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8 hours agoGunterGunter Questionably Amazing
Yuriko-neko (15 hours ago) #24870935PM sent

Responded. Only eyes and Body (if someone wants it) is available.
8 hours agosaharalisaharali
So are we looking at another delay? ;v; I honestly wouldn't mind tbh LOL
8 hours agokyuulinkkyuulink
never bought any Medicchu but i will buy this cause its kato <3
8 hours agowhoknowswhoknows
lovato17 (2 days ago) #24816630Anyone from the usa selling this figure ?

I might be willing to sell, I'm not really impressed with the figure. PM me an offer and we can see if we can work something out?
8 hours agoarcuirliarcuirli
happy birthday!!
8 hours agopafy6285pafy6285
if the defect is something that you can just see from a really close up view (like in your face close up), then I would say keep it. You can also try viewing it from a normal display view range and see if the defect is noticeable. You can of course have it replaced however, as others mentioned, you have no assurance that the replacement won't have a minor (or worse) defect
8 hours agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
Anywhere to preorder yet? That supposed release date is coming up fast...
8 hours agolavalunarlavalunar
Can't believe I caved on this baby. Ordered from KotoUS so I could get the winking fp too ... ! I think this is definitely the most I've spent on a figure to date, but he just looks so gorgeous. T___T I love the pose, and although both versions are lovely, I think the winking face really completes it. I kind of wish the bench was another color, but since it's coach Victor, presumably at the rink, it makes sense.

Ugh, it just is such a pretty figure!! Xmas gift to myself, I guess...
8 hours agonaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
One of the best collections I've seen! Everything goes so well together. Great job!
8 hours agoJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
blackice85 (9 hours ago) #24874988Oh damn it, now I'm tempted to buy it again like a sucker.

I'll admit - that was my first thought, but I REALLY don't need two and if the new one is "better" then it will be impossible to resell the older one without a huge price drop :(

I guess it doesn't matter, b/c I wouldn't display her without her clothes, but I feel tricked since I ordered the first version.
8 hours agoBravo64Bravo64

Just to let you know that I sent you a PM a couple of days ago.
Thank you for your time.
8 hours agoBravo64Bravo64

Just to let you know that I sent you a PM a couple of days ago.
Thank you for your time.
8 hours agocharlecharle
Killer pose but a super funky face!! Very elongated torso but it works well in some angles. He is best seen from bird's-eye view- he looks more dynamic and it'll camouflage his face anatomy. :')
9 hours agonaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Ceci93 (8 months ago) #16657691All 4 for 2k at Mandarake
[ext link ]

Got one recently for 3k, and another for my partner for 2.5k, both unopened. Keep your eyes out for another! I never thought it'd find it.
9 hours agojpetiteplanetjpetiteplanet
Thank you!! <3 Really glad you like my pic :)

Purehikari (11 hours ago) #24872437I LOVE THISSSSSSS AHHHHHH
9 hours agoblackice85blackice85
Free_Phi (10 hours ago) #24873906The Nekomagic page for this ([ext link ]) seems to belabor the cast-off element, with lots of (great) pics, so it would seem like they've corrected the cast-off problems noted in the Release notes.
If it's true that the cast-off elements are re-tooled, would the re-release deserve its own Item ID?

Jenthehen (10 hours ago) #24874349I'm gonna be pretty pissed off if the re-release is an actual cast-off instead of the BS they pulled last time ...

Oh damn it, now I'm tempted to buy it again like a sucker.

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