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So beautiful! =^-^=
1 day agoEwaruizEwaruiz
I'm think about selling mine.. Is is broken on the name plate but glued back on.. Message me with offers if interested :)
1 day agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
GioGio (2 days ago) #4901660Firstly: (ext link) This is a family friendly website!!!!!!!! ;) I kid I just wanted an excuse to use that. But... RIP MATE ABSOLUTELY RINSED. Seriously though this is becoming such a bane of our existences, losing replies especially of this length has gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world right now ><
Ah that's good that you still had a good time! It's the experience that matters anyway so it's all good :) Bless ya, at least it means you've got more money now to save towards other things! Yeah that's actually a shame because the NEC is a decent size place for a convention, maybe after they previously went they didn't get too many visitors and didn't feel it was best for them to visit again? Who knows! I can answer that in one way: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Don't program in Java. It was actually kind of a cool final project, you got to choose either an adventure game or a poker game and me being a glutton for pain I chose the adventure one and wanted to off myself.
Well you just know these conversation logs are going to be archived where in the year 2200 along with Araki we'll be resurrected as prophets of the religion or something where we'll be granted the arrow by someone who's somehow got Black Sabbath and give us stands. THIS DICE ROLL BETTER GIVE ME STAR PLATINUM I SWEAR TO GOD.
Yeah it is a shame, I'm guessing it's because the hype for it has died down a bit now and the show ended what, March 2014? that or June IIRC so maybe they're feeling the stuff won't sell as well as it did before. It's a shame too because if there was a larger pool of characters, hell even just Nendoroids i'm sure people would jump on the stuff. Yeah I didn't personally dig her too much but she'd be deserving of a figure in my eyes due to her status in the show, plus as your said her design was great and would look fantastic as a figure!
You'd do it for all the ads you could setup when you get large traffic to the site making you lots of money to feed your own addiction ;p But that's basically this site :p Besides we're only around once, maybe for thousands of years if you're Araki so may as well enjoy yourself! It really is a shame though about Spike considering it's one of the essential entry level animes, maybe they'll redo him for a Bebop anniversary.
Aw bless ya no bully I promise! Exactly, being able to just be efficient 24/7 would probably be the most amazing thing ever, you'd accomplish so much and then feel like you actually achieve something everyday, then when you're out of things to chase down you can finally rest. Hunting a mask down ASAP. That or a stand that can revitalise you, which I guess the closest is Gold Experience with it's whole making the senses go off the chart ability?
Yeah exactly at the end of the day as long as you love them it doesn't matter if they're new or used, they're still figures and they still need a home!
I'm just lucky in the storage area, although i'll still run out eventually >< RAH boxes are probably some of the most beautiful ones i've ever seen though, even if they can take up a lot of room.
I'm sure you'll eventually get through the whole catalog of JoJo girls and they'll all look fab like all your cosplays! Plus when you run out you can just go obscure like Janitor Trish or something :p
Hopefully you'll get some downtime then as you don't want to be running yourself down too much, especially as it's the best time of the year! You and me both, Star Platinum and The World where are you guys!? Yeah it's not bad really if they bring you lots of enjoyment and happiness! Ah right i'm sure you'll look fab! Honestly I wasn't too much of a fan of DA:I but at least it was better than DA2 aka reused textures everywhere the game.
Seriously though i'm surprised that isn't a figure already as it's pretty iconic as its when Diavolo finally reveals his true identity to everyone, i'm sure it'll get made one day, possibly with the VA anime!
Aye good luck to you too, what's your price range for a KQ btw? While we're at it give me a price range for Kira, Josuke + Jolyne and i'll keep an eye out for all of them for you :)
DON'T BULLY THE BEAUTIFUL LIZARD MAN HE HAD A HARD LIFE. Seriously though I feel so many dislike Diego just because of the twist ending and overlook how great SM Diego was. Scary Monsters Diego was actually sympathetic in my eyes, he wasn't this whole evil overlord like DIO, sure he wasn't the best person but he wasn't the worst either. He was different and in a way fought as an anti hero during the later parts of SBR. He also had such a devastating death, it's sad to think he died thinking he killed Valentine while also being completely ripped in half by the train. I LOVE YOU DIEGO. Fanboy session over.
I'm 100% serious, there's a brand new Gyro on YAJ right now for like £80, not sure why he's so cheap but i'm not complaining: (ext link) Yeah Pucci is actually really cheap too, Weather sometimes isn't too bad either. But in contrast White Snake demands a crazy price >< I'm probably gonna get him to go with the Red DIO as banana DIO is at the top where Jotaro is going to join him.
Yeah I don't really see stand prices rising especially for guys like White Snake and Killer Queen who're already crazily priced.
Ah so that's how you properly got invested into the figure collecting hobby then :p Same here though, anything I buy for i've liked for a while e.g. Kill la Kill since it aired JoJo I believe was around the time SBR was ending serialisation so I know i'm not going to lose interest so quickly.
Webkinz? WEBKINZ?! I need a King Crimson face to post here. (ext link) Ah that's all good then I just didn't want to say anything just in case as I didn't wanna risk ruining your enjoyment :p I'm so happy to see DMQ Kira in the game, shirtless Girono is beautiful too as well as executioner Gyro ^^ Yeah he's pretty cheap too really so get hunting you :p Also PATRIOTIC MAN GOING FOR HEAVEN LIMEY ALL FOR AMERICA, TRULY THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY.
I'm just going to keep posting King Crimson reactions to my judgements, mainly because I can't think of an angrier looking stand :p (ext link)
Ah that's a shame then, still good that you had the experience and got to hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself!
It is really especially when you think most of them were used in ASB and now in EOH too so they're already established and liked by a wide variety of people. Hopefully the new VA for Josuke has DORA's as good as Wataru did for Crazy Diamond(Think Wataru did Josuke + CD anyway but they were godlike regardless) Yeah same here, I've also got worried about how much they may have to censor about Kira, hopefully everything will turn out for the best though :)
What face? This face? (ext link) :p His abilities are actually really damn strong but I dunno if it's worth having the angriest stand ever invented. I'd totally go for Weather Report if the chance was about too just to be able to be the most confusing stand user ability, snails for everyone!
Exactly, that and Jotaro probably didn't realise he could even stop time until he was around DIO and realised SP + TW were pretty much the same, plus sheer anger is always a good fuel for these sorts of things :p I'm not going to ask why you have that picture. I'm just going to carry on silently >_>
Wrap up warmer then :p Dreading Uni in the morning especially at the time i've gotta leave, Jumper and Parka here I come! Totally found what you need for the cold winter months too: (ext link) (so many links whoops)
It's the addiction bug coming in, when you buying something you feel great and have to keep feeling that high :p (ext link) Literally how I feel about Umaru. Yeah your taste is pretty top in regards to what i've seen, but hey at the end of the day you like what you like and you can't change that!
Ah that's a shame then, but i'm sure there's always going to be a second opportunity to get the stuff you want! Just casually become IRL Griffith, good plan :p
You'll totally be one of the first people to see the collection assembling, promise! :p Unfortunately I couldn't pick him up due to him going a little over my limit but I regret not going into overdraft SO BAD. Pucci + Whitesnake brand new two set..... £170. I just want to cry about it ;_; I only wasn't going to mention it because I knew i'd end up losing out due to already running on empty money wise till next week hahahahaa. Although I'm probably going to push for P6 Jotaro either end of next week or week after and finally get that grail of a man knocked out!

Ahaha somehow the amount of nudity and explicit images on this site makes me feel like strong language is the least of any family's worries on here :P Ahhh yeah it just kills me ahaha like I don't want the next reply to be less enthusiastic than the first but having to rewrite it really takes it out of you >< Especially when they're this long ahaha.

Yep definitely :D Still had a good time anyways. Aw yeah it's a shame, I don't think there will ever be any BIG events outside London so I guess they have to downscale the other ones :( Ahaha really that bad? Seems pretty interesting for a project I can imagine though! Poker game sounds kinda boring in comparison and it's gonna take a long time either way so might aswell pick the one that you find most interesting I suppose.

Hopefully ahaha oh man the worst one would be if you got one of those stands that activate when you die. We just brought you back to life, but if you want the stand power to activate you need to die again. ><;; I'll either take TW or KQ then :P Gotta have that time stop but TW scares me a bit with that face ahaha and I DO love KQ so.
Hmm that's true ;; I think the hype is still pretty strong for KLK in the West but Japan has possibly moved on? :( I know that not as many things pick up over here as they do over there with new series. It would actually be quite interesting to know what there differences were with what is popular there at which times and what is popular in the West at which times.
Ahaha well true, if ad revenue can help support my hobby then I guess I'm selling my soul to ads ahaha. That's true! :D I see no harm in indulging unless you're literally putting yourself in debt or something, in that case maybe it's time to chill a bit but yknow.

No bully pls ;-; Yeah seriously, I wish I could have that in my life. I try to pretend I do by drinking large amounts of coffee and energy drink instead... ;; Unfortunately not quite the same effect. It would be cool to see a stand like that made in the series tbh, I imagine something interesting could be used for it, I mean everyone needs to sleep so that's a weakness, eventually you'd win just due to them getting exhausted unless they found a way around it in classic Jojo style.
True! RAH boxes are certainly worth keeping, they're truly high quality. I love how much RAH put so much attention to detail and quality into every release yet they still are quite affordable. I mean, there are similarly priced action dolls that aren't anywhere near the quality in any way (for example item #42140 which is really not far off the price of some similarly outfitted RAH like item #33552 but is MUCH lower in quality) or they could go down the crazy expensive route like Volks and price them insanely high... but they don't, I think they give us a lot for the money so it's well worth it. :D

Ahaha well that's my goals really *__* I think I have actually seen one Janitor Trish cosplay before, surprisingly.
I really hope so too ;; Christmas time is my fav I just wanna be warm and cosy and relax ;-; I'll at least make some time for it... it'd be tragic if I didn't. I'm always daydreaming of just sitting by the fire with a hot drink and a book or game, that's all I want right now ;; I guess being busy really makes you appreciate the little relaxation things, huh?
To be honest, DA:I is the only one I've played yet ;; But our group will have a mixed bunch of characters from different games. Sera was my first romance option though (fair enough only because I couldn't go for Solas since I wasn't an elf lol sorry Sera) and I really liked her plus she was probably the most fitting so that's why I chose her ;U; Excited about it anyways!
Hmm yeah it does seem quite odd how they choose to make figures of less popular/minor characters sometimes while they leave main characters and iconic ones that would obviously sell well. I appreciate them giving minor characters some love but the strategy to picking them confuses me a bit ahaha.
Thing is that even if it was in my price range most of the time I probably couldn't afford to buy yet ahaha so I don't wanna bother you sending me a ton of links when you see them and I can't even buy ;-; I think I'm done with ordering for now until after Christmas. (maybe...)
But how about if I come to you around the time I'm considering buying and you lemme know if you've seen any noteworthy good prices lately? Would that be ok? :0

Not gonna lie, I actually wasn't a huge fan of SM Diego but I loved TW Diego at the end ;; I do see why you'd like him though, but for me the whole reason I didn't like him so much is probably the reason you liked him. He was a decent character though and I appreciate him don't get me wrong, just not my cup of tea :P I'm glad you like him so much though, it does feel like he doesn't get enough love sometimes.
Oh wow Gyro really is reasonably priced dang why am I so tempted when I have other ones to get first ;-; It does seem like he doesn't come with many accessories though which might be one reason for him being cheaper?
Yeah, I decided to start collecting seriously after I saw my online friend had a REALLY impressive Kirino collection (and figure collection in general) and I'd been admiring it for a long time. Kirino is probably my main waifu so I really wanted to join in there and take the hobby seriously ahaha ;; It spiralled out of control from there. How about you?
Yeaaaah the Webkinz stage of my life is something I look back on with a bit of shame ;; I was literally around 12 at the time though so cut me some slack ahaha :P
And yes ahahaha I'm really hyped for EoH now!! *__* Slightly buggy demo kinda killed my hype but these new videos and character/outfit announcements hnnnnn yes please.

King Crimson really is scary ahaha ;; At least KQ looks cute in that picture.

It certainly is odd and slightly disappointing they'd change it but oh well, I'm trying to have faith in them ><;; As hard as it is getting to believe my dream isn't dead already whenever I see that artwork...

Oh my god what is that KC picture ahahaha. Yeah, the fact nobody else (well, except stand users, but how many of those are you going to meet?) will be able to see it kinda makes it worse... you've just got this scary looking stand creeping around and nobody else can see it except you. Weather Report would be a cool yet kind of terrifying power to have I think.

True ahaha, I was out in my Ryuko cosplay the other day ><;; I don't make the wisest decisions... but yep it's time to wrap up warm for sure ahaha. Be smarter than me :P Oh my god somehow I have never seen those Kira socks but I need them in my life now... I keep meaning to buy some custom printed fabric with his tie pattern so I can make myself an outfit using it and make sure everyone knows who best Jojo character and husbando is ahaha. I appreciate the links no worries :P That picture is hilarious even if I like Umaru ahaha ;; Somehow I must be the only one that likes her, she's a little rough around the edges so I can see why she's dislikeable but also she's still cute and relatable at times. I'm not sure how much of the series you watched, assuming not much if you dislike her ahaha, but the scene where she accidentally breaks her internet connection is extremely relatable. Not everyone's taste though which is fair enough, I just like that kinda pointless moe stuff sometimes OTL
Definitely a good plan ahaha.

I'm excited !! :D Aww that sucks though ;-; I hope you can find another bundle offer for them that's as good or better in the future then, you never know! So so excited to see photos when you get all of it in though. Good luck with P6 Jotaro, he'll definitely be satisfying and worth it *__*
1 day agokanekinekokanekineko
ViciousLunatic (2 days ago) #4901727I see that you've already got quite the collection! When did you start collecting if I may ask? c:

Uhm I start collecting when I was 14//15 years old (I am now 28) when I started I only look at figures That I like. I didnt know the characters. And for some time I didnt collect at all. I only wachted anime.

I never looked at preorders. That changed about 4 years ago and now I mostly look for characters That I really like and know better from the anime.

Not all,I didnt see Atack in Titan but I orderd one cute guy dressed as santa claus =)
I have a thing for cardcaptor sakura figures but ist on a hold.
I can have everything and there is sooo much I want.

And I never have order outside europe.
somethimes I think I am crazy because its much cheaper outside. I only order from Archonia because the preorder system is Nice I dont have to pay in 1 time but I can pay in 10 times.

And when did you start to collect?

You're revieuw off Kaneki is verry Nice!!
1 day agoMastraCustomMastraCustom
I would like to sell mine, new, never exposed.
If anybody is interested PM me, thank you :)
1 day agoEwaruizEwaruiz
I'm think about selling mine... Messages me with offers of interested. My naruto is in perfect condition :)
1 day agoIridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~
Selling mine, like new for $45 USD- see my shop ad here: sale #88102
Thanks! :)
1 day agoZodam-KulleZodam-Kulle
Well I dont believe it...

EyeonAsia sent me a payment request for this figure just now O_O

Better late than never I guess :D been waiting ages for him and that exclusive head ^3^
1 day agoMona_samaMona_sama
Uuuuuuhhhh~ I'm loving her!
She is smaller than I expected - though I remember people complaining about the size - but the details and the paint job are absolutely fabulous. :D

However - since I've finally hunted her down - I'm just waiting for the news that she gets a re-release. XD
1 day agosuzuki1wzsuzuki1wz
I like Nadeko's snake ver. more than her normal ver. I must have this one!!!
1 day agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
*Earn Island Rewards points on all purchases! See following link for details: (ext link)
Earn Island Rewards on this item!!
1 day agoeinonymouseinonymous
-NozoYui- (5 days ago) #4814483That includes shipping to you basically im just going to change the shipping to your address as soon as i get a payment from you so it'll ship straight to you, also yes you can pay me as soon as i get an Invoice from good smile or money subtracted from my account (i believe they charge a week or two before the item is ready to ship which i think it releases late december)

That sounds good. I'll take her. :-)
1 day agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
*Earn Island Rewards points on all purchases! See following link for details: (ext link)
Earn Island Rewards on this item!!
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Arie (3 days ago) #4884675[Need opinions] I love all the girls from Love Live and I am in absolute love with this series Alter is proposing. The thing is, I don't like this Rin figure that much, it doesn't suit my tastes and although it's cute, I wouldn't buy it on its own. However, I'd feel pretty bad about having the entire line minus one. Any thoughts on what I should do/you would do in a similar situation? I mean, I love Rin and she's a total cutie but I don't like this design that much.

It depends on what kind of collector are you and how much you can allow yourself to spend on figures each month or so, I think!
For me, figures (especially complete ones from the biggest companies) are a bit too expensive to be a completionist if you don't like some of the figures from a series. Let's take the LL collection here; I adore most of the cards they picked but I know I don't like all the characters and/or designs enough to spend so much money on each of them so I will only go for the ones I like most. Nico is one of my faves and I adore her, but her figure is too expensive for how much I like her design (which is not that much), so I will pass on it unless it gets binned hard (which likely won't happen). As for me, as a collector, having a complete collection of expensive figures where I don't like all of them would make me feel guilty and not exactly accomplished/happy in any way (but I'm a bit cautious/stingy with money). What I would do on your place would be to think about it in that way and think whether you will be able to afford the other girls too (imagine if you get her despite not liking her design and wouldn't be able to afford one you like less) or if there isn't anything else you need that you could spend these money on. I think that having a whole collection is neat and impressive though, so I am definitely not trying to persuade you not to get it, just giving you my opinion on such things because sometimes I get the carvings to complete collections myself, haha. Hope you decide whether to order her or not, good luck!

As for the figure, I am actually surprised how she looks much more appealing after seeing User images, I didn't like the design at all but it's definitely a nice figure. I also absolutely LOVE the boxes, they are so stylish and neat; I can't wait till they make more of them, still not sure whether to get Kotori for Christmas or not.
1 day agoluciferlucifer
lucifer (1 day ago) #4902634Ready for tomorrow's release~!!!
(mfc link)

Yep, opened one already and we're really very happy because they still used the same quality boxes (compared to Celty's/Patchoulli's), and the figure is really superb.
1 day agoNoel-chanNoel-chan
Kinaesthetic (1 day ago) #4924373On the contrary, I'm kinda hoping this doesn't live up to the hype. Because if it goes the way of Genco's Alleyne figure, then it is going in the bargain bin, which is when I'll bite :P! The current price is just beyond too high for even me, especially after seeing what Genco did with Alleyne.

Well I understand what you'retalking about, but I still hope she turns out great, especially because of her price! :x I just want a nice scale of Yuuki and since no other company seems to be interested... :<
LilAtomicX10 (1 day ago) #4924835That's true. But I think they want to avoid doing Doctor Who because there's already so many chibi figures and all kinds of other stuff already for them. lol but it would be interesting to see at least one. lol
And Vash the stampede from Trigun. :D It's an older anime. ;.; lol

Are you sure? All we have are those crappy action figures afaik. Nendoroid ones will definitely sell in the UK and US!

I haven't even watched that but I do watch older anime such as Slayers.
1 day agoeinonymouseinonymous
lia_giu (1 day ago) #4902620Hello ^^ selling mine for 45 euro, opened, always been exposed under a glass box, like new, shipping from italy! PM me if interested!

If justsomebody doesn't want it, I'd be interested too. How much would shipping be to the U.S.?
1 day agopinefairypinefairy
Paulichu (1 day ago) #4902380Shouldn't the gold and leather straps be separate entries if you only get one or the other, not both?

I thought about doing that, should I?

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