2 hours agoquirowquirow
Wow! This came out of nowhere. I'm so glad I'm going to AX this year.
2 hours agocookie_on_firecookie_on_fire
Northen_Lights (21 hours ago) #10816257So he is going to be 1/7 scale? Is it because he is rather short himself? All Alter figures are 1/8 (at least that I have) and it's interesting to see how they are going to make it different.
I actually didn't notice the 1/7 scale until I read your comment lol.
Now I'm not so sure about ordering him anymore, since I have no male figures in 1/7...
2 hours agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Oooh wow he's actually pretty reasonably priced. I didn't want a November or December release but Alter will more than likely delay it.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)StephieHerbertStephieHerbert
Wow... why is it only Anime Expo? :(

Okay after looking at GSC website they say it will be available at other events in the future and from the GSC shop in the future. Whew! I need at least 3 so I was worried.
2 hours agomaerynsenmaerynsen
ChocolateSpider (5 hours ago) #10851280It's too late. It's already in motion. The seeds were sown the moment you chose to include Avalanche in your loot posts. The era of the penguin is nigh!
I can literally see his ego inflating.

rubylily (4 hours ago) #10852499Nice loot! It's always nice to see more people reading Stray Little Devil. It deserves more love, even if it is out-of-print!
For Utena v. 5, maybe a niche comic book store near you might have a copy still in stock? A long shot, but the comic book store near me sometimes has long out-of-print titles, so it might be worth a try if there are any comic stores near you. Right now Amazon has some copies rated "Good" for reasonable prices, if you don't mind taking a chance on a item that might be mildly damaged.

I'd love to stumble across it in a local book or comic store, but the location I'm in is very unlikely for that. (That's how I found a volume of Lodoss War years after being out of print, though.) I think I'll risk it for Volume 5 on Amazon. Honestly, at this point the price I'm willing to pay for it is probably double or slightly more the retail price. It's the last one I neeeeeed.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)Leo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
quileh (2 hours ago) #10855326Great post! Can I ask how much the pole cost you? I've been a frequent complainer for this figure and I'd love to display her again. Thank you! I bought the Hatsune Miku set of three he posted as well, in total I paid 15 usd. Not sure what the Flandre one would be by itself.
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
I still have her for sale if anyone is interested! Brand new and still in box! Please PM if interested!
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
Selling mine for $40 shipped! Still in box! Please PM if interested!
2 hours agoDeepEyesDeepEyes
Looks great.... But I want my MegaMan X Nendoroid that you announced!!! Hurry GSC!
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
Selling her for $25 including shipping! Brand new and in box! Please PM if interested!
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
Selling her for $25 free shipping! Figure is brand new and in box! Please PM if interested!
2 hours ago (1 hour ago)AwesomeLoliLoverAwesomeLoliLover
I just paid for Sana right now. I am very excited to get her! She is so cute and the pose is so yummy with her cute booty!

I got the new Shiro figure. It really is amazing. The little Chibi figures are great and Shiro herself is amazing. And they paid good attention to her butt! She has a little wedgie that is so tasty!

It's ok you took long to respond, no worries! I've done it too.

I think the figures here: [ext link ] are garage kits sadly, but I could be wrong. I hope to the loli goddess that they get made as prepainted figures. So cute and sexy! Can't wait to see what the butt looks like, it's so cute I might buy it anyway, garage kit or not XD
2 hours agoxCommandoxCommando
They won't forget, or if they do they'll be reminded once your package shows up at their store. So go right ahead and order it now.
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
Selling Yamaguchi brand new and still in box! $25 with free shipping! Please PM if interested!
2 hours agoKnight-HartKnight-Hart
I think she looks absolutely wonderful. Her clothes, her face, her hair. It looks so cute and neat.
2 hours agoshihanchulshihanchul
Selling Tsukishima brand new and still in box! $25 with free shipping! Please PM if interested!

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