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akarin (10 hours ago) #2906816Thanks! Hahaha it's going to be a long journey to find them all at decent prices ;v; it's so much but so worth it XD That's cool! Homura looks really nice so it's great you have her already! (Well all of the girls look great haha) Ultimate Madoka is so beautiful indeed, but so bad for my wallet lol Ohh it would be a must for your collection to have a devil Homura if medicom makes one :D

Yeah :D

I think medicom will eventually make a devil homura. Just a matter of time :P

She's probably gonna be expensive too like ultimate madoka :/
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)dakimakuraqueendakimakuraqueen
cant remember how to link it to another item........ sorry

link it to this item if anyone can i forgot how item #276012
2 hours agodarkmewsicdarkmewsic
Psy00x (2 days ago) #2899463I'm interested in your Nyanko-sensei straps item #237080 & item #237082
You put the same thing twice though? What was the other item you wanted?

Oops, must have made a mistake. The other item I wanted was item #278287.
2 hours agomavos9mavos9
stumbled upon your video on youtube via a random search, cute collection and nice reviews! ;D
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)CloudedmindCloudedmind
theyasminshow (2 hours ago) #2907304Listen. Am I getting my localized Soukou Akki Muramasa or not?

Go poke JAST and see what they say...no seriously, people go poke JAST, please.

elagabalus (2 hours ago) #2907312I'd rather play VNs on a handheld, but I don't care enough about a Vita to get one so I'm stuck with PC. I have Hakuouki for PSP and that was pretty much the only way I got through all of it. I just took with with me to the gym and would cycle while playing.
I'm hoping Manga Gamer has success with otoge and releases more of them as well as bl games (I believe No, Thank You!!! did reasonably well for being the first bl release stateside since like... ages ago, and for MG taking a chance on it). The future for English translated VNs solely depends on people putting their money where their mouth is.
I'm personally excited for Gahkthun. :>THIS THIS THIS. I'm friends with a translator for MG and it's so depressing hearing her talk about how if NTY!!! didn't sell well that it would probably be the last BL game to get localized.
And then you find out that people are abusing the activation codes and splitting the purchase 5 ways.
Or just pirating it. Like, thanks guys, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. There's a reason why we usually only get nukige and that's because these really don't earn much, especially for all the effort that goes into localization.
Edit: if anyone's curious about what the NTY translator has said, here you go: (ext link)
I don't have her comments about people pirating/splitting the codes but apparently it's pretty obvious and no one's really even trying to hide it. What a slap in the face :\

I'm also excited for Gahkthun. I've played Sharnoth and need to finish playing Inganock.

The NTY activation thing doesn't surprise me, but it does make me a bit sad. It's not even like the game is super expensive. But yeah, people complain about not being able to play the types of VN's they want, but then don't even support the few like them we get. I better step up my Japanese language learning since at this rate it's the only way I'm going to get to be able to play all the VN's I want.
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Wow this is an amazing photo!
2 hours agomirberrymirberry actual yu-gi-oh trash
I, too, just... tapped some nails into the wall for my wall scrolls. But if you're afraid of doing damage to the walls, and don't want to damage the walls or the scrolls, then I will always, always support Command Hooks. If you're in the US, you can go to Walmart and get them. Sure, they're a little pricey, but they really do everything they advertise.
2 hours ago (2 hours ago)OrionOrion
180mm....;w; As much as I love Anubis, I'm having second thoughts.
2 hours agoDrkvixn91Drkvixn91
I hope the ALO versions come with wing accessories. That would be awesome.
2 hours agoelagabaluselagabalus
DonkeyBlonkey (3 hours ago) #2907232Not to be a debbie downer but Kraken Con is by far one of the most boring cons I've ever been to lol.
I probably won't be driving up from LA to NorCal again for that con (Just going to stick with AX and SDCC).
It's also a baby convention. Give them time. It's better run than almost all the other bay area conventions (other than like, AOD. Fanime's a good con to drink and hang out but the organization is lackluster at best. Do we even have any other local cons anymore?) so at least they have a great starting point.

I'm working in the cafe again probably. Life is really busy though so I might try to bail if it won't get me in trouble orz. Otherwise I would love to go and I wish I could devote 2 days to it.

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