3 hours agoCarouselCarousel
She's gorgeous. If I liked the game just a biiit more I'd consider it. Now if they did Oki...
3 hours agoYpsiiYpsii
Sekhmet (5 hours ago) #20502132Will his eros match Victor's ass.
Yes, please! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 hours agoTiramiiTiramii
Looks great!
3 hours agomonkrymonkry
Moony (15 hours ago) #20485186BVibes (7 hours ago) #20498907

Thank you very much! Good alternatives! :)
3 hours agoVidollVidoll
Lillia (1 day ago) #20461708Ah split groups sound like fun :) ill definitely have to get involved in one. my top 3 are riko, ruby and Mari. I think I'll start collecting ruby stuff:3
And sell all the non eli stuff. How much is shipping for a small keychain? It can't be that much but I don't want to be paying like half the price to send 1 thing ya know?
Yoshiko is super cute but she's a little too eccentric for me (x lol!

Sorry for the late reply! I had a busy day and haven't had the time to get on the computer until now!

Ruby is a great choice :P I may be a bit bias though haha. Like I said before, the split group can be dangerous :P but it's definitely fun haha. I can't imagine shipping would be too much, especially domestic (a few dollars, though I'm just now starting to ship out stuff from my first split so I can't say for sure o:). However, the norm is to charge the person purchasing for shipping of course, and most are understanding and willing to do so!

I understand haha, I like that she's eccentric as you say :P She also has a very cute character design imo.

I also realized I never asked! How are you doing?
3 hours agoastarte952astarte952
the shadow reminds on sailor moon.
3 hours agoConfettiGruntConfettiGrunt
ashtonlee (11 hours ago) #20495146Nothing this time either. Now I am tired of waiting saving up money for this. Let's see what happens many games coming out this month. I'm inclined to agree with you this was soon close to if not more than 6 months ago and tons of other have been released and suggested but no news
3 hours agoCannedMuffinsCannedMuffins
I usually don't impulse buy pricey figures....but this one is too beautiful to pass up.
3 hours agoastarte952astarte952
animalic beauty!
3 hours agoastarte952astarte952
well done!
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)kozumekenmakozumekenma
dogs547895 (5 hours ago) #20502587you dont by chance live where i live?probably not haha. where do you live?
3 hours agobellechanbellechan
Kufufufu~~ =^}
Iza-chan (1 day ago) #20452289Astonishing!!!
4 hours agoTiggerSharkTiggerShark
Jasurim (4 hours ago) #20504574If it is the opening outfit, surely they can't mess up a white shirt, lol.

If the bdsm-inclined colour person is still on the job, it might become a white leather shirt °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
4 hours agoskaisnotdeadskaisnotdead
I'm sure the admins have access to the conversation.

The way they were speaking and some of the things they said sent some red flags. I was not willing to take the risk with my money or personal information in this case.
4 hours agoJasurimJasurim
If it is the opening outfit, surely they can't mess up a white shirt, lol.
4 hours ago (2 hours ago)AureaLucretiaAureaLucretia
Okay, now I'm much more tempted to get the Victor knowing there will be a matching Yuuri...

I'm guessing he will be in his opening outfit as well. At least in Yuuri's case it won't be one color since he has a white shirt, so hopefully it will avoid the issues Victor's paint job has...RIGHT????? (pleASE Megahouse don't mess up Yuuri!!!)
4 hours agoxCommandoxCommando
Biggest? That would be Kirino: item #254347 Still wish I had one of Ruri but oh well.. 3:
I think huge scale figures are awesome but I dislike how much detolf space they take up; that's the only downer for me. Kirino takes up two whole shelves basically! D: I could put her somewhere else but I prefer to keep my figures in detolfs because I hate dust.
Its always amusing showing people my room because they're usually like, -points at Kirino- "THAT ONE, that one's my favorite."
Makes me wonder how people would react if I did ever get a 1/1 scale...

I have too many small ones to narrow it down so I'll just pick out a favorite and that'd be Taiga: item #120913 Even though shes a 1/8 she's still super tiny cus... she's Taiga. :3 Always loved this variant.
4 hours agoTiggerSharkTiggerShark
pinkbat (4 hours ago) #20504496Yes! I thought about the difficulty of printing too but very true! Fabric is easier to work with, I'm probably just upset with the pricing because I want it XD
Can relate to that~! Wish I could get both him and Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
4 hours agopinkbatpinkbat
TiggerShark (4 hours ago) #20504370I imagine the material is more expensive, or perhaps at least more expensive to work with? Fabric printing is fairly easy, I believe.. though who knows, maybe this thing is more limited or they don't expect it to sell much or something?

Yes! I thought about the difficulty of printing too but very true! Fabric is easier to work with, I'm probably just upset with the pricing because I want it XD
4 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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