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TomTheCat (1 day ago) #12050535Also ich hab gerade ein bißchen gegoogelt und habe für die Warengruppe 39.26 ("Waren aus Kunststoffen"), Untergruppe 39264000 ("Statuetten und andere Ziergegenstände aus Kunststoffen") tatsächlich einen "Drittlandszollsatz" von 6,5% gefunden. [ext link ] Hast Du eine andere Quelle?

sorry. Hab's net vergessen ;)
Figuren werden normal über 95030021900 ([ext link ]) abgerechnet. Hat bis jetzt jedes Zollamt so gehandhabt. Selbst die aus Frankfurt. Hab sogar Fotos gezeigt und ausgepackt. War immer diese Nummer.

Sachen wie Schreibtischunterlagen mit 39261000000, Stoffposter 63049200900. Kissenbezüge (Spinngewebe) aus Mischstoffen: 63022290900, Bücher über 49019900009, Poster aus Papier: 49119100900

Falls du noch eine Nummer brauchst, die ich evtl. haben könnte, einfach fragen :)

Was aus deinem Einspruch wird, würde mich auch interessieren ;)
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I think it was April/May 2014, and I was really into the lucky star anime (still one of my favorite slice of life series). My friend had a few nendoroids and I saw lots of unboxing videos of them, so I decided to get a Konata Izumi nendoroid. She was super cute, but she broke easily since she had been in her box for a long time and I didn't realize how delicate she would be. Anyway at this time I was also really into tumblr. (Thankfully I haven't used it in probably a year) At the time I ran an anime blog and I discovered... DRAMAtical Murder. Apparently it was getting an anime in July and a nendoroid for it was announced. The Aoba Seragaki nendo looked absolutely adorable, so I got the game and played it... and after that I preordered Aoba. It was then I succumbed to the nendo cuteness and now I have a collection of 19 of them.
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I always liked anime, but I didn't understand the appeal of figures until recently. My younger sister, however, has long collected figures and has a sizeable amount of scales. Seeing her passion for them as well as becoming fans of characters with a lot of nice figures led me to start collecting recently! I only have a couple (with a couple more in the mail), but it seems really fun so far. (:
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Oh man, I saw it today at Yuma's twitter and was wondering when they will add it to the database. Bless Yuma and her sculpting skills.

riringo (1 day ago) #12037735One of the advantages of working for yourself, and being able to go places companies are usually too afraid to go. :D

I mean I don't want to be a jerk but why can't Koto put this amount of detail on their Mitsutada? This is why I always say Koto's sculpts are so stiff sometimes.
And I'm not specifically talking about this being a damaged ver, but the detail in the clothing and the seams. The more I look at it, the more I like it lol This is some A+ sculpt here.
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Thanks for joining the Souls-club. Praise the sun! \[]/
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Hi, ich hatte eine stressige Woche. Ich hab's zwar ein paar Mal hierher geschafft, aber nie richtig Zeit zum Chatten. Nun ist ja die Sonnenwende schon vorüber (Und ich hab am 22. auch ein Gläschen auf Dich getrunken), aber vllt können wir nochmal virtuell anstoßen?
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Füe ein paar shining figuren und ihre sailor s.h figuren habe ich einen ebay shop gefunden um lücken zu schliessen. Die shining kosten mehr aber dafür kein zoll.
I don't really have a big collection since I don't have money now days to buy figures unless I save from a month.Only got like 12figures and I'll buy 2 more tomorrow.
Well I first got into anime back when I was really young. They used to broadcast in my country dragon ball, ranma 1/2, Saint seiya and Dr slump so I was hooked. Many years passed and then I found out about Gantz and became one of my favorite anime shows of all time, but still I wasnt really a big fan of the industry yet.

I was more into pro wrestling than anything else, until 2009 when a friend from college told me about Death note and Fullmetal alchemist and then everything change, I fell in love with anime again and started watching a ton of shows. Out of all the anime that I watched the one that got my full attention was One piece, so I searched the web for some merchandise and came across a figure of Nico robin item #20650 and I just knew I had to have her. Since then I buy 2 or 3 figures every year and even though my collection is pretty small (just 12 figures) I love every single one of them.

That is how I got into this amazing hobby :D
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Also ich hab gerade ein bißchen gegoogelt und habe für die Warengruppe 39.26 ("Waren aus Kunststoffen"), Untergruppe 39264000 ("Statuetten und andere Ziergegenstände aus Kunststoffen") tatsächlich einen "Drittlandszollsatz" von 6,5% gefunden. [ext link ] Hast Du eine andere Quelle?
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Amazing!! Wonderful work!
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candlelight (2 days ago) #12021306I've read and agree to all the rules. :)
Invite sent ^.^
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So what makes me Smile?

As one of those who doesn't Smile that often and my default face appearance is one that's close to the Dredd Scowl I could say getting new figures and marking objectives off my lists is one of the things that make me smile.

Finding a figure I'm after for a good price makes me smile.

When I have a good day that makes me Smile so there isn't much that makes me Smile.

For some reason now I'm thinking about Ultra Magnus....


Oh all the new Transformers stuff that's coming out mainly the Combiner Wars Cartoon and the More Than Meets The Eye Comic Series makes me smile.
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If you're curious about what I got at JAFAX, here take a look!

View spoilerHide spoileritem #180758
item #318687
item #318683

And they gave me this for free!
item #161144
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I bought a second one when I saw him in a store because his face looked better than the one I already had... but now his hair isn't clued on quite right. I fear I'll end up with 10 Robins before I find the perfect one ':D
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:/ there just doesn't seem to be enough ekusuporoshun in this figure.
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jkb (2 days ago) #12007521I have read many comments, and I think some need to know the other side of the story.
You may read this : http://imgur.com/gallery/uaWEH

One thing I will point out is that all the members pay the EU fees based on their economy and population size. True while Poland and a lot of eastern places are paying a lot less, this will change in the next 5 - 10 years when their economy improves due to EU investment. By then they'll be paying as much if more than the UK but certainly a lot more than now.

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