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LunarSkye (2 hours ago) #12202560Her hair is just so perfect and amazing I love it so much
I'm not too into R18 though... Maybe some day

ya same! like i want to get her but i dont like the 18+ "stuff" they added on her...like castoff is w/e since i leave the clothing on but the other stuff is wtf....and just imagine how risky/dirty the box is gonna look...
2 hours agolorr_romanlorr_roman
ashtaroth (3 hours ago) #12202053Ehh? But...but that was supposed to work! I only took the screws on the soles of the feet out and put the boots in. Damn uh got nothing else mate sorry :( hope someone more knowledgeable comes along.

Hmm maybe ill try that again later. I mightve not put enough force to it because I'm scared to break something. Thank you c:
2 hours agoIshyIshy Part time Puella Magi
I wasn't going to buy her but seeing how little accessories she has, it's not even funny. GSC has been really pushing their luck lately with their announcements. Why don't they set realistic prices for once and make people feel justified about buying anything from them? I wonder if she's even going to be available to all countries where the show used to be aired.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
H4RUKA (3 hours ago) #12201079Oh wow, so sorry! I didn't receive anything so I'm assuming it was an error? The last message on my end was just confirming the remaining amount I needed to pay and discussion of sending an invoice at a later time.
If you could please resend an invoice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Sorry again D:

Ahh then you don't have anything to be sorry for, it wasn't your fault, I should've followed up but I've never heard about people not receiving pms until quite recently.

I've resent the invoice, so let me know if you didn't get anything, I'll contact a mod.

Edit: I also forgot to mention, I'm not gonna be around for the entirety of July but I'll be back in August! We can arrange a pick up for Miku then. My parents will still be around to receive the package for me.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)FalionsFalions
I have a few anecdotes in my three years of this...

1. When I got into this hobby three years ago, I really wanted the Kaiji Itou figma, but, like OP, I thought $80 (which was the aftermarket price at the time) was too much for a toy. As the years went by I saw it rise farther and farther in price and my regret grew higher... it wasn't till last month that I actually up and went to Tokyo and scoured high and low for Kaiji-kun decently priced. He was pretty hard to find and even the few occasions I did it was always for about 9000+ yen. Finally, my one true ally in this hobby, Mandarake, had one with a damaged box in Akiba for only 7000 yen. After so long this pointy-nosed loser is mine...

2. Again in 2013, in the earliest days of this hobby, just a month after I bought my first figure (item #40127 --an impulse buy! The first of many) I also attended my first convention. Being so new to it all I was overwhelmed with the sight of a room overflowing with toys. Anyway, there was a table selling loose prize figures, gashapon, and so on. There I found an old gashapon of BlackRose from .hack, my most beloved series, for a whopping $30. Of course I paid it, and even though I know I could've found the whole set for cheaper than that price, I don't regret it. I didn't even know there were .hack figures!

3. Feeling regret after I paid 8k for the Sentinel Canti. I remember choking back a mouthful of buyer's remorse after I hit the pay button on AmiAmi, but not only was I amazed by the figure after it came, but as the years go by I love it more and more (both because it's amazing, but also because that aftermarket just gets worse and worse)

I did other things too, like shopping on eBay or spending absurd amounts on prize figures. Nowadays I limit myself to mostly Mandarake.
2 hours agoNagsuraNagsura
homumitchelli (2 hours ago) #12202587Oh yeah, do you think you could install Discord? All of the other chat services I use have people I don't wanna talk to on there and I feel like talking to like three people (two of them being you and my brother) over instant message.

I have absolutely no idea what that is, but I'll look into it.
2 hours agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
Im so happy they re-released him now I can finally get a second with with the rubber strap
I've honestly been looking everywhere for the rubber strap bonus but been unable to find one
2 hours agoZestormZestorm
ChocolateSpider (9 hours ago) #12194163BOOOOOOOOOOOBIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O3O

That's why we love Sonico ^^
2 hours agoTenmashiTenmashi *shrugs*
I'm actually glad they did, because now I have the chance to pre-order them together. :)
LovelyIdiot (2 hours ago) #12202808They could re-release something else but nah they re-release this, a nendoroid that's not even in high demand. Like I get it's with Monoyoshi but still, ???
2 hours agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
Im going to order him from GSC shop so if there's anyone from the UK who wants to do a group order please pm
2 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
Lol, where did thus come from all of a sudden? XD
2 hours agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
They could re-release something else but nah they re-release this, a nendoroid that's not even in high demand. Like I get it's with Monoyoshi but still, ???
2 hours agoshinhawkshinhawk
My main rookie mistake was also buying bootleg figures off Chinese sellers on eBay thinking I was getting a massive deal. With that its quite obvious I did not know that bootleg figures are a thing.
2 hours agokeeleyaliyakeeleyaliya
keeleyaliya (3 days ago) #12059817Giving away my BiJ pre-order, pm me for details :)
Still available :)
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
What? No delay from Alter? I'm so shocked haha.
2 hours agoxshinoxxshinox
cecleaXrose (3 hours ago) #12201778just finally got mine from hubby today ..... it was broken w8ing for message about refund or exchange let you guys know what happens if it is not a good out come i think MFC should ban them this is such a jokebroken how?
2 hours agoTickwompTickwomp
Alphamax and Hiro continuing to blow my mind. She's gorgeous.

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