1 day agoLehstLehst
This shot rocks!
1 day agoSilverySilvery
DanteMagica (2 days ago) #3397626No it didn't sound like that you were whining because we both have seen ALOT of Gundam so we expect them to step up their game. I agree they really need some main protagonist as a female, I don't think that one girl from that OVA counts, since it was short and we hardly got to see her in the gundam actually piloting. Plus I'm hoping it will be better than that hot mess of a show,G-Reco. So convoluted. That's cool it's taking place on Mars though. And I do like the design of the main gundam, but like you said, hope they can prove their cliches are good enough to over look once again.
That sucks about the instalation:,(

Haha, I'm glad that we understand each other so well, down to G-Reco! ;P

As for the installation, there's a small chance that they will rebuild it in a different place, but it won't be the same. It has become a part of Warsaw's history right where it was. But then, our new president is from a very conservative party, so it won't surprise me if we won't see it anywhere at all.
1 day agoLehstLehst
miichaneko (1 day ago) #3398080I haven't gotten the payment request from HLJ yet and now I'm worrying I might not get him ><
Really? D: did you preorder him late? Maybe they just didn't process your order before the weekend? My old email started denying their address, so I learned you can also check your account page to see if it says they sent a payment request.
1 day ago (1 day ago)redshootredshoot
bazinga (1 day ago) #3398638Does anyone know if there is place to ask for a figure to be made of a character or custom order a figure?
is it an action Figure?
if It's a Figma i know
but custom figures are really expensive (when i mean really It's REALLY expensive)
1 day agoShiratori1Shiratori1
Decided to PO this one. I was considering item #321609, but this one is more dynamic and comes from a company with an established reputation.
1 day agoDynamiteDynamite
Schau mal, über das bin ich grad beim surfen gestolpert: (ext link)
Hab an dich denken müssen :)
1 day agonekomimisnekomimis
skny (1 day ago) #3398636Sorry, not related, but this "storing under the bed" kinda sounds like this Anime-ero hon-under the bed- cliche ^^

That's actually not too far from the truth lol. I still live with my parents and have younger siblings so I like to keep any 18+ works I own out of sight.

whynotr (1 day ago) #3398631For me personally I put them in storage comic book boxes a lot of times they are roughly the same size and you can literally get hundreds in there. Easy to store and stack and they hold quite a few so the way your going it might take a while to fill them. keeps the dust off them and keeps them from getting banged and scraped. Also helps to prevent spine damage when they are in their upright position. Good luck!

That sounds like an all-around good deal. I think I might have to look into getting one of those. Thanks for the help!
1 day agoAngelikaAngelika
skny (1 day ago) #3398627I will make it short (had once tried to publish a thread on this matter containing some longer really upset rage rant, but it somehow did not display.. dunno, dont' really care anymore)
Strict you say? I would rather say full of shit. Sorry to sound so harsh, but that's the truth.
I had not even handled my first order by them, only asked them as far as I remember to lower the value on the package in the order note.
What did they do? Tell me the ordered item is "unfortuneately" no longer available and cancelled the order.
Of course it was still there a couple of days later, messaged them, got, again of course no answer.
Tried to order something else, always got an "error". Now guess what, they banned my name, address, street or whatever.
For no reason. Yeah, that's how those fucktards can treat you.

They always cancel orders when items is not in-stock, and some stores are really bad at delete an outsold item (shibuya is an example).

Some times of the day the website is overloaded, which can result in slow connection and error pages, recently(some 1-3month ago they updated the order page so you have to put a space in the zip code to make it work (that's what they told me when i mailed them cause i couldn't order).

If you sent them a mail out of anger to them and not politely i can understand them.

I never had any problems like this with them, but i wont deny some have. But it is very important when having issues to be polite, as i believe they wont tolerate bad behavior.
1 day agoZarathustraZarathustra
I like (ext link) myself. Like her work and style.
1 day agoeinonymouseinonymous
The pose in this one is so great! Let me know if you're selling for a reasonable price or if you see one anywhere. :-)
1 day agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
obrittany (2 days ago) #3396791Anyone know if she is going up on NY? I've been checking but I don't see her
I don't see her on NY either, but if it helps she's up on BIJ: (ext link)
1 day agolightningmaidlightningmaid
Never had a problem with them. That's all.
1 day agoMitsunaMitsuna Mission Start!
The more I look at her the more excited I get about painting her, I can't wait for when she arrives ^.^
I really want this but Im wondering how much it will cost T_T
1 day agoTDDTDD
Awesome picture, that's a really nice display !
1 day agoRieszRiesz
I've ordered from mandarake dozens of times without any issues so I really don't think there is cause to worry. I have combined orders, changed shipping methods, asked for undervalue... no problems.
1 day ago (1 day ago)yuki013yuki013
Take (6 days ago) #3377743I just read your two blogs about your move to the UK and your story is so inspirational and admirable. I wish you all the best and I hope everything's going well for you in your new home :)
Good luck, stay strong and take care ;-)

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your kind words, I am doing fine and everything is going well with my job. I will probably start to put my current address on websites so I can enjoy figures here too. Again, thanks a lot. I wish you the best too :3

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