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qh56 (2 hours ago) #2353269Raikiri with LED? wow I'm definitely looking forward

Where did you find this info?! So getting this.
1 hour agoCantisamaCantisama
PayPal charged today. I can confirm that GSC only charged for this + shipping (5900yen total). I have the other Nendo Sonico item #198393 in the same order, releasing in October, but was not charged for her.
1 hour agoEuroticaEurotica
Not a so wild guess: either this one or Phat's Metallica will be shifted further to November.
1 hour agoEmyyEmyy
OMG. On my birthday !!! such awsome, much joy *v*
1 hour agojuanpi_msjuanpi_ms
GSC usually charges you like a week or two before the item releases.
Most likely they'll send you an email saying that there was an error processing your payment, providing you a link where you can put once again your card information to proceed with payment.
If not, just email them and tell what happened. They will let you put your payment information again on your order page.
2 hours agoblackice85blackice85
For those wondering about her thumbs, the arms are removable and are actually affixed with small magnets, so they'll fit on either socket. The person setting her up just swapped the arms by mistake.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)VyliVyli
If GSC sent you an email saying your payment failed, email them back asking to send a manual payment to them instead which they'll give you instructions on how to do so OR ask GSC to try and charge you again. This happens occasionally and happened on my last order.

GSC will ask for payment a few weeks ahead when dates are finalized for shipment so they can ship your order out at the same time as everyone else's.
2 hours agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Take (1 day ago) #2351594This is way too much o_O France isn't exactly close from Japan either (it's a 11-hour flight) but 1k is the most expensive option, you can even pay less if you don't mind making some stops, which I totally mind. Emirates is known for being one of the might expensive airlines in the world though. I thought YOU were the one complaining about how expensive it was! I really don't mind showing you palaces instead, there is nothing better than taking a dive in a pool at the 80th floor, overlooking the whole city. Is this whole thing still at least kinda related to Suga prize figure? lol. Definitely not a big city thing, my 3000-inhabitant village organizes one each year as well. Lolol I'm pretty much certain it would be impossible to grab a book with those claws though. The trick isn't to hold one the box, but to try and make it topple over in the hole with the claw. Then you'll like hearing I'm now B-rank with Aeon \o/ This time we had the loveliest conversation talking about how we would like our children to become assassins or yakuzas and how we would give them dangerous Australian animals as pets. I'm so incredibly looking forward to watch you play ToS. Please feel free to spam my wall with impressions when the time comes! You wound me. The only thing I don't like but you do is Muzèt. On the other hand, how many things I like do you hate?! I watch Rita and Estelle PS3 one almost on a weekly basis lol. I chose to free him also I almost picked the "capture" option out of rage since I had the worst time ever fighting him. In the end it was just me and Elize alive and we almost passed away too >.< It was a gorgeous feeling to try and protect Elize all along though, maybe I should play the whole game like this now, with just the 2 of us? I'm surprised you don't do that with just Alvin with you on your side lol. I like Luna but Aska is just so much better. You'll understand when you play Symphonia. Also the battle against him and Luna in Symphonia was crazy hard. This just doesn't make any sense at all. I struggled against Aka, some other bosses and some Giganto, but I had no problem at all with Chronos. Why are you the exact opposite?! I think the battle are kinda hard in this game. I think the game is expecting me to grind way more than I do during "free time" between chapters. Yes, Jude has made on tremendous increase in my affection meter during this chapter. We will come back to it later lol.
I think the things I would miss the most are my collection plushies. They are basically the only things I see everyday though since the rest is in my closet lol. I like how Tsukishima was the only one not crying after the match against Aoba Jousai, it would have been so out of character otherwise. They lost in episode 24, btw. The atmosphere was incredibly heavy, I felt really bad for them. This anime is really killing me, I don't know why it is affecting me so much: because it is so good, or because I love the characters so much? That's a relief, I hope it stays like this then. What would you get from me? lol
Leon isn't 1/8 so that doesn't count. He looks gruesome with the other Tales figures. Did you sell him when trying to afford Mami? I'm still convinced Koto will force them to make Alisha their priority, just like they did with Zelos and their Colette.

I know! 1k is really the most expensive? Which airline do you fly..? Yeah but...I love them lol. I don't want to fly anything except Emirates or Saudia. Etihad is excellent too. I was just complaining about how much the tickets were! Everything else is fair game. Ah, that'd be scary! You know, Hong Kong had such amazing skyline views; it'd be an excellent place to stay in an 80th floor room :D You should go to China Lolol it's a Tales quest remember? That means you have to do ten million other unrelated things before you can get back to the first job you set out to do. Your town only has 3000 people!?!? What!? My friend's high school was almost that big, jeez. Yeah but...I would still play it. Oh yay, thanks for your claw tips. I'm sure they'll come in handy in my everyday life ._. Whatever! You'll get A rank and then what, huh!? Hmph. I'm sure you'd be a great parent...haha...ha. Is it that good? Now I'm kinda anxious to play it. Lol okay, just wait for that moment...in about three months. Uhhh...nothing? I can't recall anything... Asbel I guess...and that's it. Lololol do you really? I love her "Violent! Blah blah blah. Violent! Blah blah blah" video way too much. I do that all the time in-game, it makes killing Gigantos incredibly easy. Anyway, why don't you watch Flynn's as well? Or Patty's!?!? You should have, just so I could know what would have happened. I love how it mauled Gilland, yet his body was completely fine afterwards. Were you Ludger? Lol but I usually play as Elize so I can't be the one protecting anyone, though I do always pair up with Alvin and smile a little too much when he guards her. You can be the Ludger to my Elize (ノ ´ ▽ ` ) They have the best linked artes so far (in terms of presentation) though I bet Milla's will be even better. I was surprised Luna was in Symphonia for a second, but then I remembered they're in the same universe. So is there a Maxwell in Symphonia as well? How in the world did you not struggle with Chornos? That arte he does with ALL the elementals is brutal. Who did you main for his fight? This game is really easy, what are you talking about? I didn't think it could get any easier than Xillia, but somehow it did. Hopefully Zestiria doesn't follow this trend. Gaaaah Zestiria's open fields are going to be the death of me. My Tales OCD is going to kick into full gear '~' I just want Jude and Milla to be happy together, but I know it will not be as easy as just finding her.. Stupid Tales games toying with my emotions.
Oh right, you don't display your stuff. You mean your Teepo plush and the like? LOL did you notice he didn't bow either? Is 24 the last episode? I can't believe they're going to end right there. I mean, it makes sense since the next part is sort of long, but still. I'm just on 12 btw lol. Where are you in the manga now? I wonder how I'll feel watching them lose. Honestly, when I was reading it I had the biggest smile on my face, because I liked Seijou way more at that point, and in the manga in general. Plus I knew Karasuno would have another chance, but Seijou wouldn't :( And now Oikawa will just graduate defeated blaahahhh. I really wonder what's going to happen in the match they're in now though. You need to catch up! It's both lol. I think the mangaka used to play volleyball as well, so that adds something to it right? Makes all the melodramatic parts seem a bit better. I'm glad you asked! I really like your Teepo plush :D I could give him a nice, safe home, so just send him right over.
Whatever, it counts. Lol no he doesn't! He's just a bit short okay?! No, which makes all of this so much worse. I did sell a lot of figures to afford her though. The only thing I (still!) regret getting rid of is Alter's Saber Lily. Ahhhh if I ever found her for a decent price I'd snatch her right up! I wish I had never sold it :( Lol they forced Alter to make Zelos their priority, and then they just completely dropped the ball on Lloyd. He's taking forever.
2 hours agoFrankLiNFrankLiN
thank you very much ,I am new in here ,Nice to meet you ><
2 hours agoWhirblewindWhirblewind
Mine arrived and came out great. She actually has one of the best faces of all the Ruri figs. Painting and sculpt are both great. Was expecting it to be plain but I'm pleasantly surprised. Good addition to any Ruri shrine.
2 hours agoWhirblewindWhirblewind
Thank God, mine came out flawless. Even by prize fig standards she came out great.
2 hours agoriringoriringo

2 hours agoFigureDuchessFigureDuchess
Tokitokii (2 hours ago) #2353267Got your payment, sorry for the mess my pm box is full =_=
will just quote you on the thread or drop a message here once i ship it to you :)

No prob, looking forward to it :)
2 hours agoKazuki_MKazuki_M
Feliz cumple!!
2 hours agoqh56qh56
Raikiri with LED? wow I'm definitely looking forward
2 hours agoTokitokiiTokitokii 飛べ!
Got your payment, sorry for the mess my pm box is full =_=
will just quote you on the thread or drop a message here once i ship it to you :)
2 hours agoMaakieMaakie
JudgementBoy (4 hours ago) #2353153Really nice review! Made me want him more than before :'D Shame about the sensitive paint, but I think you can overlook the flaws especially since there aren't many Yu-Gi-Oh! scale figures. Really want Kaiba from this line, also looking forward to Bakura 8) Will be reading more of your reviews in the future! uvu

Thank you very much! :D The paint is indeed not perfect, but easy to overlook, because there are not much male figures + it's a character from Yu-Gi-Oh! where it's quite unexpected they have made a figure from! My Kaiba has a lot less painting flaws, but mine has recently started to show cracks at his waist...probably from how heavy his coat is. So I'm not sure how much further that will damage. :( And I hope you enjoy my future reviews too! ^^

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