3 minutes agoTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Hopefully WonFes brings more YOI nendoroids, including a casual Yuri.
5 minutes agogundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
trevman256 (9 hours ago) #24022401Another great setting lolThanks. GnR concerts used to get pretty rowdy when they were relatively unknown and played the smaller venues. Once they started playing big arenas things didn't get crazy until off-site, at least that's what I've read.
5 minutes agostickcatstickcat
Looking to buy this cutie! Please PM me if you're selling! I am from the US!
5 minutes agoerza1erza1
Looking forward to seeing the full sculpt of figure and in the end I would probably end up buying her anyway and even if she does not come with interchangeable parts .though can't wait to see what Native and Rocket have coming on Sunday and I just want apologize if I may have upset anyone on here.
7 minutes agogundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
RSGaul (4 hours ago) #24026524I noticed there were no user pics of this beauty so I broke mine out of storage and snapped a few shots... and yes she is an oldie but a goodie, thanks!Nice tatami mat backdrop as well - are you in Japan now? I used to live in Tokyo.
8 minutes agoTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
kuroorin (14 minutes ago) #24030642This is rather concerning, the "potential defect"...
What does this mean for people who did not purchase from GSC and their orders already shipped? :o

It could be a batch defect.
9 minutes agoPlatoGPlatoG
Giving up on waiting her to bin...
Finally grabbed her and ease all the pain
14 minutes agokuroorinkuroorin
This is rather concerning, the "potential defect"...
What does this mean for people who did not purchase from GSC and their orders already shipped? :o
16 minutes agoDeepEyesDeepEyes
Nice, but still no Nenecci? I just watch the show for her and Umiko <3

19 minutes agoHighCalamityHighCalamity
Mostly the equipment she uses and her headgear changes slightly Shinkaii (1 hour ago) #24029560What's the difference between this and regular Kongou nendo?
22 minutes agorinschurinschu
NemsEngelAceSasu (47 minutes ago) #24030111I asked BIJ aswell in the message box, cause i dont want to pay airmail and orderd them seperatly, and they said they will include it, since i already wrote that in the message box when ordering. So you should be safe when you put it in their comment box.

I have just gotten a reply to my mail to them as well, and they said they made a note to include the bonus :) I will probably add their reply to the message on one of the orders as well closer to release, just to make sure they don't forget it, but I don't want to sound uber desperate 6 months in advance by leaving notes all over xD
23 minutes agohks95hks95
I never want to see someone dick this much...am i gay?
26 minutes agoFoolyDoolyFoolyDooly
This looks like FumoFumo/GIFT's plushie lines.
28 minutes agoCrowMaidenCrowMaiden
BloodyEarth (6 hours ago) #24025438Hey. I was wondering did those RSAL parcels of yours arrived yet? Still waiting on my EMS Parcel, unfortunately...

I actually did get a couple of them. The RSAL that was over 2 months finally arrived, and the airmail package arrived after 6 weeks.

That seriously sucks you're still waiting on yours! @__@ I think this is the longest I've ever heard of an EMS parcel taking.
31 minutes agoCho-LinCho-Lin Never enough iM@S ♥
The only good thing about these ridiculously high Alter Idolm@ster prices is that everything else seems cheap in comparison...haha...orz

Unsure if I should pre-order or not. Anzu is one of my favs and gets released around my birthday (assuming there are no delays) so I could get her as a present for myself. Still doesn't justify the price though even if she looks lovely.

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