2 hours agoitsthatoneguyitsthatoneguy
Rikiia (13 hours ago) #3239705She's cheaper than I thought. I'm hesitant about FREEing quality though. I know they're not bad but they also sometimes have some qc issues. Does anyone have any experience with their 1/4 figures?

I also purchased the 1/4 Laura Bodewig from FREEing and had the same quality as the other poster did – had zero issues with her.

Insta pre-ordered this one. Chitoge is best girl.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)FiguRisingFiguRising
Hello, here a Youtube-Review Figure of Kurosaki Mea (this Figure). Support us please!! (ext link)
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)FiguRisingFiguRising
Hello, here a Youtube-Review Figure of Kashiwazaki Sena (this Figure). Support us please!! (ext link)
2 hours agopitythefoolpitythefool
No wings right now. Will make a review and have proper pictures a little later.
2 hours agokyzzylekyzzyle
I just got mine from Amiami (B/B) and she's awesome. Has anyone else noticed her leaning back? Mine puts all the weight on the back/post foot and leans back a little.
2 hours agoAstralFrostAstralFrost
Rejean235 (3 hours ago) #3240831I'm curioous what you have against Wings Company. You have one of their figures, Sonico, which you rated 10. I've got five of their figures, all of them excellent.

My mistake, I think I was thrown off by their association with Lechery. I didn't realize they were involved with Sonico; in my head I put it down as a GSC figure.
2 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
theyasminshow (4 hours ago) #3240494Wondering if Rocket Boy will do color variant work like OrchidSeed. Mary would look nice in a set of modded colors.
Ever since you said at a con panel someone said they forgot about that one figure they announced, I've been paranoid.
A-Alter...? item #331484
F.S. ...! item #331579 dem legs.
That's a plan and a pain rolled in once since I usually leave my PC on, I'll have to keep turning it off everytime I go outside since the power flickers when I'm not home too. Actually, I can leave the room and it'll flicker. Such a pain. Not to mention all the times I had to reset my clock. Tired of touching my clock all the time!
I super hate N-Y's exaggerated estimate shipping charges but yes, Asmo with bonus will be mine as well.

Possible to see Rocket Boy do variants since a lot of companies that make nude/castoff figures tend to make variants.

And I thought Alter was pushing the boundaries with this item #286484

Did you see? item #330985 So random. lol
item #330184
Happy to see Marie painted item #209602 and her partner in crime with a prototype. item #209604

Is your whole complex experiencing power flickering? How long has this been happening?

I like to cross check shipping estimates between N-Y and BiJ if something doesn't seem right. Before I placed my order on N-Y, I checked to see what the shipping cost was in BiJ's cart. BiJ's shipping is 100JPY more.
2 hours agoKaneelKaneel
moonlight119 (3 hours ago) #3240754I actually tried searching it (both for Ichiban Kuji and Kyun-gurumi) myself but came up with nothing. I hope you have a better luck finding it. Thank you for your time. :)

I got to the same result, i only can find some coverage from the Charahobby event they where showcased but it looks like they where not released in the end and not used for a lottery.
Also the entry is wrong then, because there wasn't an advertisement for Ichiban Kuji Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny nor Ichiban Kuji Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED.
The plushies where simply showcased as Kyungurumis, no ichiban set was attached to them so far at that time.
The same is also true for these two encyclopedia #40569
2 hours agoSardrellasSardrellas
So, I recognize that this promotion/sale went on a long time ago, but is there any place still auctioning these things? I REALLY want a set.
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Sardrellas! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 hours agoacidburnacidburn
What's going on with this figure? In some pictures like:
(mfc link)
She seems to have a pink hue to her hair
and then some pictures she has a canary like yellow hue to it
(mfc link)
2 hours agoOtaku4EverOtaku4Ever
yobibear (2 hours ago) #3240911I feel like the screen would be too small for subs >.<
Maybe for the PV theater

According to some pictures Sega released, the Romaji subs are at the bottom screen. And yea, I guess it actually would be better in the PV theater, since I guess all you have to do is watch.
2 hours agoUltimateCircusUltimateCircus
Sorry I didn't mean to break the rules. I won't do it again -_-
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)aeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
WindsorSeven (7 hours ago) #3240257Aeon, say something that would cause me to glare at you.
You're going to be a floppy potato fish today!
2 hours agoKurominKuromin
Ich freue mich richtig, dass alles klappt ! Bisher sieht es wahrscheinlich verwirrend aus und es ist auch alles nicht so leicht zu verstehen, aber ich hoffe es gefällt dir hier. c:
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)shalnarkshalnark
Viku-Asakura (2 hours ago) #3240862I really think we need a Re-release of this. I need him to be with the rest ;_;
Do exclusives have re-releases? I can't remember of one :/
2 hours agoclampotakuclampotaku
Nooooo I wanted him for next month!!! I need my swimming Bae!
2 hours agoOtaku4EverOtaku4Ever
RyukoFan (2 hours ago) #3240894ok so we were gonna go day 1 but my friends mom had to work so I was going crazy cuz I'm like "FUUUCKK ALL THE STUFF I WANT IS GOING TO SELL OUT" and I joined a thing for ax pick ups and I paid the person for fight club mako and 2014 snow miku. When we went on day 2 I was pissed to see that they had a shit ton of makos left but snow miku 2014 was sold out so thank god the person who picked her up for me got her. Plus it wasn't bad cuz the commission fee was only $5. Yeah I only got Madoka and 2015 miku at the gsc booth. I think my best find was my xiao mei scale. We randomly walked through this booth and I saw like 4 of them and the price tag said $40 and I was like WHAT!! I was like she has to be a bootleg cuz she's so cheap but I got to hold the box look at her and I looked her on mfc and she doesn't have any bootlegs and she looked fucking great through the packaging and I just had to get her. What was your favorite part of ax
I really liked looking around the booths and seeing things I really wanted. The thing that sucked was that the GSC was FULL that day >.<. I was in line for a while, pretty much fighting over who I should get: Miku 2.0 or Snow Miku 2014. I also saw some really bad bootlegs at some booths and they made me have a good laugh. There was a booth that had a large bootlegged Link scale(?). To be honest, I would've been fooled if it weren't for his face lol. It was bad. Did you encounter any bootlegs during your visit?

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