3 hours agoautumnlucksautumnlucks
LOL, I know right? Once I saw the link you gave me I was like "Yooo....what happened?" Hahaha

I had a N64, and it really brought back so many great memories :) What were some of your favorite games within the N64?

Nintendo should be really bringing back old games. Pokemon Snap is so perfect for the Wii-U, that it is ridiculous. Using the controller as a Camera? Come on Nintendo. Pokemon Stadium was also one I enjoyed, especially the mini-games :). Matter of fact, Pokemon Stadium is also perfect for Wii-U as well for the battle system. Heck, a first person view of Animal Crossing on the controller? That would be soooo awesome!

I wish Nintendo could invest in buying Rare back. Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie was such an amazing game...it's a shame Microsoft ruined their image by creating Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.

Hm...I'll check out Gurren Lagaan in the future. I recently checked out Akame Ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul. Pretty good so far :)
3 hours agoangelbottangelbott
I don't mind if she get another delay to another month or in next middle week of 2-3..my Sept. list is pretty full..but I hope I can make to pay this for her..
3 hours agoXShipperXShipper
I used to love him until he was painted. But for now I'm not sure anymore... Would like to see users' pics before ordering.
3 hours agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
How much is shipping on this little thing?
3 hours ago4Arnd4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Kibi !!! (^.^)
3 hours agoHakkariHakkari
tachola (13 hours ago) #2329601awh, i wish they'd make more fire emblem awakening figures. other than cordelia (which we haven't even seen at this point) tharja is the only scale one, and it's a pretty sexual figure for a character who has no sexual personality (unless you count her stalking the Avatar / Robin?).

I agree. I hope Chrom and Lucina get scales, at least. I'm actually super on the fence about ordering Tharja just because of her pose (the rubber/broken spine is killing me @_@) even though I absolutely love her character.

I hope we see Cordelia soon so that they can move onto the next characters. It would be a shame for them to completely miss the Fire Emblem hype just because they're moving slowly, though that seems to be the case with all Fire Emblem merchandise rn :/
3 hours agolluviakatelluviakate
She reminds me of Isuzu Emi from Tenjou Tenge

3 hours agodakimakuraqueendakimakuraqueen
BakaMochi (1 day ago) #2328625Does anyone know what kind of shipping AmiAmi uses for her?
she's only 511g (.5kg) so you can get any shipping you want
3 hours agoangelbottangelbott
Yay xD *check to my Jan. 2015 list if open but it's full* ...aw.. ;w; orz
3 hours ago (3 hours ago)autumnlucksautumnlucks
Hm...what do you mean by "Their prices are pretty close to what Ebay sells for?" Are they pretty pricey in ebay? Lol I don't buy retro games, unless I'm in dire need of it.

Oh, card sleeves? What kind of card games to you play? I used to collect anime deck cards, but not so much anymore.

Hm, I think it was Jufran...but I'm fine with the Jufran that I have right now, lol. So it must be something they added over there in the Philippines.

OOH MAN, favorite filipino food....well, I do love eating meat, so I would have to say Pork Menudo, mmmmm! How about yourself?
3 hours ago (2 hours ago)SailorEuropaSailorEuropa
Think it's up on Manda. (ext link) That was fast.

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