1 hour agokevinlowlkevinlowl
strictlystyles (1 day ago) #2427890didnt i tell you it would most likely be an exclusive?dudeee, you jinxed it man
1 hour agoRevienRevien
>Same seven characters again.

For once can we actually get something with all of the Seigaku team (or all of any team). The QQ is real.
1 hour agocrosswithyoucrosswithyou
The problem is when you don't have enough display space! Keeping them in their boxes lets you stack them on top of each other which is a great space saver.

I've still got tons of figures I want to take out but there's just not enough space. ;___;
1 hour agogaruda_bladegaruda_blade
fatsumie (2 hours ago) #2431702Who's faceplate is it on the left? Im sure its not Akagi :/

She cry because Captain not allow her to eat the meal on table. XD
1 hour agoSpuhSpuh
Aww man I wish they could have used his MGS1 version instead (like the nendoroid). Still gonna buy it though, I love MGS series!
2 hours agococodrillococodrillo
sonicspinner (14 hours ago) #2430528Anyone know how much unregistered SAL for Makoto is?

Got my invoice today, it's 980 (shipping to Russia)
2 hours agoAzureChaosAzureChaos
redxmaverick (2 hours ago) #2431710Its by Orchid Seed. Its usually expected to be castoff. Hehe

I guess so, heh. But this changes everything! I never liked that little sailor fuku outfit on her.
2 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror
redxmaverick (7 hours ago) #2431167If people like hentai, how can they not like fluids? lol. How can they not like the ending to a great oral or paizuri!?!? I can understand if they don't like bukkake scenes. That's overboard for me too. Another artist that does realistic fluids is Saberfish. Some of it may cross the line of bukkake though. If at any point, this conversation gets too intense. Please let me know and I'll tone it down. xD
You should definitely check out Project-H. They are always having deals and discounts. Project-H had a panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. One thing I didn't know was that Project-H has to pay the japanese publishers upfront in order to license, translate and sell in the US. So they are paying 10k-20k USD upfront per title and they release around 5-7 titles every month. I wonder if that's the case with other h-manga/magazines publishers. One of the best things at the panel was watching hentai "Shocking Pink" with a 2000 other people in the room. Everyone was cheering and hooting. I didn't think watching hentai with so many people could be so fun.
I haven't heard of Slut Girl by Isutoshi before. Quick check. That's a pretty old manga! I will check it out.
Oh no. I'm trying to sell on ebay. I don't get any offers on MFC. I've only sold one daki on MFC. But ebay is rampant with bootlegs so I can see why people would try to lowball me.
Actually I don't even have a daki body pillow yet either. lol. So the daki I'm using right now acts like my blanket. >.<

I dunno, man. The way I see it... if you're gonna play like a champ, you better take your prize...!

Wow, Project-H is making some big investments there. Business-wise, cash is the way to go if you have a sound investment so I imagine they must be doing well. I've always thought watching adult material as a group would be interesting but it would probably be hard to get people to agree unless it was something like a panel... Well, one night while I was with some friends we were watching some cable and someone flicked through the channels and found an adult film, but it was laughably horrible. Something about comics and aliens... The icing on the collapsing cake was that they were faking sex (as in, pumping and moaning with no insertion... and the guy's pants were still up LOL)

Looking at their website, I see Velvet Kiss, which I read online. There was something very confusing about the story to me. Did you ever read it?

The star of slut girl is busty, curvy, tanned up and loves to play... I love her so much!

From what I've read about pillows, a good imported one will cost $100-200 for the pillow + EMS... which is more than my cover. That's an investment I'll think about sometime later...
2 hours agosaberfan94saberfan94
Whole collection up for sale pm me and we'll talk numbers.
2 hours agoabdeljoelabdeljoel
wooshh!!! price is kinda hefty.

I learned Japan has rises their taxes recently so for now on a lot of japanese figures are going to rise in price as well. altho is part of why is expensive it still looks like an overprice figure.

I really wish I could understand how Good smile base their prices on figmas, is so inconsistent.
at least this one has accessories unlike those hefty avengers.

what makes me really mad is that I'll buy it anyways.
If it helps you too think this figure has been released 5 years ago and is very rare and you are buying it from e-bay so that the price looks fair. X_X
2 hours agoCyrilCyril
Oh, she's stunning and incredibly elegant. Marvelous.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)heekyunggx3heekyunggx3
I find joy taking my figures, nendoroids, figmas, etc. out of boxes and putting them on display because I believe that's what they're meant for! They're pieces of art! As far as sunlight, I have heavy curtains on my windows that block out the light. I currently have my figures on display in a kallax and bookshelf and actually going to pick up a Detolf within the next couple weeks - you can install lights in these and you don't have to worry about dust (plus they're cheap too).

I've never had any problems with smell, stickiness, leaning, etc. and I've had a lot of my stuff since I was a kid. Just take care of your stuff, don't put it in direct sunlight (use curtains if it's forced to be in front of a window), dust frequently if you don't have a display case, etc. :)

I've personally never had any problems with stickiness or smelliness, even when some of my figures were forced to stay in boxes for several weeks due to moving, so I'm not really sure what's causing your problems :/ I wouldn't wash the box though
2 hours agocirociro
ronnibun41 (2 hours ago) #2431694Payment request recieved from Amiami! R. Sal is 1,290 for USA if anyone was curious.
Edit: oops sorry. Makoto is 1,390 for R. Sal. My mistake :P


2 hours agomashtachanmashtachan
My first time, I didn't put down the state and I was worried from the moment I noticed the error, but thankfully, it came in one piece.

You'll be fine :)
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)gwendal738gwendal738
She's pretty ♥♥♥ but figure-wise, if he existed (and character wise lol), i'd still prefer her brother. XD
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
AzureChaos (2 hours ago) #2431677So she did turn out to be cast off. Interesting.
Its by Orchid Seed. Its usually expected to be castoff. Hehe

R_Dorothy (4 hours ago) #2431482OK, thanks; I'll wait and see what else they come up with, then.
I feel like they will make a blonde varient. Perhaps pink haired too.
2 hours agoMonochromanticMonochromantic
I keep my figures within a modified bookcase (added a door) or in a smaller home built acrylic case. There's only minimal gap between the door and the rest of the case, so they barely get dusty at all. Also, I don't allow direct sunlight on them, so when the windows go open, a cover goes on top of the case. Had them in the case for at least a year and not even a thin layer of dust. Maybe just a few specks here and there.

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