1 day agoyokhayokha
bjd and dd after market was depends on hows the doll condition, the more they on mint condition (no stain, no yellowing, no resin chipping or no vinyl scratch)the more they're flawless the more the price can be near to the retail price, unless it was a limited doll, the price can be skyrocketed on the after market.

anyway Volks clothes ALWAYS staining when they have dark color, if you want to put the clothes on make sure to dip her clothes with detergent for about 24 hours until the dye comes off from the clothes, so they will never stain the doll body.
1 day agocarbon1903carbon1903
Depend on personal circumstances, it can't be help that you can't "safely" display her (All of my DDs are hiding in the closet since forever xD). It does seem that you are not attached to her and wanting to let go; but to be honest she's not one of the most popular DD, so her price doesn't increase since her release but the opposite. Good luck finding her a new home!
1 day agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
very cool! nice shot <3
1 day ago (1 day ago)Milady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Pretty disappointed...GSC told me that the yellow on my Ryuuko is an intentional paint job and products just differ because there's hand painting details involved...If this is part of an intentional paint job I hope whoever did it gets better at their work...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/kSwtNXQ.jpg
I mean I still love Ryuuko and this is a minor thing and there's more yellow splotches on the back of her hair but still, little complainy is all :'s
1 day agoarianehkarianehk
Sumire (1 day ago) #2409826Oh, you don't like Raku? He isn't a great character but for a harem king pretty okayish. I actually like him a bit since he is quite refreshing as a MC who sticks to the original concept of the old Harem kings like Keitaro or Tenchi and isn't Jesus Christ as an anime character like Kirito or Shiba Tatsuya.

now that you mentioned it, I have no problem with Keitaro. It's like an evil cycle, I don't like Raku because I hate Chitoge, but I hate Chitoge because he's paired with Raku, it's like their pairing manage to pull both of them down.

oh don't get me started with Kirito, top 3 of my most hated male protag xD
1 day agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
sorry! >.<
1 day ago (1 day ago)ym639ee6vq5ym639ee6vq5
minty710 (1 day ago) #2410393Cool badges :)
Just wondering, did you buy this from a convention or straight from the site? I've been looking at some of her Zelda necklaces for a friend and was wondering how they were like.

hey thanks! I thought they were neat. I bought them at NYC Comic con, I just made a blog entry about my loot. I bought this from the sanshee booth. I also went to PAX East earlier this year and they had a booth. I wanted to buy these then but they were sold out, I snatched them up this time. But their stuff is really great quality, I bought my sister earrings there, their pins and jewelry are solid.
1 day agobethykinsbethykins
Its hard sometimes, personally i spend more money on clothes for my dollfies than I do for myself most months. Speaking from someone who own's 30+ DD's i agree that they are much bigger than you'd expect and it can be hard to find somewhere to display them but they are much more versitile than figures and you can change the look after a while if you get bored :)

At the moment I would expect no more than around $700 inc shipping for her. Someone on the DD forums has been trying to sell her head & body for $400 for a while now with no luck. And her outfit is not widely popular. Even at $700 I would expect her to be on the market for a good many months :)
1 day agoMaronnMaronn
I changed the category, thanks for telling me.
1 day agoamankayaamankaya
If anyone wants a HLJ pre order, PM me, i have a lot of releases this month :(
1 day agoronrironri
Seravy (1 day ago) #2410331Pay for it with PayPal. When you receive the package, if it contains someone else's items or the shipping cost was unreasonable, file a claim (make photos of the package both before opening it and of the contents themselves.), that way they'll be forced to respond or you get all the money back. Only file the claim after you already received all your items and they aren't holding anything else you own.
This sounds like the best solution honestly, it's such a pain but it's the best surefire way of not getting your account banned while still getting some compensation for the stupid mishandling by BiJ.
1 day agoLikemike55Likemike55
Nice Haul! I also love the Shining series figures from Kotobukiya, the bread that comes with Airy is so nicely sculptured and painted! I would like to get all the other girls too, especially Neris item #61403 but her price has shot up so high o_o

I also read a lot of comments saying Koto's Melty's face looks weird but it looks pretty good from your photos. I ended up getting Alter's version a while ago (definitely worth the money!) but I may grab Koto's one too if it pops up on AmiAmi :) I enjoyed watching Steins Gate and would definitely like to get some scale figures for it in future when I have some spare money :D
1 day agoautumnlucksautumnlucks
I see...so how much was 16% for you? Just wondering, lol

and the poor packaging is making me a bit worried since I've been reading that the belldandy figure can easily be damaged.

Would you mind stating what you ordered? Just wondering
1 day agokorelgkorelg
Jajanken (3 days ago) #2407189Was browsing kotos new releases when i saw this. I love how koto can take any character ANY and make into a realistic anime style. Its amazing. I dont even like western comics but if i had excess funds this is one of those figures that looks good anywhere

It's not Koto my friend, its the Yamashita magic!! that guy is an excellent artist
1 day ago (1 day ago)mintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Some of my B items I couldn't tell were opened. A few were obviously opened but resealed. I've only ever had one problem and that was with a Figuart that was missing its stand but I'm convinced I didn't read the whole page and missed it. So I don't think a B item is even a risk.
1 day ago (1 day ago)AnimeDubsAnimeDubs
Aww **** me if only I knew about this, I saw the order deadline and it broke my heart
1 day agopaTKanypaTKany Over 9000
peman (1 day ago) #2410296oh... why? i saw this code on 1999.co.jp ..... (ext link)

Leading digit is missing (could be 0 or 4). Barcode field must be 13 digits long.
1 day agomomawmomaw
My order at amiami shows they have received stock. Just waiting for the payment request.

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