2 hours agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Bottom line, I find you entertaining. Confessions is the most win topic on MFC that I've seen. Other than that, I look forward to growing our collections alongside each other. Feel free to ask me for advice or whatever.
2 hours agoHikaruharu17Hikaruharu17
SatansZombie (3 hours ago) #3126257Guys.! Good news! We were able to get the Makos & even the Magical Snow Miku.! There was a limit to 3 Makos per person~ we might try again to get more tho. Maybe.!!

Aaah!! Hallelujah!!! :D
2 hours agoImDandyBabyImDandyBaby
She looks even in better in person. I saw her at the AX along with Ryuko and the other Satsuki. LOL not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to peak under her skirt but there were way too many people around to pull it off.
2 hours agoAkiraAkira
Miru_Mirt (4 days ago) #3108001So far, so good! ♥ But I hope, he won't cost over 10k yen. He's going to be my first Phat Company figure. I don't expect Alter quality, but still...
I pray for Soma to get a figure as well!

Apparently Phat is ok-quality? There are some figures you can check and judge by yourself. One of their most recent figures was Kyoko from Dangan Ronpa, but unlike this one, that one was way more complex and with a lot more of materials. And their Nanami.

Apparently people who bought them say the quality doesn't reflect the price. But then again everything is super expensive nowdays.

I do hope they don't want to charge 10k for such a simple figure like this, specially since they are not Alter/Max Factory.

Hollay07 (2 days ago) #3121671I feel like a horrible person.... but I must admit. I saw him on a figure news cite, not knowing anything about the series. But I have to have this figure, I need more manly man figures! I can't pass up a awesome looking dude with a bad ass sword, even if I've never played the games of know the series. ;A;

Nah, a lot of people do this. So If you like him and can afford him go ahead lol
2 hours agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
I have the tendency to buy many things of my favourite characters so any nice merchandise of them would automatically fall under as a grail for me. Unfortunately, most of my faves haven't got any scales or nendoroids so most of my grails are actually small items like rubber straps and trading figures.
2 hours agoFebreezeFebreeze
I have an extra I'd like to sell if anybody is interested. U.S. buyer preferred. PM me to discuss details!
2 hours agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert ❤ Figma ❤
This is kind of a random rerelease isn't it? He's not even that pricey.
2 hours agoLittleredguardLittleredguard
Cute and lewd.
especially that company name.
2 hours agoAkiraAkira
PickyCollector (14 hours ago) #3125264Wow! All this hoohaa over this cute spider picture. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have used a gif I have of a baby spider playing bongo drums. :P

Nah, I don't really think is anyone's fault. You didn't know that could happen, and the person who got affected by it didn't expect to see it. Accidents happen.
2 hours agodjlacerdjlacer
Liking the piano...but the figure no.

Anyone selling just the piano, metronome and books? I don't want the figure.
2 hours agokesm1kesm1
got mine at AX today super cool fig long line though, also met that aki takanori guy
2 hours agoUruaoiUruaoi
Got this adorable pair for my boyfriend for our third anniversary! He's been wanting it for so long, and for every right reason. They look SO GOOD. Hoping this'll help some of the people that are on the fence about spending the amount of money. I got them for $98 on amiami's ebay, so be sure to check there since that's the best price I've seen them at!
2 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
theyasminshow (1 day ago) #3123730So get this -_o
Went out doing errands and shopping (got 3 expensive pairs of jeans like $200+ for just $80, mad pleased) so I came home and I was having a talk with my brother while he was waiting for my sister to come home with some food for them. She comes in, goes straight to the kitchen (next to the front door) and we hear her shout "OH MY GOD!"
Me: (shouts) Are you okay?
No response. We wonder what she's yelling about?
Still no answer. So we're like DAMN SAY YES OR NO HUH? We'll take it as a yes...
Then she finally says "And no one will come to help me!" and the fire alarm goes off. ?????
She came and put her bag on the stove, but must have brushed the knob because it turned on... when she turned back around the bag was on fire and she doused the fire herself with a pot of water. She didn't hear us calling because her headphones were over her ears the whole time. So yay... burning plastic and potato chip bags >.< We didn't smell it at ALL until we came to see what happened. What is with all this damn fire!!! Got me on edge -_- lol
Looks like you're gonna have a blast :D
EDIT: I just realized. Previously, Anime Jungle USA partnered up with Hobby Japan to sell a bunch of exclusive figures at AX with awesome prices, plus online sales. Stuff like Leviathan, Asmodeus (original color), Maeda Keiji (this is how I got mine), Kenki ver. Yagyu Jubei, Oasismasa, etc. I wish they had done that this year :(

You're having a fire season just like CA does in the summer. xD

This year I saw Hobby Japan have a booth. They are selling the Deadly Sin girls for under $100.

I was able to snag 2 Star Uniform Mako. I went much later in the day at 5PM before the Exhibit Hall closes at 6. I only had to wait in line for like 10 minutes. She didn't sell out at all. All the Saber figures, figmas and nendoroids sold out though. lol. Mako is $45 if you'd like her.

I met someone from MFC while I was waiting in line to get into Fakku's booth. It was his first time speaking so openly about hentai with someone. lol. When you're line to buy hentai, nothing to be ashamed about anymore. Talking about hentai becomes any normal conversation.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)TerrenceTerrence
JessicaJung (4 hours ago) #3126145Tempted... hows Aquamarine as a company?

They're relatively new, but the quality of their figures is impressive. I can't vouch for their earliest figures, but I have their IA 1.5 version item #263234, and the sculpt is very nice and has few flaws.
2 hours agoYukihime94Yukihime94
Well done. XD
2 hours agoThefinnhudson123Thefinnhudson123
Just bought mine today at my local anime store and by local I mean I still had to drive 3 hours away to get it...originally went for a different figure but it was sold out but I lucked out and bought Seb :3

The only thing I do not like is that darn platter being an entirely loose piece from the figure itself :\ the platter to mine is currently in the dark abyss that is behind my shelf....its fine where its at until I muster up the energy to retrieve it XC
2 hours agojunseojunseo
any idea where i could get ahold of this card?
2 hours agoTiena-himeTiena-hime
kippy666 (3 days ago) #3120229Right now I'm trying to finish Majora's mask and the first star ocean game :DD
This game looks like so much fun. I feel the same, Tales bosses tend to be easier than this and a lot less bullshit. It doesn't help that I'm not particularly fond of the battle system and Rose kept killing everyone, bah!

That's cool! I hope that you have lots of fun :D It's an old fighting game for the Sega Dreamcast. Yes, Tales bosses are generally easier to defeat. I see, I'm not too sure how the AI is for Rose because my brother plays as her xD Who do you play as? I just noticed that we both own item #294796 *__* You're very lucky, 4 cushion covers. I only have 2 cushion covers with the other one being item #294797. I recently posted two photos on MFC of item #305364 this is my first time posting pictures on the internet because I'm a very shy individual xDD Do you think that I should post pictures of my Mikleo and Sorey cushion covers too?
2 hours agoproyectzeroproyectzero
Hello! Ooohhhh Sayaka Miki club yeeeeeey ^_^

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