1 hour ago-Keiko--Keiko-
So no news at MegaHobby? No prototype?
Damn if we have to wait until the Wonfest in february... :(
I want my Purple Heart! And then White Heart and Green Heart!
And why not a Purple Sister? Haha I dream. xD
1 hour agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
ponnie (1 hour ago) #4998443The only Muramasa I really want and it's exclusive. Damn.
Yeah you need to save money for her...
I love it too much
Preorder at January for sure
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)TokyocopXTokyocopX
zero-kiryu (2 days ago) #4950085Selling mine for $62 USD ($85 AUD). Ships worldwide. Pm for details. Would you trade!!? Please I can definitely never to not afford him... I have a Kotobukiya Sebastian I have yet to open cause I need Ciel. Please. (Bows) if possible! v_v"'In US
1 hour agoTerrenceTerrence
Dudeee, that base is a huge step up from Alisha. If only Alisha could get a scenic base like hers. I've barely played Zestiria but I really like the character designs from the game. Alter is altering my wallet yet again.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)spicyhafuspicyhafu
I thought this was Nami as Law, but this is actually a figure based on tiny little headshot doodles that Oda did of all the main characters. The background even says unofficial, not sure what that's supposed to mean. Is it not based on a full drawing done by Oda? Either way I probably won't buy it, because it reminds me of Sexy Flanders. Imagining Laws voice with that body is enough to make my skin crawl.
Kurohime (3 hours ago) #4998314GENDERBEND LAW, I must see the painted one and decide whether I'll get "her" or not.
I think genderbend refers to blurring traditional gender roles. While genderswap is a more typical term for completely swapping genders. But maybe people misuse genderbend enough to make it fit here as well.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)wewewewe
Was included in Crunchy's Black Friday deal for 104.99 (-8) for premium members~ (15 minutes left lol).

And sold out 5 minutes before the deal ends~ new Olivia for 97.99 isn't bad at all~
1 hour agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Zeroflamez (3 hours ago) #4998341Can't believe you all are going to buy this Figma at such an inflated price. Not to mention with GSC pulling that extra face plate with rin and now the scarf with shirou. These should be coming with the figure at this price point regardless where you preorder from or not. Especially with the figmas in this line prior to Rin were $35 to $40. This hobby is far too expensive now.
Compared to 7K Yen repeats with bonuses that should be included, or the general onslaught of the same stuff, I think this is a fair figure. He comes with three faces, a decent selection of accessories, and the bonus isn't even needed as opposed to a vital accessory to the character... and no vital parts are located in a FigFix either. Only downside is he's a school boy, but those are rare enough.

I'd love to see the day where Figmas don't cost and arm and a leg, but that's never going to happen. GSC/MF just want to drain us dry without regarding what the customers care about and will keep up with the inflation and BS bonuses until we just wise-up and abandon the line all together.
1 hour agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
The only Muramasa I really want and it's exclusive. Damn.
1 hour agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
Lunaria (1 day ago) #4973735I wanna preorder you already *^*
Preorder start at december 25(Xmas yeah) Maybe for July~October 2016
1 hour agoTokyocopXTokyocopX
SuperAlpaca (3 months ago) #3325258I have one for trade :) :O what would you trade for I just need anything Ciel to go with my Kotobukiya Sebastian I have yet to open please!!!
1 hour agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Whoa! Alter makes their variant of this illustration...
Now I have hope that someday I'll see this illustration as a proper, not prize, figure.
1 hour agotipsyGnostalgictipsyGnostalgic c'est la vie
5150 (2 hours ago) #4998426Added a picture of the painted prototype. Don't know if I put it in the right category though. I'm still new to uploading product pics on here.The source isn't official, so it needs to be moved to Chan (it's social media!)
1 hour agomaggiemaggie
Is that what the tag says? I know she's been displayed with the other Muramasa stuff without new release info
1 hour agoV_RedgraveV_Redgrave
My my, so beautiful *___* can't wait to see her coloured!
1 hour agoV_RedgraveV_Redgrave
Woah! Such a surprise! Hope to see the prototype soon
2 hours agoreversedollreversedoll
the quality of this figure is actually a lot nicer than i expected it to be! i got him secondhand so he's missing his sheath and has no box, but either way im very happy with him. i wish there were more figures of raiden's mgs4 design
2 hours agoRumihoRumiho どういうこと!?
Killer9I (3 hours ago) #4998309Same here, actually. I expected it to look a bit better with it being from Alter. The face looks like its a prize figure from Sega or FuRyu. That being said, I'll probably still be getting her because I just love watching my bank account burn.

Compared to the accuracy of Rin and Kotori her face definitely seems a bit off imo as well
2 hours agoASH-HikariASH-Hikari
A little collage of some of this figure's gorgeous details:

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