2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board longliveusbrats! :)

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2 hours agoyatenyaten
Boldog Szülinapot / Touhou napot! :D
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2 hours agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Nice choice with the M4. I'm imagining they'll start going expensive once Snake is released.
2 hours agoPeregrine-SkyPeregrine-Sky
ordered! Can't wait to have Rin standing next to my Makoto :D
2 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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2 hours agoFoolyDoolyFoolyDooly
For: Kancolle Koedarize
Received Fubuki on date estimated; no damage, excellent packaging, knew exactly what she was doing.

Will split with again. Thank you, for my daughteru!
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)PumpkinPumpkin
naisor (5 hours ago) #2854992I know you're entitled to your opinion and all (because god knows we've to be reminded of that every time), but I sincerely just find your "disappointment" a little baffling...
...it is like being disappointed at the sky being blue, or that a Wild West movie having horses in it. Then I find what you say a little ironic considering your username, but I digress.
Anyway, looking at the source material, I think it is a decently being reproduced in this figure. It is not like Bandai lacked imagination into making this figure like it is; it is that they are trying to be faithful to where it comes from. So, at the end, what you're really being disappointed here is not the figure, but the series itself for producing such an outfit; and maybe just CLAMP is to blame here.
Just saying.

It seems that the only thing that you find baffling is that someone could hold an opinion other than your own. It's not unreasonable to hope that a figure from a series know for it's frilly costumes would have some more frills sculpted into it.
FSLAR (3 hours ago) #2855210This, honestly.
And I agree about the criticism from Figma supporters, it's annoying with them going on a few Figuarts pages and constantly going 'Figma this, and Figma that'. I love Figma, but honestly, that's a bit too much and they are far from perfect; it borders on going beyond criticism and being a dick as someone else said. I don't like this outfit really, so I'll stick with the pink dress though. Maybe I'll change my mind at some point, this doesn't look bad.

Again I don't understand how it's being a dick to be disappointed in how a character or a figure I like in an under-appreciated outfit I also like. I'm not flying off the handle and calling it a McDonalds toy or a piece of trash, I was just voicing my concerns over the figure. I'm glad that I know now that Figuarts fans are so thin-skinned that they can't handle a mild complaint about a figure, so that I can avoid wasting my time in the future.
2 hours agolovespinglovesping
She does not fit into detolf =( but a pretty nice and huge figure. now thinking of where to place her. if out in the open dust will accumulate in her wings =x
2 hours agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
DelicateThunder (3 hours ago) #2855258There's also the wildcard that for those of us in the US/Canada that they might use their NA distributor for this, and their packaging had much improved. That said, it would make sense for them to ship it to Volks USA to ship out since they're also right in California and it's their product. Very little that GSC does in regards to shipping makes sense, however. Seem like they're still learning when it comes to sales outside of Japan.
I recently received my first dollfie and I'm very very happy with her but this Snow Miku is seriously gnawing away at my resolve. I really wish that I could quit Miku but she's just so cute...

Yeah, I have to agree that GSC's packaging is very random. I mean, they once sent me a big box with just one nendo in it - it could've housed 3 more nendos!

Miku head sculpt is the best I've ever seen on a DD. She is the loveliest girl - I swear I fell in love the moment I took her out of the packaging! Snow Miku one has a slightly different make-up - her smile is more accented and that blue eyeshadow makes her look even more festive. She's hard to resist for me, too. Yet I know I'd rather wait for a Sakura version. I need her with a pink make-up :P
2 hours agoTsukuruyaTsukuruya
Woody sure is showing his Burning Love.
2 hours agoReinierReinier
Rajura (5 hours ago) #2854991Not so much that as work has just kept me very busy.
I am taking a clinical faculty position, doing research, house hunting, talking to a girl, and working 80 hours/week. So, this had to give for a while. :p

Thats alot of stuff going on in real life, 80 hours of work a week is crazy too remember to balance work/personal life because working so much isnt healthy and everyone needs a little R&R sometimes to unwind and release stress from work.
2 hours agoOyasumiOyasumi
I have that same mini Miku pillow I found at my local Chinatown xD
2 hours agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert ❤ Figma ❤
ZoidsFanatic (3 hours ago) #2855260Very nice arrivals (and one can never have enough Sinon. That's a fact). Did you order spare Nagatos as well?

I actually did not order spare Nagatos. Believe it or not. I did order several spare Amatsukazes though. :)
2 hours agoSykeSyke
Selling new one 170 shipped, also opened to inspect Japan ver. for 170 shipped

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