23 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Steven (1 day ago) #2428110i hope this is vertex first cast off xD
I found out this is Vertex's first castoff. item #183891

So hopefully the second cast off. ;D
23 hours agoRudraRudra
Cyril (1 day ago) #2426515She's so beautiful, isn't she? I want her so much, if I could even find her! You'd think something released in WF2014 would pop up on YAJ a bit more frequently.
That Circle seems to love Breath of Fire a lot, as they've done 3 Ninas (5, 1, 2). I'm hoping they continue with it in the future, even if I never get them all, just so BoF gets some love.

Maybe they aren't making that much copies? Only showcases had plenty copies sold by Kaiyodo if I'm not mistaken (like item #125766 or item #197888, I almost bought one XD). BoF need more loves, so I'm happy some artist still produce illustrations of BoF. My favorite is (ext link) and Taka Yanagi(although he close his pixiv account T^T). I've seen the teaser for sixth installment, I don't think it's a BoF >.<.
23 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board AyaJoestar! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
23 hours ago (23 hours ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
23 hours agoMaakieMaakie
When too much figures of Deino's work are made that means I'll have to make choices and I can't get all!!! Why?! Q.Q
23 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Have mercy~

Makes you want to jump on her. The way those bikini straps dig into her skin...

But they cut one of the best parts though! Being able to see the buttock with the string bikini wedged up in this pose. ;A;
23 hours ago (23 hours ago)RychiRychi
Nippon-Yasan, has already changed the date to 11/30, so is he delayed?
23 hours ago (23 hours ago)SticksSticks
kickalillas2 (1 day ago) #2426888How would you order this if you live in the US?

If you have an amazon.com account you can login with your usual login details on amazon.co.jp. Change the interface to English, add to cart and do your usual checkout. make sure the item says "Ships from and sold by Amazon.co.jp" Can't vouch for 3rd party sellers.

Happy shopping. ;)
23 hours agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I've never seen EMS cheaper, but for huge packages the difference is like $45 vs $40 so I just go with EMS to get my package faster.
23 hours ago (16 hours ago)mra21mra21
Can someone post pics of the box/package from all sides please? I want to order this but if there are explicit pics on the box then I might need to change my plans.
23 hours agognocchignocchi
q______q if only his face were better i would just be happy knowing there was a life-size kaworu figure out there that i could maybe own someday.
23 hours agozeixblezeixble
Question, when does HLJ start sending out invoices? This is my first order from them :)
23 hours agoOgonChouOgonChou
lp2 (23 hours ago) #2428152Yep, hier bin ich :D (bin gerade dabei, mich an die Navigation auf dieser Seite zu gewöhnen ^^)

Da habe ich bis heute noch manchmal meine probleme.
Musste erst wieder kurz suchen wo Freunde hinzugefügt werden. ^^"
23 hours agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
aeonblue (1 day ago) #2428101-`д´- If only you knew the pain! Though yes I should do that so I can knock myself out and actually go to bed early for once. But I bit my lip hard just before so I think that's enough face damage for me for one night... He was what?! LOL what have they done to Gaius hahaha. Are the attachments better in X2? Please tell me there's plush of all the characters in there so I can surround Gaius with a sexy plush harem. Ugh what a shame. All of the trailers made him look like he had a super serious story suited for characters who actually talk. Is his story interesting at least? Well I was going to say "fill me with loads of mana" but I absolutely definitely couldn't type that out no no nopetty nope :P This is the youngest one right? Is she better at Arabic than English?
Your country is the one that is upside down. LOL what on earth made you decide that? "Cute" is just about the last thing I would use to describe the use of "mate". But hey, whatever floats your boat, mate. I'll save the pat for when you move, mate. Yeah mate I'm going with the whole family and mate, no way would I go there by myself...maaaate. Am I adorable yet? (๑°꒵°๑) Ooh spring break. Surely you must mean partying and dancing in Jeeps at the beach? How wild haha. If you really would be happy at having a slimy octopus cannonballed onto your head then you might be the one for me.

If you drop me I will! But I guess your face isn't such a bad thing to land on. Well it's not that late right? Does Aus do DST? That's sorta cute, if only it hadn't hurt so much. Or maybe it still is, who knows. Lol I know, it was weird. Ahahaha the main reason I want you to play the game is so you can see how he is now. He's still very old Gaius-y, but he has all these moments...lol. Just lol. I love any and all attachments so I don't think I'll give you an unbiased opinion. Oh, but you have to win the angel set in poker :( Now Elize isn't 12312% cute just 12311% There's plushes of Jude, Milla, Yuri and Sophie but akfksdjfd I couldn't get the last two because my Graces game was a different region than my X2 one D:. That was the worst thing ever, they're some of my favorite characters!! Anyway, there's some of frogs and bunnies too lol. Yeah those trailers were such a sham. I feel so cheated (ノД`). Um...tbh I barely like this game; I think X1 is leagues better, but I'm definitely in the minority here. So just play it and find out! Lolol see, isn't it such an embarrassing thing to type out? I don't think I would have been able to voice that line. Yeah, she's fluent! It's not fair D: Btw potato is ...botatis? Lololol I have no idea, she said it really fast and ran away.
America is clearly the center of the universe, so I don't know what you could possibly mean. Oh but Saudi... I don't know, I just did. ...But I regret telling you that. I seriously don't think I could go through another mate, spare me. If I say you're the most adorable thing in Australia horseshoe crab monster in my closet will you stop? Haha, yeah no way should you go by yourself. Why did you pick Jeeps of all things? ...Have I told you I might get a new one and I just forgot? Gah you, I knew I should have just said March break instead. Are they slimy?? I thought they'd be as soft and wonderful as you (ノ ´∀`)
If you're going to sleep, then night bissah botatis!
23 hours agoEchizen-MomokoEchizen-Momoko
OMG! Union calm your Money wanting OWO you will get my money don't worry x-x
23 hours agoSbabSbab
ShadowSkilz (4 days ago) #2422143Just missed one on Manda for 13k... -_- Haven't seen her fot months anywhere.

Same price, same place, unopened.
23 hours agoSumireSumire
VeiradA (23 hours ago) #2428158Thank you

No problem, you're Welcome~! :3
And thanks for the Friend request :D
23 hours agoShizuyaShizuya
kuroshure (2 months ago) #2321033Can someone upload some pictures please?
I got this today and probably will upload a few pics somewhere this week for you =) it's already too dark here to make decent pics now..
23 hours agoNyteXeroNyteXero
wizzadoo (2 days ago) #24261001/10 ... why? :(moonlitsaki (2 days ago) #2426175I totally agree! At least 1/8 scale would have been way better!
I agree with these options! Unfortunately, Chara-Ani is following their previous SAO swimsuit figure scale (1/10), or else it wouldn't match when put together like in the artwork (picture #1005034).

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