1 day agoJ3SceneJ3Scene
I NEED HIM!! He's way better than I expected, thank god >.<
1 day agoBepboBepbo

Mystery Box i got at ACen 2015, already have him so I don't need duplicates! Unfortunately, I forgot MFC only allows 1 ad a week, so I'm just posting here until I can list him ^^

Only been opened and displayed once/looked at, otherwise brand new!
Selling for $12.00 US and 3.00 shipping. US/North American buyer preferred. PM me if you have any Questions!
1 day agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
I may need this when she's available to hopefully pre-order~
1 day agoMaakieMaakie
vyseoftheskies (2 days ago) #3018550Available now on BIJ.
(ext link)
...For 14,290 yen. O_O

Damn, didn't expect her price to be this extreme on top of already the release price... If I was completely in love with everything I would have done it for my YGO collection, but it's mainly the chibi holding me back... Urgh, what to do...
1 day agoMemyandiMemyandi
escape_rope (1 day ago) #3031867I hope this helped even a little :)
YES it did, this is exactly what I needed, a quick overview, thanks!! (I did read it, but I think you eplained some things more clearly!)
I have only one Oodachi, Ishiki-Papa, so I'd hate to lose him, but if I make him the leader he can't break, because I read that when the leader's heavily injured the team automatically returns to the citadel, right?
I'll need to level a lot before I can try, but I'll do so eventually, so thank you very very much ^-^
1 day agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board RockFigu! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 day agoMaakieMaakie
It's always nice to see more reviews of trading figure (sets)! :)
1 day agokamikorosukamikorosu
After a lot of thought, I think I'm gunna pass her up. She's my favorite LL girl, but her price combined with lack of props that'd be fun to pose her with makes it so hard to logically justify for a broke student like me. In my mind, I can better justify buying two nendoroid/two figma with better props than this much on such a limited figure, regardless of how much I like her.
1 day agoChidoruChidoru Selling some figures!
If the other girls were guaranteed to be made in this outfit, I might get her. >_<
1 day agoAndyErrorAndyError
I have Lucina figma pre-ordered. Other than that, it's just Chrom charaform figure, various keychains, and video games (IA/VT and Persona 4 Dancing All Night vita slim limited edition).

I wish Fire Emblem Awakening would get more scale figures.
You linked the wrong kagami. Aswell in the other pic.
1 day agoYamikaYamika
Karumi (4 days ago) #3015342Your inbox is full. >__<

Sorry about that!! Should be ok now. I was away at a con last weekend so my inbox just got crazy XD
1 day ago (1 day ago)The-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
I'm selling him for $425 + shipping if anyone is interested.
1 day agoMilksMilks
Thank you everyone for replying!

View spoilerHide spoilerchobittsu (3 days ago) #3017782You could go to DenDen town (the Akihabara of Osaka) and Namba where there are tons of shops. Osaka is also the city with the highest number of eating establishments; Dotombori is such an area.

That sounds delicious! I'll probably head on over there later in the afternoon (If I haven't bought too much stuff to carry).

ney (3 days ago) #3017784Tokyu Hands, Mandarake Umeda and all those shops along the shopping alley of Shinsaibashi and/or Mandarake Grandchaos near the Amerika Mura town.
There is a lot to do in Osaka but if you have the opportunity, go to Nara :>

I'll plan on heading to all of those places (Especially Mandarake- When I went to the ones in Akihabara and Nakano last time I went, it was paradise). Our group is going to Nara for a day (To go to the park, Kasuga Taisha, and Todaiji Temple)!

Tinnic (3 days ago) #3017790If you are going to do castles and stuff, I would suggest Jump Shop in UMEDA - (ext link) and while you are there, don't forget to go up and visit the viewing deck of UMEDA Building. Assuming, that is, your school isn't planning on taking you to the sky deck.

This is actually the only day we're spending in Osaka- The rest of the trip, we're mostly staying in Kyoto and Tokyo. I had no idea they had a Jump Shop there, so I'll definitely have to go (Even though Bleach isn't big over there anymore).

SpinkellaSapphir (3 days ago) #3017801Here's something I did not get to do when I was there: go to Nipponbashi St. near Dotonburi. The flagship branch of Jungle (ext link) is located there, and they've lots of figures you can get for a steal.
One of the most popular places in Osaka IS Dotonburi, however it's max nightlife and a pretty little district for walking around at night.

...Now I feel all empty inside huhu

Who doesn't love getting figures at insanely good prices? Ahaha, I remember grabbing item #91192 for $24 last time I was there, when his price was still lingering around $50. I'm going to want to make room for Jungle!

chobittsu (3 days ago) #3017838
Jungle is located at Sakai Suji, the main street of DenDen Town. On the same street is also the Osaka Volks store. There are quite a lot of stores and shop along that strip that sell new and secondhand figures by the way.

I remember going to the Volks store in Akihabara (I think it was the Volks store) and seeing some cool stuff, so I'll try to make room for it in Osaka. Osaka is sounding more and more fun, ahaha.

Leo_Otaku (2 days ago) #3018631Free days? NICE when i went with the school in 2001 we couldn't do anything like that.
Everyone said all the great anime stores to go to :3 There are some great bargains if you walk around. I'd also recommend for non anime, the Namba area. But I assume the school would take you there and you can see the new Glico man! Lots of neat shops and things there. People mentioned Tokyu Hands, which is so awesome and so is Loft. If you're a Tezuka fan the Tezuka musuem is nice, but it is a bit out of the way (I'm a huge Kimba/Jungle Taitei fan). I wouldn't recommend universal studios,unless you were a fan of something they have going on, it's really crowded and expensive.
I also agree with ney, Nara is really great like the deer and the Todaiji. Really awesome!

Yeah, I was surprised when they said we could venture off by ourselves for two days. I mean, we have to have a buddy with us, but being in Tokyo and Osaka with just a friend sounds a bit scary to me, ahaha!

I'll need to go to Namba and see the Glico Man, since my school isn't taking us anywhere in Osaka (I don't really know why were not exploring it more, to be honest). I'd totally want to go to the museum, but since we have to ride a train from Kyoto that day, and with all of the other things to do, I'm not sure if I'll have the time. Maybe when I go to Japan the third time (Whenever that is, ahaha)!

Keripo (2 days ago) #3025466Too much to list xD
Take a look at my Japan 2012 posts where my friends did the full "visit all the tourist places in under 2 weeks" planning and see if any of those places tickle your fancy.

Thank you for the link! I'll look at it when it gets closer to my trip (Since I still have 13 days, ahaha), and see if anything grabs my partner's attention also, since he probably has a few things he wants to do too!

alterian (2 days ago) #3029261Visit the anime shops. I am told it is a gold mine lined with platinum (like akihabara but smaller). Please get web addresses if they accept overseas orders.

Akihabara was quite the gold mine! I can be sure to do that for everyone.

bethykins (1 day ago) #3030611I'm in Japan at the moment, been to three Pokemon stores which all had the same stuff. I would say get up early and grab a train to Nara if your school isn't going there it's full of roaming deer and an amazing experience! Leave there around midday, grab lunch and head to Osaka's den den town, set Google maps for mandarake (which is huge and amazing) and everything else is in that area :)
Remember there are two mandarake's, Umeda and Grand(Chaos)

Good to know about the Pokemon Centers; thank you (I should really be on top of that info seeing how I'm a Mod on a Pokemon Merch forum but _(:3」∠)_)! Nara is sounding so fun right now with all of the deer, ahaha. I'm going to have to go to Den Den Town now, since I'm a huge food person for any kind of food. I'll be sure to remember that (Also, I hope you're having fun abroad!).

Now I'm getting pumped for the day-trip to Nara above everything.
1 day agoBelkainBelkain
Steven (1 month ago) #2883842still waiting for the tan version

Same here. I'm pretty confident I can restrain myself with this one, a tanned version however will shatter my will within seconds.
1 day agoangelbottangelbott
Beani (1 day ago) #3031739The company is actually Sun Star Stationery which has an entry in the DB already. Not sure why it uses the English translation but I added the Japanese as an alias for now and merged the entries.
Thank you for explain and clear it. :) Thank you for your help. ^^ yeah, I wonder too..
1 day agodaiminedaimine

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