1 hour agoAtheist1Atheist1
This is nice, although a bit similar to Koto's.
1 hour agoGloriousNipponGloriousNippon
The placard says "Man on Fire." xDDD
But seriously, it's obviously Volgin(or at least a phantom that is supposed to represent Volgin). He's even holding those bullet casings like Volgin did in MGS3.
This guy from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I don't know his name.
Maybe he's Python from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops??
1 hour agocatvillage66catvillage66
This is hilarious, thank you for making this. XD
1 hour agoichinisanichinisan

Thank you for the FR!

You have a very nice collection! ^_^
1 hour agoSolidSRKSolidSRK
Oh man, he looks great!

No "death stare" face alt though lol
2 hours agoMegawarriorMegawarrior
They should probably only look at amazon.jp reviews.
2 hours agoCelestial-KittenCelestial-Kitten
I have a mighty need for this Aoba but…I must save monies…but after market price scares me… I guess I’ll sleep on it and decide in the morning. ;-;
2 hours agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Well I kinda have OCD so I display my figures inside their boxes, all my figures with the exception of a taito prize fig that I own (Reika Shimohira) have windows in their boxes so I just pose them inside to prevent any dust getting into the figures keeping them nice and perfect, but the only downside is that it takes a lot of space
2 hours agoStrawberryCafeStrawberryCafe
Let us venture down this dark path together. No regrets.
2 hours agoDbonn12Dbonn12
Turtle_Turtle (2 hours ago) #2262461I'm disappointed too.
And I'm not sure if I even agree that she looks next to Nina. I mean, I guess she looks good in the sense that any two of these similarly designed figures look good next to one another. But their poses are particularly compatible and they don't seem like they were meant to be displayed together. I think Shunya just makes good art, and the way they set it up in the poster looks good. I'm not sure that'll translate all that well into the actual figures.

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Yeah, true. Not all illustrations, like you said, translate well into figures. Even though the illustrations look decent with each other, I'm pretty nervous for how Anna's sculpt will turn out.

I am just so conflicted they didn't use the original designs/their first concepts. They were so so so so good.

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