1 minute agoadorablerocketadorablerocket
It's so popular I'd be shocked if eventually we don't see some English language version.
3 minutes agoklarionklarion
So jelly of your Ja'far collection
3 minutes agoshiimashiima
KalasRaven (8 hours ago) #2355294Thank god he's delayed!!!!!! I have too much stuff in September so this is the best thing. :D (I can't wait for him though) <33333

7 minutes agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror
WonderWaffle (56 minutes ago) #2355962the long lines!!! *dies*
For Thursday I doubt it'll be long at all, and the new badge system makes lines WAY smoother.
7 minutes agospecki8848specki8848
i think 2015 will be a beatless anime and goodsmile will release kouka and rerelease lacia :3
8 minutes agomaggiemaggie
Great book of the think tank that designed KLK in action. Follows the main designers concept work for character designs. Fantastic, interesting book.
9 minutes agoifob8ifob8
That one is nice, that nendo :D
10 minutes agomaggiemaggie
Opening & ending story board and genga, along with color pictures of new type spreads and mako ending stills.
Some really great genga, beautifully done.
11 minutes ago (10 minutes ago)JajankenJajanken
SPOILER: Holy shit this means Duck Hunt Dog is going to be the most badass looking thing ever.
12 minutes agomaggiemaggie
So what do you think of them? Levi's gear is a pain... Or rather, assemble it fully before you attach it to him. Good luck getting his leg pegs out >_<;;
12 minutes agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
AmiAmi has her on sale as well as a Pre-Owned A/B for 5280 JPY (ext link)
14 minutes agoSolidSRKSolidSRK
Oh hey, a figure from Frozen...I wonder how she...

*Looks at picture*

14 minutes agoGonsteadGonstead
Just got this set in the mail after finding one for sale on Mandarake. Tried to take the head of so I could attach the cape and her head broke off DX.
14 minutes agoJajankenJajanken
Glad I held out. Amiibo quality isn't that bad plus his pose is doable.
14 minutes agoReahReah
If you want to start playing Kancolle, the wiki is seriously the place to start. It has all the information you need to get started. Once you actually win the lottery and can actually play, I recommend you download the English viewer browser. It looks like this: (ext link) The viewer browser is basically a fancy internet explorer browser that displays and translate quests, ships names, notifications, etc into English automatically. It's incredibly useful and should be enough to ease you into the game.
14 minutes agoAokidanzaAokidanza
TBlake (5 hours ago) #2355701Schneider? That sounds like a tough task. I can't imagine where you'll find those kinds of things. I have some stranger family members, but they don't really have anything on that XD. She must have been some sort of German ninja. Itll be like a scene from Indiana Jones!
I've only played the original and Chain of Memories. I did like them but I wasn't too crazy about them. I will try to pick up both 1.5 and 2.5 HD later and just marathon through the rest of the series. They're cheap enough now. But first I have to finish either FF 4 DS or Tactics. I shall then have to wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to eventually get a release date......... Someday now. That's just fine, I'm here to discuss these "childish" series with you =).
I've played plenty of the original and Wild World but I haven't gotten around to the others. It's mostly due to the fact that I don't own a Wii and I've only ever played 2 Wii games so far. Still the original doesn't get old and I still prefer it to Wild World in some ways, namely the changed Resetti system, Freeflowing World, and lack of NES Games. It's a Classic and I used to play that every day in the morning. I still play it sometimes even if I'm out if Nook's bankruptcy.

Schneider is sooooo different from Schmidt. It doesn't start with an S. :P My great grandmother was actually Irish/English. Mostly. I think. ._. That's what people tell me, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Sourcing documents actually isn't that difficult for most people, if you know where to look. Census records are incredibly easy to find and readily available on the web. If you can travel, it's even easier. Most towns have records of the people who lived there, their marriage licenses and birth certificates if they were married or born there, their death certificates if they died there. My grandmother supposedly was born in Virginia (I've heard stories of her being raised on a plantation and all that), and I live in Maryland, so a trip to her hometown wouldn't be too out of the way. It gets tricky when you're dealing with immigrants and people in other countries, though.

Get New Leaf. I loved the original and Wild World, but New Leaf is just the best. So many additions and improvements. I haven't played the original in foreeeever, and I also haven't touched Wild World since New Leaf came out. My poor little towns, so forgotten. I never played the city version on the Wii. I feel like Animal Crossing just belongs on a handheld. Seriously, I think that's why I haven't gone back to the original. Playing AC on a console is just so... Foreign. xD
14 minutes agojota_cejota_ce
Sils (2 hours ago) #2355907( ・ᴗ・)ノ!!! soy la panchupapaari del tumblr
Sip, te llegué a reconocer por algunas cosas de tu colleción! Recuerdo haberte tirado unos tips sobre si era bootleg o no cuando compraste el figma de Marisa. Tenés varias cosas muy buena onda!

p.d.: Innecesariamente aclaro que yo soy el jota ce/sayonara JC de tumbururu.
17 minutes agomikki24354mikki24354
At least we'll receive the merchandise from GLS so I'll try not to complain here. I'm relieved in the way that after recieving this figure I won't have anything to do with him anymore. Thank god.
18 minutes agovinnvannvinnvann
eskeigh (2 hours ago) #2355887I think Holler is okay. I'm not in love with it so far. TTS all look really pretty though, lol.
I play as the titan! Though I created a character for each class. What about you?

haha yea TTS very pretty, especially taeyeon :p
nice, i play as warlock, but i think i'll create another character, is titan good ? i mean the skills

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