1 day agoTokitokiiTokitokii (☄●∀´)☄ パーティー!!!
Yakuri (1 day ago) #2375579MAKES ME WANT TO RIP HIS CLOTHES OFF
So I'm trying to bid for one in Yahoo Auctions, but most of them have $100 on top of the original price (INSANE). Unless you're super crazy (like me) I don't recommend getting them off Y.A., way too much money.

Even Rin's cost a lot, i'll hope price will drop with time...
1 day agoEXkuroganeEXkurogane
theyasminshow (1 day ago) #2374962You should be getting sponsored by the figure companies (if you haven't already).

Sponsor? Just one figure a month and i'll be happy xD
I think you should contact the shop about the shipping anyways and ask them what happened. I've heard of other sites mis shipping things or shipping things by the wrong method and the good shops usually refund you somehow because it was their mistake.
Hm, so I guess since the face-swap is a unique part, and the God Gundam Option Set doesn't have a Domon face.... Oh well, so much for matching Domon-Gundam.

Still hope there's more to it... or the exposed chest with defeated hair is part of an option set.
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