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Uff, hoffe euch ging es besser heute Nacht und das bei dir nun auch alle schmerzen weg sind. Sowas ist lästig, kenne das noch von früher wo ebenfalls die ersten 2-3 Tage am schlimmsten waren :/ Habe heute Nacht wahrscheinlich meinen ganzen fehlenden Schlaf nachgeholt. Von 0 bis 6 und dann nochmal von 9 bis 15 Uhr xD Fühle mich wieder wie ein Mensch mit Energie.

Wäre auch ein bisschen niedergeschlagen, wenn ich eine Figur aufgeben müsste die ich mag :/ Ich hoffe auch das mich ihre Nendo fürs erste befriedigen wird xD

Das Release Datum von item #276689 liegt nun beim 21.7. Was ich aber komisch finde, dass von item #236190 & item #277189 kein Datum bekannt gegeben wurde oO GSC stellt ja am Anfang des Monat und Mitte/Ende des Monat (meistens der 18) eine Release Liste vor. Entweder sie werden recht spät releast (noch später als der 21.7) oder verschoben :/ Kotori ist bei dir ja auch aktuell.
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Personally, I don't think gender balance should matter unless you're going for an all girl/boy collection.
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mintea (1 day ago) #3138010Monkey?
You said you were adding bananas. Monkeys like bananas. :P
1 day agoKalKal
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #3138109Wow thanks for mentioning that! I guess I will buy in september then :) so i just buy an "older" model who is still new now if i buy it now xD any recommendations?
True tho ive seen louise pop up several times for 70-100k ^^" but usually on yahoo and well you know what extra costs that can give.. ive once seen louise for 70k on manda and in great condition but i guess her price is rising so this might just be a good shot indeed
Very true as the memebr above you posted in sept there a sales so i guess i will wait for the sales :) and go for louise!
Oh thatd be great i mean 300 is a good price :D is that camera stil available and good? Might just check it out ! But yeah probably not with lenses included (the 700-800 ones had 3 lenses)

No problem! Yep! Some of the older models tend to be discontinued around the time of the announcement, and then they get even steeper sales towards the end of the year (November-December) so that's usually the time to pick up a camera if you don't need the latest and greatest model.

As for recommendations, it really depends on what features you want out of your camera. Each brand has their strengths and weaknesses. I use Pentax because I wanted weather sealing, don't make videos, and don't mind if the auto focus is a bit slower than other brands. DPReview has a really good comparison and search tool. You may want to start with that! ♥ My personal opinion is the body is less important than the lenses (if you're going for interchangeable lens cameras) so don't worry about going too expensive for the body as long as it has the features you want. As long as you're staying within a brand you can keep the lenses if you ever upgrade the body.

P.S. Your inbox is full! ♥
In my earlier days I had broken my figma trying to change hands and later stupidly broke BRS. I was over-excited whilst opening her box and balanced her just off the edge of my table and accidentally dropped her with blister and all. Needless to say her base came apart and superglue saved the day. item #50597 phone also snapped whilst trying to fit into his hand.

Otherwise I had a few close calls with item #27602 and item #166816 trying to fit hair/wings respectively without breaking either.
Yuinna (1 day ago) #3137390I know what you mean. She looks almost Yandere-ish in this picture... just imagine if those flowers were a knife. ; u ;

Lol i see it too, great pic though!!
1 day agolagomorphlagomorph
kasake (1 day ago) #3137642I wish I had a roommate like you! xDLikewise! :]
1 day agolluviakatelluviakate
Thanks! I was looking to see if she would ever go up on amiami

Luse666 (1 day ago) #3137945Looks like she's up at amiami:
(ext link)
1 day agoriringoriringo
I switch them out. Which works for me because I get bored of seeing the same ones all the time.
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There is also a tiny discoloration just visible on the back of her head just below the inscription (under the word "Japan").
1 day agoalazif03alazif03
Rejean235 (1 day ago) #3138059The good news is she's going to be released before 2020, the bad news is you're going to have to wait. :)

Eh guys, when I saw your comments out of the blue, my heart has stopped beating for a moment! I had to check if no release date has been added on the page. Now I can breath and relax...
1 day agolluviakatelluviakate
Your welcome! ^_^
paencake (1 day ago) #3137725Thank you very much! o ( ` ・ ω ・´ )b
1 day agoFury06Fury06
Bought her back on release date in March. Checked out the figure today (now that I have a cabinet big enough for her), and now I'm wondering if mine is missing some paint.

The lower lip on my figure is colored white like the teeth behind it. I'm wondering if this is supposed to be part of the figure or a painting error on Koto's part?
I like his box design a lot but I just wish the construction of it was more like Aoba’s where you open it from the top. I wanted the front to be seamless but oh well. I hope GSC charges us soon, excited to finally see a ship date. :)
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Suppi12 (1 day ago) #3136758Ah yes I forget it's only restricted to Japanese products on this site. But still seeing other stuff like this in loot posts, always make it more exciting for me.Do you have a big collection of ThreeA? And I agree! Ashley Wood is amazing artist with some incrediable concepts, if I had money I would buy his prints.
LOL I shall him that,thanks XD He used to collect Tommorrow Kings, but he moved onto the Adventure Kartel series now, his most recent purchase was this grail (ext link) it's so amazing *V*

Yes ! I got this bad boy, one of my grail too, Dark Cowboy In Service of Him Super Set, I missed the PO on BAMBALAND and had to PO him on eBay, a very nice HK seller.
Started early with the ThreeA products : Popbot -> WWR Heavy Bramble -> ARMSTRONG series -> first TK : Pathfinder -> then TK TK TK. Now I'm waiting for last TK+Archer, can't wait.
I also got the 2014 calendar, I think it was a failure because I didn't see any coming up for 2015.

His prints on eBay are so expensive, it's unbelievable.

Oh yes, Adventure Kartel, a more modern clothing and character design series.

I missed the Metal Gear REX, but I'm a little glad I did, I don't see where I could put him, so enormous.
So, I'm focusing myself on the TK series (their size, design, clothing is everything I'm looking for) now.

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