costumes for the cast, even if they are sort of lazy.
I think my party was the same as yours except switch Hubert with Pascal. During the F arc I always played as Richard though. I was so disappointed you couldn't use him post game, but that's where those dolls came in handy! Four Richards >:D

I looked it up too and I guess the name might have stuck with me when I heard it from somewhere and didn't even know what it was :o

Don't underestimate the power of the ahoge >:[ But seriously Emil's not even my favorite character so I'm not going out of my way to defend him lol. As long as he's not gushing over Richter or being so insecure he's okay. Hiro Shimono and JYB are both voice actors that I like too so maybe that's another reason.

Who did you use for you Xillia party? IIRC since I haven't played in awhile I had Jude/Milla/Alvin/Elize most of the time (dammit Bamco I swear you've already got the most efficient party setup from the start)
1 hour agopandafigurespandafigures
ekatersk (2 hours ago) #2108704Maybe it could be magnetic? ;oThey've included hats before in other nendos. item #144326 has a removeable hat, you just have to balance it carefully so it doesn't fall off. It's kind of a pain sometimes.
1 hour agoMKIneptitudeMKIneptitude
DustinKim (1 hour ago) #2108745What do you guys think ALTER will do to the price tag upon re-release if it happens?
I'm thinking around 12,000 yen.
Years have passed and the average price for figurines have increased dramatically as well.

Hell I'd pay that price! EASY!
1 hour agoiPe7eRiPe7eR
Dbonn12 (1 hour ago) #2108737Just accepted your FR!
I love your collection!
I love PMMM as well

Nice! Beautiful collection you have there too!
1 hour agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
I know, right? No shit though, everything Titan that I've ordered thus far has come out on time. Ok, technically, the Sentinel Levi was delayed, but then only for, like, a week. The Eren figma didn't get delayed. Mikasa, out on time. It's crazy, but hell to the motherfuck no, not a complaint. What will be sheer perfection will be if the Medicom Levi comes out on time in December, and thus in time for my birthday. 8D
1 hour agoDustinKimDustinKim
What do you guys think ALTER will do to the price tag upon re-release if it happens?
I'm thinking around 12,000 yen.
Years have passed and the average price for figurines have increased dramatically as well.
1 hour agotaksontakson
Local shop has the set for preorder, but the only one I want in the set is Hange. :(
1 hour agopokutepokute
hamstercorp (1 hour ago) #2108723Some things were not meant to be known by the minds of men.

I'll assume the worst then.
1 hour agoBirdBird
Ahhhh sooo cute good job!!
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)BlueMondayBlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Raithos (1 day ago) #2106765This is true, it COULD be anything, apparently the deluxe version is the one that comes with the roof base, so I think that the regular version will most likely just be a plain base, with minimal colour added.
Yeah a base form normal Mikasa would be great! Have her maybe holding her scarf in one hand with her other hand casually at her side or something? She's definitely an action type but not every figure of her has to be like that!

I was never that enamored with the roof, to be honest. Definitely not so much that I'd pay extra for it. Actually, it just seems more lazy than anything, because you ought to be able to expect at least that much consideration from a high-end, popular figure. Kind of like the whole Ryuuko Beach Queen mess, with them charging like $20 extra for a tiny sword scissor prop, when the sword was already part of the original concept art.

Anyhow, I was looking through my Mikasa folder for a picture that convert into a good figure, but a lot of the ones I like probably don't jibe too well with her tough-person image. >_> So let's just say something like this: View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b608/aoigetsuyoubi/Mikasa-Ackerman4_zpsbb35e1f7.jpg Maybe chibi Mikasa only comes with the exclusive version.

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