1 minute agochechuchechu
omg @_@ awesome!
2 minutes agoJajankenJajanken
Still not showing up in my warehouse. Anyone having the same problem?
3 minutes agoRyaAmaiRyaAmai
Das hat auch nichts mit dummheit zu tun ^^ Da musste ich mich anfänglich auch reinlesen. Nur in letzter Zeit lese ich das vieeeeeeeeeel zu oft xD Also nicht bei dir, sondern bei anderen ^^

Eben, man würde dennoch günstiger wegkommen. Ich werde bestimmt an der Haustür lachen, wenn wegen ¥20 die EUSt anfallen xD Also nicht wirklich, aber innerlich definitiv. Stelle mir das gerade mega weird vor für den Postboten, falls da jemand anfängt zu lachen xD

Ahh jetzt verstehe ich was du meinst. Ich habe das mit dem coolem selbstbewusstsein verwechselt. Die drei sind auch nicht so mein Fall, da haben wir schon bessere kennen gelernt ^^

Ja, wenn er schon mehr von Tsurumaru begeisert ist, wird es wirklich erstmal die bessere Wahl sein :)

Kann mir das gut vorstellen <3 Kurisu sieht echt süß aus, kenne sie von meinem Bruder ;) Sakura Miku wird auch irgendwann bei dir einziehen dürfen ;)

Hab item #332706 auch schon gesehen, ich würde das Geld lieber in anderes Merch investieren. Da wird noch extrem viel auf dich zukommen^^
3 minutes agokevinlowlkevinlowl
Fuck yeah, more tan Mikus!

Seiidaishougun (4 days ago) #3228539Good grief no. This would be a very interesting alternative with her cute short twintails, I don't want to see it ruined by tan.
They should do a no-tan version first, then they can still cater to people with weird fetishes (like tan) later.

Nah, they should do tan version only.
3 minutes agoNyamimoNyamimo
Price reduced to 46 shipped, want to sell her ASAP!

Nyamimo (8 days ago) #3203995Selling a brand new one for 55 shipped, PM me if interested. US only.
4 minutes agoRychiRychi
Sonico and Fate are soooo cute!!
5 minutes agoDemitriaDemitria
Cliffy (46 minutes ago) #3256592Something designed to be cool is more cool than something designed to be moe.
Geez, who would have thought.

Why are you EVEN trying to be sarcastic, if you are not able to do that?
There a re a lot of ppl who like more the moe design better than a cool design. De gustibus.
5 minutes agomelonmacaronmelonmacaron
Hey guys, Seiba here.
I have something fun that the community might like. I'm currently helping to work on a kickstarter for localizing a Migiha visual novel called "Wish" by a new startup called Culture Select. The artstyle and overlining story elements are Type-Moon inspired so it'd be a great help if you guys want to check it out and spread it around. We currently have 6 days left in the campaign and are 80% to our funding goal. We also got Greenlit on steam last week thanks to fans like you guys. Everyone on the team is a huge type-moon fan and some of them played Melty Blood back in the day so reaching out to the community has been a big help.

Heres the link to our Kickstarter
and Greenlight. I can answer any questions you guys have and thanks for reading.
6 minutes agojessicoooooooojessicoooooooo
Woah!! This is awesome!
8 minutes agoKiririn-chanKiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
item #332706 Finde ich voll niedlich denke aber das ich sie nicht vorbestellen werde.
8 minutes agoAzyxAzyx
BloggingGuidelinesShop questions/rants/reviews are not permitted. Please instead use the relevant Shop Thread.(mfc link)

Appropriate place to post for Mandarake: (mfc link)
11 minutes agoFiwaneFiwane
Rejean235 (21 minutes ago) #3256684Bonjour,
Nippon-Yasan (N-Y) est un autre site où ils acceptent de sous-évaluer la valeur des paquets si tu le demandes. Elle est disponible: (ext link). Avec eux je choisis toujours SAL, c'est le plus économique et je n'ai jamais eu de problème. L'envoi avec la boîte de carton et l'emballage devrait être environ 1,5 kg comme Take te l'as mentionné.
Il y aura des frais sur la carte pour convertir les JPY en euro mais il n'y a pas moyen d'y échapper.

Merci infiniment a Take et à toi Rejean !! Je pense que je commanderai bientôt sur le site que tu m'a envoyer. ( je pense que je devrai me dépêcher sinon je n'en aurai plus xD ).
En tout cas vraiment merci ! Au cas ou si j'ai d'autres questions/problème je vous demanderai si sa ne vous dérange pas :D Vraiment merci ( et j'espère j'arriverai facilement à tout faire si c'est en anglais ou encore en japonais xDD )
11 minutes ago (9 minutes ago)jessicoooooooojessicoooooooo
Dbonn12 (12 minutes ago) #3256700Favorite Bishoujos? No, they're my Avengers bishoujos, but yeah they're all my favorite!
12 minutes agoHappyGoreLuckyHappyGoreLucky
Iron on low with a piece of parchment paper between the iron and fabric.
12 minutes agoDbonn12Dbonn12
Favorite Bishoujos?
13 minutes agoSelidorSelidor
TiggerShark (4 hours ago) #3251880Such limited shipping locations :<. No hope here~

Why not use a forwarding service? It's really easy to order him directly from Amazon Japan and have him shipped to a forwarding address, and it's not expensive.
13 minutes agoNuoroNuoro
I'm selling her (like new condition) for $52 USD shipping included for USA/CANADA/MEXICO/EUROPE ;___; send me a PM if you have any questions or want photos!

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