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10 hours agoLillyMayLillyMay
Blonde fox girl with cute white and blue outfit? Sign me up!!
10 hours agoYanderechiiYanderechii
LovelyIdiot (10 hours ago) #6468871Lol I thought he looked like he was constipated but your description is better. For the sake of this comment I googled constipated duckface, here is the result I got :
all in all, I do think Jaden smith is an accurate representation of this figure as well as my reaction to it.
10 hours agoFreezasaurusFreezasaurus
Between this, those out-of-nowhere movie bishoujo announcements, and Gangsta figures... I think Koto wins.
10 hours agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
confuzedanimefan (10 hours ago) #6468840Am I the only person on this website that actually enjoys this?
A drinking, talking teddy bear that comes with a bong. All you needed to sell me over was "come with a bong". And also I can just imagine all the hilarious (and terrible) interactions already!
10 hours ago (9 hours ago)kiririiinkiririiin sinon trash
ronnibun41 (10 hours ago) #6468688Make Sora too, GSC! Aw heck, make them all!Luka-nyan (10 hours ago) #6468838Now, if we all beg for Sora GSC will make him too, yea?!?! :') There is hope!! Please GSC!!
you can ask here (ext link) for him !
10 hours agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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10 hours agoAkiraAkira

I mean they are petis and all but I mean at least its a thing i care about
10 hours agoCloudy_CatCloudy_Cat
wtf is this pose
10 hours agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Hello! If you could tag your photos with the event tag staff would really appreciate it, thanks!
10 hours agoshirokumashirokuma
If I purchased one for her body would anyone want her head??
10 hours agoshirokumashirokuma
If I purchased one for her body would anyone want her head??
10 hours ago (10 hours ago)unknown1412unknown1412
Eanwulf (1 day ago) #6443650Sigh... Yet another cyborg alien coelacanth...give us something new GSC!
Has GSC made anything similar to this in the past? Just curious.

If this sells well, I hope they make a Great Thing or Gigantic Bite one.
In b4 it gets the "WARNING!!! A HUGE BATTLESHIP..." sign as an online store bonus or something.
10 hours agoZettaiRyouiki15ZettaiRyouiki15
don't know her or the anime, but she is very pretty

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