1 hour agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Hello Vintage~! Welcome to MFC :)
Enjoy your stay~
And if you have any questions about figure collecting, then feel free to ask me~ Or if you just want to talk about figures/anime or anything else I'm always up for a chat! :D
Have a nice day~
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)Milady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Definitely an interesting sculpt and I'd have liked to see it actually painted well
But for expensive polystone who would pay that for THAT?
I mean aside from people that just really love the series/characters and money isn't a huge issue for them
Very disappointing :c
1 hour agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Hello NickV~! Welcome to MFC :)
Enjoy your stay~
And if you have any questions about figure collecting, then feel free to ask me~ Or if you just want to talk about figures/anime or anything else I'm always up for a chat! :D
Have a nice day~
1 hour agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Hello Locasse~! Welcome to MFC :)
Enjoy your stay~
And if you have any questions about figure collecting, then feel free to ask me~ Or if you just want to talk about figures/anime or anything else I'm always up for a chat! :D
Have a nice day~
1 hour agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Her paint job is gorgeous to me and I love her hair and those eyes skjgskjg
I wonder if I should wait to see review pics and consider picking her up after release...
I'm just so drawn to this design I don't know why ;^;
1 hour ago (1 hour ago)SturmhornisseSturmhornisse
HEEDLESS (2 hours ago) #2483659Awwwwwwwwww.... **Waaaaaaaaaaah** OMG.... VOLKS just ship my order on the boy and his supplies!!!!!! **Waaaaaah* My very firs dollfie is coming HOME!!!! **Dance*
Sorry.... so excited right now............. **Dance**
Don't know nothing about SD or DD.... :( :( I ordered that boy because I don't where to get one for the HEAD I was falling in love with... :XD :XD
Now I don't know what to do the the other head that come along..... :XD
THANKS my Dear Fairy God Sturmhornisse *hugs* with all your help, I know I will get the best Sebastian custom made... I can wait even it takes few years to find one.....

Oh my, I was also very excited for my first doll. It was a Dollfie Dream Lucy ;)

SD = Super Dollfie
DD = Dollfie Dream

It is just so long to always write those names so I use those short cuts. Just look some comments down, there I described the diffrence a bit!

And it is always good to be specific about the dollfie you talk about. DD and SD are really diffrent! I don't own a SD but I own a resin doll of another company and when I first got it I was so surprised how diffrent he was. He is actually the guy in my profil pic... But he will get a wig and clothes soon as I finally have the money ;)

You can sell it or let the 2 heads share a body. Those are the options I think.
1 hour agotl2005ustl2005us
All the people complaining about price- Yes, shame on GSC for raising their prices still within what most people will pay for their product! It looks like from the comments, the business they are actually losing is negligible. In reality, if they didn't raise their prices, scalpers would just do it for them. Remember on Samus' first release after she sold out going for $200 on ebay?! GSC should raise their price, as I'd much rather the increase go to them instead of scalpers. People will pay the money anyway- GSC can use it to hire more talented people, grow as a company, and make more amazing figures for us.
1 hour agobaldvrbaldvr
nick_clark (2 hours ago) #2483653Gracias, si, tengo pensado desde hace bastante comprarlo en Anime Island, pero desgraciadamente ahora no me lo puedo permitir :S Va a ser un regalo de reyes XD Aunque ahora estoy indeciso de si comprar este Spidey o la figma de Devil Homura, me acabo de terminar el anime de Madoka y estoy un poco obsesionado xD y al ser exclusiva... Pues es lo que hay.Te entiendo, yo también estoy indeciso: no sé si pedirlo ya o esperarme a ver qué tal resulta la versión standard que pedí en AmiAmi. Los extras son tan tentadores...
1 hour agoBowmanBowman
IDBluver (2 hours ago) #2483682My mom told me something good, i asked her about some things about how he acted and why he was doing some things. Because he is so young, went into defensive mode and got a bit angry to and what he said what he said. So right now, i am gonna give him the space he needs and hopefully we can start being friends again someday, can only hope <3 *hug*

Time will always help, I hope so too that you and him can become friends again. :) Hope school going well for you. :)
2 hours agoVictoryfraudVictoryfraud
The hand holding part really has me on the fence, since I'd need both of them for there to be any point in it. They are equally cute, and I'd feel horrible for them if i just got one of them. What to do D:
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)ArekusuArekusu
Kiririn-chan (2 hours ago) #2483671Thank you for the friend request.
O-Genki desu ka?

Konbanha Kiririn-chan,

Watashi ha itsumo genki desu! Anime to Manga ga daiiiiiisuki desu!
2 hours agoKoishiKoishi
Sennari (2 hours ago) #2483570Aa luckkyy! If my friend holds a split..she would probably want Komaru and all the Monobears ;o (monaka is pure evil omg) I want 100 servant Komaedas!
Yeah they are so expensive for the whole set D: I don't really like having incomplete sets of something I am a huge fan of.. :c I really hope dr:ae gets announced for localization sooon, and that it will keep JPN audio with english subtitles B)
yeah of course!! :D

I hope you can get what you want from her split ;u; im still debating whether to just preorder the first box and just trying to find some people who would want what I do not.
yes yes! I agree. I dont doubt drae wont be localized considering how well the first two games did over here. I would really like to play it soon though because im impatient hehe.
*hugs you* I hope you're doing okay today.
2 hours agoGandalfGandalf
jkb (1 day ago) #2481686Yes, I'm not saying my opinion is the only right one, just expressing it out.

Ah sorry, it seemed like you were insisting it had to be a certain way.

I think we can all agree it'd be nice if she had some more accessories, I expect 1 set of wings, a 2nd set isn't really what I expected (it's nice but surely something else aswell?)

That poll GSC did (ext link) had 53% of people wanting max parts, and 27% at between normal & deluxe. I guess Suigintou's specs were set in stone before that poll was taken, but the way different GSC appeared in her blog announcement to comment I felt sure she was a firm favourite and might get some extra stuff like what happened with Shinku.
2 hours agoSasunarufan13Sasunarufan13
I finally have him (and Makoto) :D He's absolutely gorgeous *_*
(My cat also agrees)
2 hours agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
aeonblue (14 hours ago) #2482597I like cross dressing in general. No they're not and you know it :( Okay I shall then! I was hoping you'd think I have a cute voice too but meows are better, good job. LOL I really laughed at that. Don't touch my perfect English you feral o(-`д´- 。) HAHAHA that's so true I'm going to cry. I'm pretty sure it's not but you get what I meant right? lol. We were? Whoops I left you scumming around by yourself...but now no longer. If you mean you're having trouble outside of me teasing you then maybe you should. Just know that I'll probably end up making fun of the next one anyway. I read the lyrics of the girl's side and are you sure? It doesn't sound like she likes him at all or even really acknowledges his existence. Unless you know what really happened afterwards. Pfffffttt hahahahaha! Uh I mean oh no! How did this site know that my definitely defined and muscular back is my weak spot!? D: Don't say such sweet things like that or I'll <3 Geez does this site think Leos are actual lions or something? Ohohoho lewd. I giggled at this View spoilerHide spoilerIn order to get their way, Aries will tell a lie if it seems advantageous to do so. They are however, not very good liars and other people can usually see through them.
Did you see Lucina's price? Ahahaha...._:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ …

I forgot what we were talking about and read that first sentence. I was like "whoa wait a second" and then I remembered. Don't do that to me aeon. My idea of a cute voice is weird, but meows can be cute. Except my cat's meows and purrs...she sounds like a motor lol. Perfect English, don't make me laugh I'm desperately hoping there's no mistakes in this message Yeah I got what you meant, but it seems like such a specific made up word so I had to check lol. Don't say "we were?" like that ;-;. Umm, aren't you leaving soon though? No way, you can't make fun of the next one! It's going to be Ittoki >:l. I'm just waiting for the new season to air...in April orz. Ahaha, you're right, it doesn't seem like she notices him until the end. But "Why won't my heart stop beating like crazy? I can't look at him!" is pretty clear, don't you think? The line before that is "Glancing at me during our only second conversation" LOL their second conversation!? Slow your roll HoneyWorks. I hope their new song gets translated quickly. If only I had known earlier that all you wanted was to be complimented on your back! It would have made things so much easier. LOL I was thinking the same thing. That is frighteningly accurate and I don't like it. Get away from that site aeon.
I did............ Are you still going to PO her?

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