1 day agotaksontakson
Moro (1 day ago) #2265784I wonder if it'd be monetarily viable for me to order 3 and sell the duplicates.

That's my plan too.

And if I can't sell them, I'll have spare cleaning "bodies".
1 day agotaksontakson
nick_clark (1 day ago) #2265713It annoys me that he is in stock again, I bought my Armin for 66€ (price+shipping) thanks to an user from here who grabbed one for me in Japan Expo, I though that It would be my last (pricey) chance... And now T_T this guy is more cheap than that!!!
The only thing that comforts me is that he is with me now, but I could have saved 16€ at least!! T_T

Save for a couple of items, my wallet has been stabbed by on-release / aftermarket prices consistently. And well, even for items I bought during the aftermarket still ended up cheaper later on (still new in unopened box condition).

I haven't even received the WCF Shingeki I pre-ordered from a local shop, and I've already seen them at prices 30% off what I paid for them. And that's just at Manda. Probably lower at Suru or YAJ...

Shingeki is not niche. Manufacturers are over-saturating the market with Shingeki products, and they keep on re-releasing. Even those Kotobukiya rubber straps which are so over-supplied that I've seen unopened boxes at 2k yen apparently got re-released.
1 day agocatvillage66catvillage66
For brand new announcements I am always hoping to see some more VOCALOID figures, but I am also hoping for some more IdolM@ster figures this year.
For updates on previously announced figures I am hoping to see item #198467, item #149559, item #209046, item #198522, item #216142 and item #198541.
1 day agoASH-HikariASH-Hikari
The lighting <3333 Amazing job!
1 day ago (1 day ago)KaneelKaneel
Aww, cat, sry you'll get a really lenghty reply after wonfes, i'm already caught in it ^^° .

There was also a performance today i wanted to tell you about, yukaris voiceprovider chihiro ishiguro is a guest at hyper japan in london and had performed a duet with yukari there. A friend of mine went there and i gave them the base of my yukari figure to let her sign on it(hopefully), i'm already looking for pictures.

Also wonfes, look what Gift teased us item #235327 Teto plush

I'm also looking forward to see any news of the Tony Taka Kagamines, same with the Senbonzakura versions and even more if they continue the line with Mei-chan and Luka. And i'm anxiously awaiting the lily, i would die if they'll announce a gumi to go along with her.
Those idolmaster girls, i haven't managed to get into the series yet but those designs are hard to pass, expect you have to save display space because of those awesome bases.

Expect full answer after wonfes and also my yukari review which will be finished hopefully with the signed base *.* .
1 day agoKyoyaKyoya memento mori.
Cant wait to se him!!!
AHAHAHAHAH im done with those gifs!
1 day agozeixblezeixble
Hellooooooo ^.^ Thank you! I'm really glad you love them :D Yay! I am proud to be your Love Live enabler hehehe :9 Ahhh not creepy at all! :B

Tadeshi (1 day ago) #2265765H-hi I just wanted to say that I love Your videos.
And that I watched Love Live! because of You and I am so grateful because of that, and You inspire me, Idk why, but You just inspire me (holy shit, I am creeper)
Aaaand sorry, I just wanted to say thanks for everything? I'm so random, gomen, I'm a weird little creepy shy blob.
*hides under pillow*
1 day agokidkaitokidkaito
so much sweets Ö__Ö
1 day agoIDBluverIDBluver
Bowman (1 day ago) #2265780You could always have the kids throw water balloons at you to cool you down! :)
they are not old enough for that or not the ones i am taking care off ^^
1 day agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Vladederp! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 day agoShadowSkilzShadowSkilz
Quite stunning. I love that kind of pose, very feminine.
1 day agoMoroMoro
Kanaede (3 days ago) #2261118I ship them... Don't kill me >.<
View spoilerHide spoilerI didn't ship it...until it came to light that they were related.

/right clicks self, clicks "move to recycle bin"
I happened to be in Hong Kong (my home town) and they happened to had her for preorder and i just placed a deposit for one ;D
1 day agoastarte952astarte952
wow! that is a awesome asuka and co shrine!
1 day agoAya-KunAya-Kun
Aya-Kun (1 month ago) #2207636From UK Group Order (mfc link)

Still got two spots left for her, will ship anywhere =3
1 day ago (1 day ago)MoroMoro
I wonder if it'd be monetarily viable for me to order 3 and sell the duplicates.
1 day agocatweskercatwesker
yoyo! i'm surprised you own quite several franky figures! keep your collection growing! ;)

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