1 day agoastarte952astarte952
this is so adorable!
1 day agokarayakaraya
Isnt it always slow at this time of the year due to high traffic with the oodles of Wonfes uploads?
I know it should be stable by now but who knows :s
1 day agoEl_ZephonEl_Zephon
Nice shot ! I'm looking for buying her, but I'm not sure. But one thing is sure, she is amazing !
1 day agogoharagogoharago
MeepMoop (17 days ago) #2245921Wow that Shining Wind one looks amazing! Thanks!
Tony Taka does a great job on his girls.
Here's another one for you item #167141
1 day agoReinierReinier
ymous (1 day ago) #2279665You should really just tell her. She might be sad at first, but...in the long run, it's probably the best thing to do. She wasted her money on that, after all. If she ever buys you another figure, she'd want to be informed, right?

I agree and think the best thing to do is to let her know it was a bootleg and explain to her the difference between a bootleg and a legit version (benefits, and reasons why legit versions are better). You dont want another bootleg for your next birthday do you? so honesty would be the best policy in this case.
1 day agoRieszRiesz
I think it's down to Tharja and Deep Sea Miku. Basically, do you want cute or sexy? Do a lot of people visit your room and would having a sexy figure embarrass you? Just think about your situation and preferences.
1 day agosonweiansonweian
Where i can order this?
The price ?
ThankIU :3
1 day agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Take (1 day ago) #2279714Tenshi was released last year. Angel Beats! itself first aired in 2010 ;-)
I picked Tenshi too, but it was a close call with Yukata Madoka.

Whoops! My mistake! I read the date wrong! Still she's a hard figure to get every time I see her she goes pretty quick!
1 day agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
Erin (1 day ago) #2279740Searching very hard for it, if anyone sell or find out a link to buy, please PM me!!

You got a PM.
1 day agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Hisuiryu! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 day agoana33ana33
Mandarake or Jungle is you best chance , Ami might also relist her later on Steffykin (1 day ago) #2279025lesigh... I didn't expect her to sell out, but she's completely gone from amiami and I didn't get to order because I wasn't sure if I'd have the funds for her... anyone know where you can get these sorta things on after market since it was exclusive to ami?...
1 day agoErinErin
Searching very hard for it, if anyone sell or find out a link to buy, please PM me!!
1 day agoMilkbiscuitMilkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
ANIMEKRAZY101 (6 days ago) #2265081Since Altair is coming out with the second (and better imo) version of Natsume, I've been dwelling on what I should do? Should I sell the old one and get the second? Own them both? Not get the new one? sigh.... I kind of wish I had missed the first one and just gotten the second one, the sculpt and paint job has really improved -.-a bit late in replying but honestly I think you should keep the old Natsume scale and also buy the new one. I love the old one, I would've been happy owning it without news of re-sculpt, but I also like the new version so it would be awesome to display them side by side. I suppose I see the old ver as being closer to the manga ver and the new one as closer to the anime ver? Either way, you can never have enough Natsume! Unless space is an issue lol
1 day ago692718692718
Interested in buying the game code if someone is selling
I'm so glad that Log Horizon is finally getting a figure!

The fact that SAO gets so much attention & merch compared to this (which is far superior imo) makes me so sad.

I was hoping for lots of Log figures at WonFes, and praying for a figma or 2 but I guess not :(

I'll just hope that the 2nd season brings a bit more in the way of merch & figures I suppose.

Either way I'll be ordering Akatsuki asap! :D
1 day ago (1 day ago)ChristownChristown
StarshipPooper (1 day ago) #2279729Is she wearing panties at all?

Yep. This pic probably gives you the clearest view - (mfc link)

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