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Thank you Tsuko ;)
Tsuko-tan (1 hour ago) #2275041Welcome to the board Hakay! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Steffykin (8 hours ago) #2274024;v; I'd like to see her face close up before I pay for her (hopefully I can afford her next week and she's still available, amiami seems to be the only one carrying her?) she's a gorgeous style...

Hopefully some members here receive her soon and will upload some pictures. If I chose EMS I would have her in a week but I cheaped out and went RSAL lol D:
1 hour agoBOiNGBOiNG
It seems her breasts are sculpted with her corset extended, covering her nipples. Not sure about her crotch, maybe they cover it up with sculpted bush? Cause' she's pretty hairy down there. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't wear any pants. I wonder how they're going to dodge this.
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)ponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
For those who want her for a normal price, wait out for Yokatta. Pre-payment required there.

Otherwise, those from Aniplex list of countries (USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland) can order later on Rightstuf without pre-payment.

I'm pretty sure most EU residents outside of Aniplex list can check up their local shops or GSC partner shops in their area - this way immediate payment can be avoided.

Those who can't pre-order at Rightstuf or GSC partner shops and missed out on other shops that offered her to international customers can use forwarding service (e.g., BiJ or Tenso and the like) or a proxy of choice. There's a good guide if you don't know how forwarding order works.
1 hour agoangelbottangelbott
YukariSekai (3 hours ago) #2274862Hi! ^^ I have access to my collection was limited. Corrected in the settings. ))
Yes, I also love Gintama. *___* But at the base Tsukuyo not very happy...
P.S.: You have a beautiful and varied collection. =))

thanks ^^ I was looked at this. xD I was jealous half of your owner figures as I always wanted. xD I not show them on my wishlist on I just put them in my LIST of year wishlists. xD;
Yes, I love Gintama ^q^ Well..GEM Tsukyo's base look weird..I mean it look like...eh..playboy? XD;
Thank you! B-beautiful? O////O *cover face with hands* N-no it not.. thanks.. =3=
1 hour agoJohnDorianJohnDorian
Fryste (9 hours ago) #2273841COME WE MUST PRAY, also I have a pentagram ready just in case praying isn't enough.

Yuo know, like KazeNoBlast said, I don't think there will be any other char except Sophie, Graces just doesn't seem that followed (maybe Asbel and a Sophie results would make them think about it?) but I WANT PASCAL TOO MUCH.
So yeah, let's do it together, LET'S PRAY FOR HER.
1 hour agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
JayJ (2 hours ago) #2274927Nippon Yassan still accepting orders guys
You confused her with a figma, which went up for pre-order today. The figure itself is sold out after 15 minutes. There might appear a window, though, if someone cancels.
1 hour agoConaeConae
aeonblue (21 hours ago) #2272222Glad to hear you really enjoyed your trip and eat some of that black sesame goodness for cheap!
Same here. I think I've suffered the wrath of "moe anime babes only" discrimination mind frame for too long - even though fighting games aren't even like that! The customisable nature of them just added to that pipe dream. LOL that bit at the end will always make my SSB dreams complete. I was seriously only expecting Lucina anyway. ;w;
When will you watch them? Now? Yes, now is a good time. Do it now. I still remember looking at Fruits Basket's DVD case and thinking along the lines of "this looks shit." I stayed up until 4 that night finishing the rest of the DVD lolol. Same here! I don't remember if I ever told you but I got into DR through a doujinshi I saw on AB. Figures give me the extra push to actually go and watch the show/play the game. Hahaha and how many of those men did you end up liking as a character? Ack I downloaded a butt load of Gintama episodes to finally watch over the holidays and guess what? Today is my last day of holidays and how many episodes have I watched? 0. /cries
Oooh I've never seen those ones before. I was thinking of the ones with the sealable flap. Do they have any down there? If not then those ones will be fine too - any B5 anything is fine. Wait, do you use them? Are they good? I've been hoping for the exclusive box to pop up on Suru but no luck weeeehh. Looks fantastic! (as expected, really :P) Interesting that that one is your favourite. How come? Yeah! Come to Brisbane and show that fool how it's done ψ(`∇´)ψ
YESS! I was waiting for you to finally get to that part! I usually uuugghh at the sound of an obligatory beach episode but omg what can't P4 do to have me die from laughing? The options just get so much better in Golden. You make it sound like the flirting wasn't your doing at all hahaha. $50 limit, ack. That's lame. Almost as lame as spend $100 to get a discount on shipping. Not even free shipping :< Great! I shall do just that one day eheheh.
I wish I had relatives in Melbourne! Did you meet up with Katto? DID YOU MEET POCHI? ;w; Funny you say that because the first picture she showed me of Pochi was like a stock image of a puppy god. It was his listing picture of course but still. When Katto showed me some flood pictures of Melbourne CBD I also thought their pathways was pretty wide. Of course they were submerged in water but you know it when you see it yeah? You'll at least have the intense battle with my brother to look forward to lol.
What did you think of this WF?

Thanks! Melbourne also made me a bigger fan of soup. It was cold and I walked into a random tiny cafe and had this lovely piping hot bowl of minestrone soup with crusty herb bread. *q* Same here Robin was really unexpected because I didn't think they'd actually pick the default look to use. I'd probably go with yellow team if they make her blonde since my avatar was blonde. She can join my yellow Kirby who looks like a cheeseball.

HAHAHA I'll admit I didn't expect the art on the DVD to look like that but I just chalked it up as 'old school anime art'. Kinda reminds me of my friends showing me Yugioh 5D's. Card games on motorcycles sounded so dumb and lol crazy hairstyles but I ended up watching most of the first season with them and actually enjoyed it. The story is much better paced and the battles don't drag on like the first series. Likewise I tried DR because you guys kept linking nice doujinshi entries. :P I bought item #172298 recently, finally I can justify buying it because I know most of the characters. I've always liked the cover LOL. Well:
- Guy #1 Hijikata ended up being my 2nd favourite. It depends sometimes I like him more than Gintoki then Gintoki goes off and does something hilarious again which pushes him back to 2nd.
- Guy #2 Masamune aww yess still one of my favourite characters ever. I marathoned all of Sengoku basara on the weekend before final year 12 exams because of him, no regrets LOL.
- Guy #3 Kougami I ended up liking his tragic megane friend more but he's probably 2nd place too
Ugh life is like that, when you have plenty of time to do stuff you don't end up doing them and the moment the holidays end you suddenly have all this stuff you want to do. _(:3/ z)_ The first 3 episodes of Gintama are easily the worst but I was really sucked in by mid 1st season after they introduce all the regular side characters and the running gags.

Oh! Do you mean resealable as in these picture #982784 or the clear bags with the sticky flap that normally come with new doujinshi? The clear pockets are like the latter type but they don't have a sticky flap so it's more like a sleeve. They're pretty strong but sometimes it's hard to fit in slightly thicker books. I like Ace Combat girl mainly because I'm bored of military women in really over the top costumes or going the Girls und Panzer route. It's a really down to earth design and she looks strong but not overly masculine. her hairstyle is really rad too I love Kozaki's colouring. *v*

Yeah somehow P4 makes typically cringe-worthy scenes really funny. I remember loving the Amagi Inn hot springs event in vanilla P4. Ahahah when you tell Kanji to let em dangle then he's like hell yeah a real man should... nah even that's a bit too extreme I'm going to get in trouble Senpai. I wonder what happens if you pick 'use a seashell' LOL I was torn between that option as well. Yeah the options P4G added are sooo good. Yosuke: Who do you want to see the most in a swim suit? Kanji bro.

No I didn't get to meet up with Katto. I only stayed 2 days and 1 night. Maybe next time. ;v; LOL I THOUGHT IT WAS A STOCK PHOTO AS WELL. aahhh her dog is such a cutie. Yeah I get what you mean, there's just a lot more space on the streets of Melbourne. Sydney feels much more cramped. Okay, things to do when I visit Brisbane: Have an epic FEA showdown with your brother. :P

I think I liked this WF more than the last one. It's missing Touhou/surprise GK->PVC announcements (no item #197599 maybe next WF ;v;) but I walked away with more new figure announcements that I'm interested in compared to last year. There's still a ton of old stuff I want to see painted though, MF where are my Tony Taka Kagamine twins? So it's a bit of a mixed bag because of that.
1 hour agoShadowSkilzShadowSkilz
ian_Loh (5 hours ago) #2274560Toy's Works... still ok. Not as good as GSC, Alter, Koto, Alphamax, Native, etc... better than prize figure... So I can say, in between prize figure and those high-end figure.... Definitely better than griffon *laugh*
Like Chara-Ani probably.

Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye on her then...
1 hour agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Hakay! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 hour agosukimaesukimae
Well done GSC, all other Armin figures I've seen just look derpy, but this one is by far my favourite SNK nendoroid so far. He looks absolutely adorable <33
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)TheFreeSoulTheFreeSoul
It depends on what you are willing to pay, you can still preorder in many European countries, but it will be very expensive, probably even more expensive then post release prices (depending on availability).
1 hour agoangelbottangelbott
Yuriko-neko (13 hours ago) #2273365sorry I don't know anything about the year release. on the box it says nothing about the year of production.
Huh? Really? D: That's strange...do year like stamp on 'doll' body? it not have as well? o.o??

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