1 day agoVamppyVamppy
Die Shiki sieht toll aus, jedoch habe ich bereits die erste Version ( item #3139 ) von GSC.
Nein, ich hatte sie in meiner Sammlung! ;(
Meine Mutter sah die Figur und sie hat ihr so gut gefallen, dass sie die Shiki unbedingt haben wollte.
Jetzt steht sie zwischen Ihren Orchideen. ;D

Die limitierte Olivia gefällt mir viel besser als die Originalversion!

Für meine Shining-Sammlung wollte ich unbedingt die Sakuya Mode:Seraphim ( item #166972 ) haben und somit musste ich mich gegen die Olivia Figur entscheiden. *schniff*
Mein nächster Engel ( item #236243 ) wartet schon auf seine Bestellung! Gefällt sie Dir?

SakuraSeizou (1 day ago) #2419755Diese Shiki item #166817
nachdem ich mir nochmal die Movies anschaut habe musste sie einfach her *-*
Und die limitierte Olivia item #225126
1 day agoRaylexxRaylexx
Moro (1 day ago) #2419556Recent update to Alter's site has nothing for Sora in October (ext link) so I'm just assuming delay by default.
But here's on Sora`s page in Alter`s site relese date still october 2014. (ext link)
1 day agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
Saw this pop up on AmiAmi today.

(ext link)

Sucks and I want her in my Shining Collection since she looks great! Hopefully the figure may show up Pre-Owned without the game.
1 day ago (1 day ago)belletzxbelletzx
Yavimaya (1 day ago) #2419791all these comments are filled with so much love it makes me smile when I read them ;v;
after I see him painted I'm gonna piss myself from the excitement I s2g I'm sooo ready to buy him

let's start the buying 2 campaign again like we did for aoba!!!((wait, my POs are super heavy this time...
1 day agoZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck
Leosach (1 day ago) #2419225LOL I believe you linked the wronf figure or you're just mocking with Tony chopper being bara? LOL
BTW Dude... unfortunely I dont know, Im don't like alot the genre but you can always find them online, if you want some links I can share the ones I know (if you don't know them already) But did you tried manadarake? they usually have a big area of doujins.
kuroshure (1 day ago) #2418850I think you linked the wrong one ;^^

Wow lmfao

Yeah it's item #259914

So sorry guys, but it's hilarious that it was chopper xD
1 day agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
Moro (1 day ago) #2419787For the paired figure I've got a couple of ideas. One is something like Shun and Satoru facing each other with Shun looking at Satoru, but Satoru having his eyes closed, maybe with one of Shun's hands resting on his chest and holding the other one. The other is just based off this screenshot (ext link)
For the Shun solo figure I think him sitting in the chair with the orbs around him would be really pretty (especially if the base around the chair was really detailed) but I can also see one of him standing with his hands held up, or one hand held out in front of him.

I'd like to work as an action figures maker just to create those figures,I swear.
You have brilliant ideas! ;3;
1 day ago (1 day ago)ipwnboyzipwnboyz
Those of you who to have negative comments, how do you deal with it?

I tell them to fuck off.

No seriously, if they don't respect my hobby then why should I respect them?
People can go collect dog shit for all I care, as long as it doesn't bother anyone it's fine.

As for my parents, my dad is pretty neutral. He agrees with me collecting as long as I pay my bills and all the other important stuff first (which is the way EVERY parent should think).

My mom, on the other hand, is more of the judgmental type, which is why we really... REALLY don't get along. She often tries (and fails lol) to influence me in not buying more of them. Will she ever grow up? XD

As for my older sister, she thinks like me: do what you want with your money but don't get yourself in trouble.
1 day agoillamasquaillamasqua
takson (17 days ago) #2391973A FYI, Rakuten's doing a couple of promos which will shave off about 2000 to 3000 yen off cost. Effectively free shipping, more or less for this item.
Amiami's got a Rakuten branch - (ext link)

I gave in and bought her. I couldn't take it anymore.
1 day agoriringoriringo
MKIneptitude (1 day ago) #2419333People stating the obvious, "It doesn't look like her," DUH, OF COURSE IT DOESN'T! You can clearly tell that that Iwanga's intent was to put her own flavor on to the figure, and in my opinion she succeeded.
Well yeah, that's kind of the reason why Iwanaga created the GK in the first place. But this is not a GK, it's a mass-produced product, which means logically GSC should be trying to make her appeal to as many people as possible (i.e. make her look canon). That's what GSC has done with her other sculpts, but for some reason they decided to keep Iwanaga's style for this one, so of course people will be commenting on it.
1 day ago (1 day ago)TenoriLoveTenoriLove
JessicaJung (1 day ago) #2419789Exactly this type of anime just isn't something that would go mainstream right now. I loved the anime especially the development from squealer.

Yeah, it's a particular kind of anime, but I liked it not just for the interesting story but also because it was different. People should start to "open their mind" and go to watch some different kind of series, not just naked anime.
1 day agoIDBluverIDBluver
Bowman (1 day ago) #2419736Will be a very special day :)
Yep and getting older, not the most fun part XD
people say i look like i am 18 when i am almost 23 , that i love ^^
1 day agomelancholyfoxmelancholyfox
Executer (1 day ago) #2419743So, if anything, it's a good thing that she got pushed back. If you have too much to pay for atm, that you can't afford to pay her price, then at least now you have two months to try to save up more money =)

Yeah it definitely helps, but at the same time idk what I'm going to do come December. I have Devil Homura preordered with RightStuf & that alone is gonna be $200. Makes me nervous. I kinda hope she gets delayed further.
1 day agosakura35400sakura35400
30th is the start of pre-order exclusively at GSC or everywhere?
and the cape is removable ?
Thanks in advance
1 day agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
katsudon (1 day ago) #2419782I don't think it was that, I think the reason why it didn't sell was because it doesn't have fanservice (it does to an extent, but you know what I mean) and that it was a tough sell to the mainstream audiences. It honestly doesn't 'feel' like a normal anime, and if you look at what's popular and sells over there, it makes sense. With that said, I would sacrifice my firstborn child for a Saki scale made by Alter though.

Sadly, at the moment only boobs and sexy anime things get bought...
Which isn't so bad, I like some sexy action figures too, but I think also this kind of anime should be more appreciated, boobs and naked girls aren't the only nice things in this world!
1 day agocamus11camus11
shinjik (1 day ago) #2419746Lucky!! Congratulations! Will cross fingers for my)

1 day agoHidanHidan
1 day ago (1 day ago)ChristownChristown
Moro (1 day ago) #2419772Why is everything so expensive in Australia? o no;

Well there's a variety of reasons, according to the big companies anyway. Some are feasible, but most hold no merit, especially when digital sales are concerned.

It's got an unofficial label of "The Australia Tax".
1 day agoYavimayaYavimaya (눈_눈)
all these comments are filled with so much love it makes me smile when I read them ;v;
after I see him painted I'm gonna piss myself from the excitement I s2g I'm sooo ready to buy him
1 day agoryanlbryanlb
TenoriLove (1 day ago) #2419608(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday


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