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3 hours agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
A figure based off an illustration from one of my favorite artists? I'll have to get this one as soon as she comes out.

Love the detail on her armor and the cast off feature is neat too.
3 hours agoAnjichanAnjichan
Thanks for the FR!! <33
3 hours ago (2 hours ago)HeldrikHeldrik
Not gonna lie, the naked body almost looks like a snuff movie victim: all the red looks like bruises, and her eyes, because of those huge irises, look like they aren't where they should be, like if the eyeballs've been gouged out.

Yet, despite that creepy look, I guess there's something kinda cute about her that I can't really explain...
3 hours agoReizumoReizumo
Has anyone else received their Link from Eye on Asia?
I'm still trying to get a refund. It's been months now.
I don't know how I can help stop other collectors ordering from them. Horrible company...
3 hours agoBRSiMWBRSiMW
Nananberry (8 days ago) #22236773Hello I sent an PM regarding your sale. Can I request a picture of your pullip doll with your MFC ID written on a piece of paper? Sorry, I just saw your unavailable sales and there were multiple item of same products so that is why I'm taking this precaution
I marked my other items that sell as unavailable, but if you're still interested I can provide pictures with my username.
3 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board AttilaD! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)mauvesharkmauveshark
Ahhhh I just received mine today from TOM! He's seriously gorgeous and is definitely the nicest figure in my collection now. I was so worried about breaking him when putting him in his stand though ;-;
3 hours agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Sorafiredemon (8 hours ago) #22551841I am in Canada and occasionally buy from Navito World in Toronto. I find they typically get things 3-4 months after their initial release.I second this; "patience padawan". Incidentally, they had a large kiosk at Anime North.
3 hours agoMC707MC707
You sound really excited to have her, congrats. She's really really cute though her eyes look a bit sad. Before collecting figures I never thought I'd say this, but after years of watching so many amazing POTD of Dollfie dreams I really want to get one in the future.
4 hours agomashimeromashimero
mermaid (5 hours ago) #22562261"Retarded" is a euphemism, you retards. It literally just means "slow." It's used for slow tempos in musical notation, too. The people freaking out about it have no clue how language works. How many people with Down Syndrome do you HONESTLY think are browsing MFC? Quit virtue-signaling. It's annoying and serves no purpose other than making people resent and hate liberals.
The old words were "idiot," "fool," and "moron-" all of which I've seen in historical documents used as legitimate medical terms. They were replaced with retarded because it sounded NICER. People are always going to start using things like that as insults for idiots. It's called "the euphemism cycle." But millennials who have only been to Tumblr U lack understanding of history, logic, and human nature. The photo is funny, the caption is funny, and triggering you is the funniest of all.

Well said. Some people just love getting offended by everything (especially by things that don't even have anything to do with them).
4 hours agoMC707MC707
I just got her! She looks amazing except for one thing, is it just me or her stockings are of a significantly different color than her dress? On mine her stockings are like darker and a bit... yellowish? I'll post a picture soon but it really bothers me.
4 hours agoHeldrikHeldrik
Branwen may be one of my favorite Queen's Blade characters (can't say no that sweet design by Oda Non) but in the present situation, seeing as she tries to battle her formidable opponent without knowing who he is, I am tempted to call her a silly bitch.
4 hours agoLehstLehst
m3ow (9 hours ago) #22549747What head is being used on this body?The heads that are displayed on the wedding set are GSC prototypes. They use them only to promote the nendoroid more bodies and accessories. They haven't been released as part of a nendoroid for sale.
4 hours agoRuiseRuise
Terrence (24 days ago) #21625957Woah, Futaba has 2 figures, someone's popular! If the trend holds, I really do hope Amakuni announces Haru next! I love her musketeer design/aesthetic.
Futaba's great and all but I need figures of best girls Haru and Yusuke! >:3 And I'd want them to look as cool as Futaba here!
4 hours agospiritwarriorspiritwarrior
Damion287 (16 hours ago) #22539103Yeah well.. I'm not really planning on paying double the price, and since I've never ordered there I don't know if my package will get caught at my customs. Because if it is, I'll have to pay even more.
That's just a bit much for just a little bonus Dx

I understand about the cost of getting pre-order bonuses. I can barely afford them.

I live in the US, and I've ordered many figures, games and manga from Asia and Europe (from Play Asia, only video games). I've never had to pay anything for customs.
4 hours agoSnowZeldaSnowZelda
ONITAICHI (11 hours ago) #22544932He is angry, he does not like to show. xD
That is amazing, congrats! :D
4 hours agoOse_93Ose_93
You can keep her wig in place using a wig cap. They are super cheap on eBay and really help to stop the wig from slipping.

She is such an adorable thing! I also have some 1/4 BJDs and I think they are a great scale. This is an expensive new hobby, but welcome to the fold!
4 hours agoMykaMyka
They were left at my door by the post office and when I got home there was nothing there. I can only assume someone took them.

Fallen-Cloud (4 hours ago) #22564428As far as I know the poster was an Aniplex+ bonus - though mine from Nippon Yasan had it. I don't think TOM got the bonus, though. More importantly, though,why did two of your figures get stolen!? O_O
4 hours ago (4 hours ago)SilverySilvery
AltNacht008 (17 hours ago) #22537781She needs a rerelease or a 2.0 since there is a Live Action Film coming out next year. Kinda like what happened with the Motoko rereleases cause of the reception of the live action film overseas. Just sayin.
She definitely needs a new figure. And not only her - I'd be absolutely delighted to buy an action figure of Sechs in his male body, for example.
4 hours agoNanamiaNanamia
Beautiful! ^^

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