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Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
3 hours agoescape_ropeescape_rope
All linked!
3 hours agoVioFitzVioFitz
Maakie (6 days ago) #2462532Hello!!!
Ah, I always like how portable they are. xD I don't have much time to play games at home, but I travel a lot and like to play games and read books during that time. :)
No problem! Europe has so much small countries that for almost everyone outside of Europe it looks like a big clutter. xD I hope they will have more distributors soon indeed!
Hrmmm I don't know...the first thing I think about is competition, because there are so much other sellers...but if instead they became the supplier of those stores they could earn a fortune and also be sure all stores have their items for low prices! I think it's rather that the Germans want to continue reselling and making their own prices? (Just all thought, I don't know. :P)
Yeah I think almost every relgion has strict rules, but I think it depends on where they live how strict they are with those rules. If I remember correctly from bible-classes in high school, Christian also have a rule of having to cover the top of your hat. In the past most Christians would always wear hats or scarves because of that, but nowadays you don't see that much anymore. I guess my country and the beliefs in our country have become a lot more lax compared to other countries having the same beliefs.
Yeah, the Netherlands is one of the few (or maybe even only?) country where softdrugs are allowed. But it's not like they are 100% legal. They have a Dutch word for it that translated would mean "tolerated". It's still illegal to sell drugs or have big amounts on you. But it's tolerated to use and buy them in certain areas and outside those areas you can only have a small amount on you (enough for a few personal uses, but not enough to sell). So it's still not like you are 100% legal in what you do, but it's "tolerated" until a certain point. Still, it's better to just keep out of the drug-scene if you ask me, then nothing can ever go wrong.
Smoking, blegh. I really hate the smell myself. My parents are smokers so from a young age I have started to hate that smell. I remember when I was young I would go with my sister on a hunt to find the cigarettes in our home and hide them in places where our parents couldn't find them, haha!
Still no change...I contacted the store multiple times, but they have been ignoring me again. The last reply I got from them was already 1,5 week ago. They still promised to put the remaining 3 figures up, but nothing has happened yet... -.-'
Hrmm, so they would be interested in you mainly making omake? Still sounds like a good deal to me! xD
I almost finished Malik's review, so I will put that one up soon! After that I will work hard on Calne's review! :)
Did you by the way ever see the trailer/announcement of the Calne figure? A pretty cool video I think! :)


Yeah, I can also bring my laptop & play them everywhere I travel.

Perhaps but, that makes sense to me. They probably wanted reselling instead having a branch of Bandai Supplier.

Hmm... I think I heard about that rule but, very slightly. In Islam, man also wear taqiyah (cap) & also wrapper but, they're not strict as women, because women must cover all of their bodies except face & hands with hijab. However, some people also got more strict thoughts to cover even hands & face but eyes. Yeah, you're right, because many countries got different cultures. In Indonesia, long time ago... They accept women in bikini on TV but, now they're extremely prohibited to be shown. But, it's funny to note that most Indonesian's horror movies nowadays always shown perverted scenes. :P

I see... So, they're generally still aware the dangerous of overproducing amount of drugs then. Yeah... You're right to keep away but, if it involves my parents like my father/mother/brother/sister I wouldn't be able to tolerate that.

Hahahaha... Now, that's my kind of girls, I remembered I once tried to eat cigarettes because of the curiousity on "WHY" in the world father likes them. The result, I hate them very much & I teared all of my father's cigarettes & throw them all to the garbage can. When my father's home nobody knows who threw his cigars & I pretend I don't know anything because at that time, I was like 5 or 6 years old. So, they didn't suspect me at all.

Tsk, that's unfortunate... Anyway, I recently got a bad experience on my screen android LG G2 cracked so badly from falling accident, & thanks for that I had to pay almost 2 hundred bucks just for the replacements... I'm completely broke now on my special month & yet there's 2 preorders arrived this week, so I have to pay for the leftover from the down payment... T_T

Yeah, because they think it's the most entertaining part of the review. I'm not going to miss this opportunity of course.

I saw & commented your review there. :)

... WICKED, Just F***ing wicked... Wonder if PAK or Figma ever plans on creating this Calne one day...
3 hours agoTrick85Trick85
Axelsaurus (3 hours ago) #2473496Grazie per l'amicizia! :)

grazie a te ;)
3 hours agoko4erishkako4erishka
Ch3rrychi (1 day ago) #2472038Since I kinda always get figures with problems… I'm kinda afraid of getting my Shiro in December … u.u
Don't worry, the deffect on the picture is quite bigger than mine. Will try to take closer photos later :)
3 hours agoWndrenvyWndrenvy
She is too cute! Love the peace sign hand and the ribbon. The best version of Madoka in nendoroid line for me, for now.
3 hours agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
AkibaMelon (3 hours ago) #2473480Does anyone know the difference between the Original Style wig and the Normal Type wig? Is it just the braided part that's different?Yes, I suppose that's it.
3 hours agoTinnicTinnic
MyuuMyuu (5 hours ago) #2473328did anyone order from NY?

Sorry for the dumb question but what which shop is NY?

Yakuri (6 hours ago) #2473266Thank you SO much for posting this! I really enjoyed it, and I agree with everything written there so far. It explains well and extensively why Makoto is such a well liked character, even compared to the other characters. I mean everyone has different tastes and he won't be everyone's choice but dammit I love him to bits and those two posts explain really well some (all) of the reasons. Saved me the effort of writing some myself, which I'm awful at lol XD

I am glad you liked them ^.^

Tokitokii (4 hours ago) #2473450
Good thing you snagged them, they both worth it, i only got Makoto because of finance and choice to make cause lack of space, i'm not interest in getting all the guys to begin with (no way in hell i'm gonna get Nagisa or Rei)i will get Rin for sure (if i have money of course)and Sousuke/Momotarou if there is any chance, i'm really looking forward to them!

I would love a Sosuke but he really doesn't seem to be getting very much in terms of merchandise. Makes me really sad because I really like him!
3 hours agoRurittoRuritto
mikukumikuku (3 hours ago) #2473497Oh! The other version is quite nice esp it has a smiling face (I like it more!) and the base is simple but attractive! So I think it's gonna be a good buy! :) (Well, it's gonna be painful to pass the exclusive one up since the price might skyrocket again after release--- but err, I think Free is much more important to you, so I guess it's ok to save up more on Free merch!)
OMG! My suwas had the same fate!! ; v ; When are you going to get them again though? And I think I saw Benten's box when I went there! The pretty huge one! * v * Yes, we did miss each other bec I got there around 11? D; And it was hard to take home two boxes omg (good thing I brought two ecobags with me) Omg doujinsssss! Nearly broke! :))))) Were there too many? *you must have swam through* :))))))))
I'd like to close my eyes for the entire year, I don't want to spend a lot again. ; v ;
Oh! I almost thought those Free Taito's were fake bec the price is kinda--- not expensive enough :))) My friend bought me a rubber strap from them before and I think it was an authentic one, but yeah, it was half the original price of how much a strap is usually priced at. @___@ I also saw some of their Kurobas gashas that looked "fake" too :( Stolen art? I think I know abt that! The fanart designs for keychains, right?? Ugh.

AHAHAHA OTL I caved and ordered the exclusive with the poster. I found someone here on MFC who can order from GSC and it wouldn't be too expensive. Too bad about the smiling face though. I kinda fell in love with it but oh well.

I'm probably going to just claim them when Mako and my other kujis arrive. Probably at a con. I don't really like going to megamall since its out of the way and I always need to rush to catch the last trains. Ahahaha about 20-25 doujins plus 3 magazines plus the thick envelopes they were in so it go pretty heavy but totally worth it. I think I have an article with photos of them.

And yes Benten's box was huge but it was so pretty. We were so excited to see him we opened him up at Starbucks and put him on our table to just stare at him. It was a pain getting him back in his box.

Im not sure about their other straps but I have my doubts with the Bitter Chocolate ones cause the packing and the straps (it was supposed to be the ball chain type) were way different from the ones everyone's been posting. And with the whole stolen art issue I didn't really want to support a shop like that boot leg stuff or not.
3 hours agoFullmangaFullmanga
Welcome to MFC !!!
Enjoy your stay with us! ^^

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