5 hours agoweebweeb lexiechan
id suggest you cancel that supporter status like many of us did asap
dont give money to someone that doesnt give a shit about our opinions
5 hours agoweebweeb lexiechan
400+ comments in the forum and we're still ignored
5 hours agoPlasticomPlasticom
I feel like never want to look at my profile again... I hate this new look!!!
5 hours agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
h-mania (21 hours ago) #27311054Bedankt!! Tis pas morgen officieel, maar ik waardeer de gedachte!!

Ja MFC geeft 1 dag van te voor aan, maar als ik het niet gelijk doe vergeet ik het weer haha. Al was dat eerder niet zo, toen kreeg je het bericht gewoon op de dag zelf.
5 hours agocaridal94caridal94
So he comes with an extra faceplate for Yami? That’s pretty awesome.
5 hours agocaptain-burritocaptain-burrito
Soarin (14 days ago) #26656613Hugs for you! I would be pretty devastated to have paid 40 pounds in fees for nothing. The way in which they charge handling fees is criminal to be honest, the cost of customs center operation end to end should be covered by duties raised. It's a tax office, last time I checked the council did not outsource their admin and charge me for it.
Perhaps using a 3rd part shipping service may be your best option, once you have a copy of the CN23 (I think that is the one). With the basic information for place of origin, the ID code for type of goods and method of transport you can essentially reprint the same document over and over. The only changes necessary being the value declared.
Once you have a copy of the template it is a 90 second job.

Actually I do use 3rd party shippers. I have even worse horror story with one of them! They lost a big consolidated parcel and then blatantly denied it.

I used to get it shipped to them to forward after saving my stuff up from a proxy. That proxy was good except they were told by the government not to undervalue packages, hence I had to use the forwarder. I used the proxy for over a decade I think but I think they were losing business and converted to a real time bidding system. However, that mean fees went up and now they charged a % of your order value as a fee when sending your items within Japan. So I stopped that now too. I'll find a new proxy eventually. But right now I guess my finances are thanking me.

It's actually Japanese snacks I miss the most atm! lol

Thanks for that info on the process, however. That will come in handy.
5 hours agoZadaZada
This is one option: [ext link ]

I personally use those, but I would like to find some that are bit higher. I've been looking at the Ebay ones. How come they are crap..? I've also stacked tealight cups on some of those Ikea "risers" to make them higher.
5 hours agoWolfragniumWolfragnium
5 hours agoKataraKatara
Ne noch nicht war auch heute beim Arzt deswegen.
Sonst geht es mir ganz gut. Hab sonst heute frei und morgen geht es ja wieder arbeiten. Aber sonst nichts neues bei mir und bei dir?
5 hours agochirpchirp
Where have the prices in the Information box come from? I was pretty sure that they've not stated prices yet.

Also, as they are not selling direct to the US, why give the price in dollars? If this has been converted, then what is the original amount and currency?
5 hours agoSilverySilvery
paTKany (1 day ago) #27274759Drafted all of them.
Thank you and done!
5 hours agoLepetit89Lepetit89 Eastern Library
ponnie (6 hours ago) #27336771I fix GK entries from time to time if I see an error or can fill more info. Adding description with source link doesn't help, it still claims I didn't fill all the fields..

I see, my best guess would have been that there's a source there which is no longer valid, but I guess that doesn't apply, then.
5 hours agoNinaTachibanaNinaTachibana
Please message me if you're selling from europe (germany)!!
5 hours agoYoyoYoyo
chapters0 (8 hours ago) #27334464its been 6weeks and still no lavi, i ordered from ny.

That's weird, I got mine a few weeks ago. When did you order? Mine was also in transit for more than a month.
5 hours agoMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
HLJ sells acrylic riser stands that are made for figures! Here you go!
For smaller figures:
[ext link ]
For 1/12 to 1/8 figures:
[ext link ]
5 hours agogrizzengrizzen
Guess it's a good thing my collection habits are slowing down the less I have to come here the better.
5 hours ago (5 hours ago)CantisamaCantisama
Bright and cheerful ^^
5 hours agolambchanlambchan
I want be a perfect skater like him :p Victor and yuri please show me your ways
5 hours agoAkiraSan1AkiraSan1
I found her on a whim so I would think she was in fact harder to get then her counterpart.

crocatoot (4 years ago) #1320289does anyone know if this is worth very much or if it is hard to get? i cant find it anywhere yet i find the guy everywhere

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