4 hours agoSilverySilvery
Yay, it's my preferred outfit! (Although I'd totally buy the Jakku version, too, especially if she came with that goggles and headwrap combo.)
4 hours agoRin_AsanoRin_Asano
so maybe there will be a second version with katana or simply they changed idea ;_;
4 hours agoKlalaKlala
CruelFairytale (1 day ago) #15683908Looks great!nuffnmuch (1 day ago) #15672062Nicely done!

Thanks :)
4 hours agoReinierReinier
Happy Birthday!! :-)
5 hours agoKlalaKlala
Cybogirl (5 hours ago) #15708915happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day!

Thank you :D!
5 hours agoDynamiteDynamite
Alles gute zum Geburtstag :)
5 hours agoEvyEvy
Aww thank you, Lovett-tan :з
5 hours agolgbearlgbear
Does anyone know if the Blue water base is exclusive to the Double Set Box only or is it available with either of the figures separately?
5 hours agoacrwbyacrwby
Aimaileafy (5 hours ago) #15708991On Amazon.jp it says November the 30th :> ♥

That's just the placeholder date - we'll get more info in the next couple of weeks
5 hours agoakarinakarin
He's at bbts for $18 USD [ext link ] & $19 USD here: [ext link ]

If you're looking to get him cheaper than amiami's 4k.
5 hours agodiamonddogsdiamonddogs
If anyone is trying to sell him please message me with your price!
5 hours agoCristina_118Cristina_118
also want one of these ;P
this figure is really beautiful :3
I never thought where I could find one.
5 hours ago (5 hours ago)diamonddogsdiamonddogs
Sciroppo (2 months ago) #13811210I've the opposite opinion, I have enough of BB, and I hope to see more Solid Snake figures... there aren't much figures of him, and for me is sooo much better than BB, probably the best character of the entire saga (for me).
Anyway, Konami was already dead way before the releases of the latest merchandises... but the nendoroids, figmas and Gecco statues are pretty recent, and some MGS figures are still coming... so I'm quite sure that someone will make more figures in the future, so maybe also a figma of Big Boss
Agreed honestly, in fact, how many Solid Snake figures are there out there? Let's be generous and include McFarlane, so we have McFarlane MGS1 Snake, MGS2 Snake, then Medicom did static pose MGS2 Snake and Old Snake, now, if we're NOT being generous, we have an old RAH of Old Snake, a Solid Snake Nendoroid, a long sold out PAK Solid Snake and this... and... that's it. Big Boss? Oh boy, Ground Zeroes play arts kai, a Gecco statue, Hot Toys, all of the peace walker PAK's and the multiple variants (I'm gonna say there may have been three? it's probably more), a peace walker and ground zeroes revoltech, and a couple of old RAH's too, and that's not even including Venom Snake. I'd say it's about time Solid got some love :)
5 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board GioRix! :)

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If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
5 hours agoTerrenceTerrence Gotta catch'em scales!
Lmao, I did not expect to see a figure so soon of the virtual reality waifu, aha.

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