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1 day agoweiwereweiwere
I thought I can cut down my spending this year but I found quite a few figures that I like.
Seems like I will have to exceed my budget for this year...
1 day ago (1 day ago)okami34okami34
I knew that he existed but not many people know about him. Also the bunny men that I mentioned are for 18+ and are original characters. Also their bunny suits were made to fit their gender as opposed to just putting them in the ones that the females wear.Suze (1 day ago) #18386024The first ever? How about this item #72604 bunny?
1 day agoSerenaFan19SerenaFan19
Hi! I was interested in buying your Shiro figure for $85
1 day agoYokomfanYokomfan
Calvusxe1tz (29 days ago) #17714925Pre-ordered the other 2 variants and would love to get this 1 also.
Where did you preorder the others?

I don't see anywhere to preorder that does shipping to the US. Q-Six looks to do domestic, only.
1 day agosnowadamssnowadams
kamikazilucas (1 day ago) #18374843ok i sent them an email but they will probably say some contrived bullshitYeah >.< they really need to work on their customer service. Pull the "let me speak with your supervisor" if you have to. They need to resolve this... and work on their customer service cause they really are great.
1 day agoangelbottangelbott
Nyangire (1 day ago) #18391579Whats the name of the rubber strap shown in the linked blog?? I've been trying to find it.

I have no idea who this tiger from, Sorry..
1 day agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
I got him and he is amazing!!! :D I'll post a showcase article with lots of photos when I can
1 day agoTVAngelTVAngel
OujiRainu (1 day ago) #18373169Nada, I was waiting for a pre painted version

Well that's a bummer, I was really looking forward to this figure.
I hope DC and Koto don't forget about this, it's really a dream come true for me :D
1 day agoKiruKiruKiruKiru
is this even a picture with figures anymore?
1 day ago (1 day ago)choiz10choiz10
Mayoi (1 day ago) #18390084There is a main problem about our beloved male cast : they don't have "good" official artworks. It's something about GSC I hate a lot. They rarely do something original, and if they do it's only figures who already had identical garage kits.
All Monogatari scales GSC are from DVD and Bluray covers, sadly Kaiki have nothing for him (it's such a shame !). The case is a little less "serious" for Koyomi who had 3 covers
View spoilerHide spoiler
And my favorite :
View spoilerHide spoiler
Even if it would have the price of two scales I would buy it with closed eyes.

Something can be do about him. GSC will do it ? Meh.
All of it to say one thing : GSC isn't our main hope. I think that if someday we will have our scales it will be more from Kotobukiya (+ it would be an original pose !), ALTAiR (they do overall offical artwork, not only BD covers) or Aniplex (ugh.). If you want to spam mails, do it to everyone and not only GSC. It's kinda dumb to say such things on a figure of Kiss-shot but sadly we have nothing else to do our "campaign" !
I really like to see new Monogatari scales, I even love that one here. But do I want it ? Do I need it ? I already have a nice Kiss-shot scale so no, I won't buy another one. Even if males figures are less popular I'm sure that a Monogatari fan (the main public for those figures) will more buy a new Kaiki figure than a tenth Shinobu with the same freaking dress (I have a trauma here). Last reason, all figures of our boys are very popular. Just look at the prices of the last Koyomi's prize figure. He's selling at almost 10 000 yens it's crazy.
Sorry for that long message. Again like choiz I have nothing against this second Kiss-shot. She looks very promising and it adds more hopes for alternative looks adaptation (tiger hair Hanekawa, maybe something future about Hachikuji too ? *wink wink*). I won't bother the page more haha

As you mentioned, it is right that GSC has made figures from Blu-ray and DVD covers. What I want to adjust from your comment is that Kaiki Deishu has one BD cover from Koimonogatari. ([ext link ])

I know that other companies could make monogatari male figures in the future, but the fact is GSC shows the best quality in manufacturing figures compared to other companies.
I just wanted to own the highest quality Kaiki Deishu figure and the answer was GSC.

Anyway, fan of 'Mayoi'~ Thank you for the helpful information. I will consider your comment. :)
1 day agoTestTypeTestType
I hope it can separate into the carrier and bike at the same time and not just either or.
Really hoping that's the case, I really dig the bike and the carrier, not interested in this robot form.
1 day ago (1 day ago)SmeySmey
PataPasta811 (2 days ago) #18347658Where's the King??
Not that I don't want everything Kirby, but I'm gonna need a Dedede, GSC

King DDD is also important!
I want to see him as a nendoroid too ;A;
1 day agoAkiraAkira
Little_Ika (1 day ago) #18375396I wonder if they will make the sleeves a semi transparent black in the final version, instead of the edge of the sleeves being fully transparent like in the 1/4 version.

At a smaller scale, they may be able to pull that effect off unlike with the 1/4 version.
1 day agoPepeFracciniPepeFraccini
Chibimaco (1 day ago) #18390172You're very welcome ^^

oh one more question >< where do you buy re-ment stuff? :X

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