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1 day agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you for your FR! Nice to meet you! :)
1 day agoshiro169shiro169
This is kinda amazing!!:D
Cute neko
1 day agoRychiRychi
Trafalgar_DLaw (1 day ago) #10611640Sure thing! Hahahaha my apologies for my pervyness *_*

Hahahah it's totally ok, i'm a perv too^^
1 day agoAuriAuri
Mine is [ext link ]

I only started it some time ago, and my phone doesn't have a good camera, so I don't post often, but anyone feel free to follow! :)
1 day agoshiro169shiro169
Nice clean image mate :D
1 day agozellerificzellerific
Same as here, zellerific! But I do post a lot of personal things too haha so you're gonna have to see my face too.
1 day agodead-wolfwooddead-wolfwood
dead-wolfwood (4 days ago) #10493325I got him off Yahoo! Japan auctions with tenso and I'm so excited to get him! The auction was around $50 and $20 for shipping and shopping service fees, but it's much better than paying $150 on US Amazon... The WonFes version is my favorite palette too so I'm eagerly waiting at the mailbox for the next couple of days ;;;
He just came in today!! He looks amazing and has little to no paint flaws, compared to what others have said with his normal version. Maybe because it's a special edition? But anyways I'm super happy to have him!! I went ahead and added some pictures on here 'w'❤️
1 day agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
rjsakaluran (1 day ago) #10618031Nendoroid #633 Bubuki Buranki Asabuki Kogane [ext link ]
You don't have the 20% deposit up for kogane, i just checked your website. Just a heads up, planning to order. does it also come with the closed eyes? :)

Listing has been fixed, will have to check with rep on extra parts. Please email to request this info so we have an email address to respond to.
1 day agospaceattorneyspaceattorney
I just got her today, and I'm not sure why people are complaining about posing her? The wing joints are actually quite nice and straightforward, and it's pretty easy to get her into any of the poses shown on the box. (I've actually had more trouble posing figmas and nendoroids with lots of accessories)
I think the real warning is that she takes up a lot of space for how small her actual body is! I thought the base looked weirdly huge when I opened her up, but with all of the wings assembled it's actually an appropriate size.
It's a really lovely figure for how cheap you can get her for right now though! I especially like the translucency at the bottoms of the petals and the metallic gold paint on the flower stamens. Not the cleanest paint job or sculpt ever (bandai lmao) but really nice for like 25$!
1 day agodarkfaderdarkfader
Happy birthday!
1 day agoULFULF
Drizzyrissy (1 month ago) #9221501Actually Yukino and gray don't look too bad together

If I didn't know any better; I'd say they were made to be displayed together
1 day agoThescoJuniorThescoJunior
vlw manim ^^
1 day agoLucidreamLucidream
I'd have to say out of my collection item #33922 is pretty underrated. Sure, she's a griffon figure, but her sculpt and pose and just so pleasant and wonderful. No paint defects on mine either, and some decent shading on her suit and skirt too. I got her for $25 too. Sure, her quality isn't great but she's a really pleasant figure to have.
1 day ago-OJ--OJ-
Good taste, sir ;)
Yeah, I really got lucky this time, which rarely happens ^^"

You can hate me for it, but don't envy me.
It's very expensive to find/collect figures in Central Europe :(

ULF (1 day ago) #10619117Considering that Juvia has recently risen to be my third fav FT girl...I hate you so much XD
SO LUCKY!!! Especially since this figure is awesome!
1 day agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
Mine is gamecollectibles :)
I post figures, my collection, hauls, and video game stuff c:
1 day agoDFC7DFC7
hmydsgn I post mainly just sketches and drawings outside of what I do for work don't be afraid to follow!
1 day ago (1 day ago)c0de_da1syc0de_da1sy
In case anyone's interested, he's ¥4780 on Ami! (B/B)
1 day agoGigan22Gigan22
Very cool! I went to the Chicago show last night and it was a blast. I only picked up the group wallscroll and main concert shirt, but man, I'm definitely going to the next one. So much fun.
1 day agoFukawaFukawa
Mine is Tirululu ~
sexy voice... :V

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