1 hour agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Zirtana (1 hour ago) #2276147Arigatoooooo!! ^.^
You're welcome! :D
1 hour agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
ronnibun41 (1 hour ago) #2276145Thank you!
No prob! :D
1 hour agoLeo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
Kumojaki (2 hours ago) #2275964I ordered mine just a few seconds ago. It should still be fine to preorder her there. Thank you! I ordered :) thanks!
1 hour agoHakayHakay
Thank you :), I will :D
brucesolmiano (1 hour ago) #2276110Welcome !! \o_o/
Enjoy your stay !! :D
1 hour agolwbfc3lwbfc3
Raithos (1 hour ago) #2276085Deliciously soft and flexible articulated booty.
i hope she has a soft PVC squishy ass 0^0
1 hour ago (37 minutes ago)yuki013yuki013
Vocaloid (1 hour ago) #2276137Can I..Can I just... *pokes*
I've seen you around, just wanted to say Hi haha XD

Haha hi, and thanks for the FR! :D
1 hour agoZirtanaZirtana
brucesolmiano (1 hour ago) #2276109Welcome !! \o_o/
Enjoy your stay !! :D

Arigatoooooo!! ^.^
1 hour agoMoroMoro
I think the most impressive figure in my collection is item #162401 personally. Other contenders are item #13763, item #26558, and item #75212. All "impressive" to me because of vibrant color and dynamic posing. That's usually what I think of for "impressive."
1 hour agoronnibun41ronnibun41
brucesolmiano (1 hour ago) #2276071Welcome !! \o_o/
Enjoy your stay !! :D
Thank you!
1 hour agoSk_Alchemist_llSk_Alchemist_ll
Just got my 3 Mikus
I'm planning on selling 2 of them so pm me if interested.
Thank you!
1 hour agomezitcheeseitmezitcheeseit
The list for Konoe is pretty full already but if it's not too late could you add me and confirm for him as well? Thanks either way.
1 hour agoRaylexxRaylexx
NitroPLUS (2 days ago) #2268149Not sure if you mean the figure in the club picture or the one in the club description. But if you mean the one in the club picture, it's item #27954. Unfortunately I don't recognise the other one.
I meant the other one, but thanks anyway)
Eccmy (1 day ago) #2268638The one just above the "Forums" section is item #61874. That red school uniform is iconic of the To Heart franchise; with that clue and with the black hair, it became easy to find it in the club's Related Items list. :p
Yeah, thanks) But this figure is garage kit unfortunately, I thought she's a comlete figure and wanted to hunt her)
1 hour agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
Sturmhornisse (1 hour ago) #2276064Good to hear that she arrived safe at your house ;)

They used the big box instead of the standard yellow box. Also, they included a note saying they packed her alternate outfit in the box instead of separate. I never seen them do that before?
1 hour agoaeoniaaeonia
ComplexCRUSH (1 day ago) #2272488so tired of the fucking donuts, shes so much more complex than a moeblob
I just recently ordered Kotobukiya's version (no regrets) but I honestly couldn't agree more. Where are the figures of Kiss-Shot (minus the one that's been unpainted for 80 years now) or Shinobu as a teenager? Like c'mon, please switch it up!
1 hour agoVocaloidVocaloid
Can I..Can I just... *pokes*
I've seen you around, just wanted to say Hi haha XD
1 hour agoTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
Didn't know there was a club for this!
1 hour agoschrodingeigerschrodingeiger
Kam (22 hours ago) #2273530So how bad is the skirt paint transfer? Instant (Like the Strike Witches and Saber's bike I believe) or over time? (Like the bass and gitah from the K-Ons and my Koizumi sticking against a nendo playset mirror...)
Surprisingly there is not much skirt paint transfer on mine,but I am noticing that the blue paint on her gloves is transferring onto the rest of the gloves a bit. I think that it might transfer over time,but shouldn't become that much of a issue if you treat it well.

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