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50 seconds agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
CloudKingdom (7 days ago) #2417060Nooo, I didn't make the 6,000 yen on Mandarake. They cancelled it, wahah. :'/mikki-malu (18 hours ago) #2430576(ext link) 6000y opened Mandarake :)I don't know if it's the same one that came up again but I bought it. Thanks mikki-malu
1 minute ago (31 seconds ago)RychiRychi
Selling her, 37Euro paypal fees included(Selling Cryska too). PM me if you're interested!
1 minute agoescape_ropeescape_rope
TheBasarianKaoru (1 day ago) #2428756Uh, I ordered my copy of Zakki from HMV. First time using it, I never knew they also had an English site for overseas costumers. Unfortunately they only ship with EMS for overseas, but it's a bit cheaper than CDJapan. I ordered another book with Zakki (Kamen Rider Gaim Photo Album), the total was of 2600 yen, and the shipping was...2600 yen LOL good service tho, they have lots of books and magazines, and sometimes there are also bonuses if you order from them (my Gaim Photo Album came with a special card).
I don't use HMV only because of EMS. It's not worth for books 'cause they weigh a ton and EMS shipping to Europe is really expensive :< I rather add another book to my cart and go with the cheapest shipping mehod.
CDJapan also gives first press bonuses like promo posters, postcards, stickers etc. Each store has their own bonuses tho.

Shizuya (1 day ago) #2428192and I can't help it, I MUST mention this ^^" even a page with all Uta's tattoos and where they are placed on his body x3
aw yeah!! <3333333333
Now I really hope my copy arrives next week!
3 minutes agoOtakusoulemotionOtakusoulemotion
Thanks. Very clear way of distinguishing fake from real..
7 minutes agoamy616amy616
Oh my, is she coming out?
Or is this for event only?
7 minutes ago (6 minutes ago)PoisonCupcake13PoisonCupcake13
I was thinking get this for my boyfriend, but i will pass this, the price is ridiculous and we don't get the handgun and the box?! so fuck it... he looks good and well done but it's not worth the money with that price -.-' GSC are making the prices really high for the figures and it's not worth it, i prefer buy a scale figure with that prices.
Well i had order months ago the nendoroid version. So he will need to be happy with the nendoroid. Sorry i'm not rich enough to buy this.

It's just enough buying Sinon figma she cost too much too and i will pass this one.

And GSC i hope Sakura figma will not cost with this ridiculous prices too >_> will broke my heart.
14 minutes agoLuse666Luse666
Nippon-Yassan asked for payment and said she's due on the 7th of November, just a little late...
18 minutes agomekyumekyu
I love Petit Chara ! I bought a One Piece set (Tea Party in Wonderland) and I find it very beautiful and cute (I love the setting, the details and everything, it's really nice to have it displayed !).
But I find Petit charas to be on the expensive side (for what they offer) like the Natsume Yuujinchou ones or the Free! ones. I prefer to wait if, by any chance, they hit bargan bin to buy them !
I'd like Megahouse to do Kuroshitsuji too (for Kuroko no Basket, there are the Ochatomo series or the One Coin so I'm not complaining - but I'd like KnB nendos...)
20 minutes agoMitsunaMitsuna
Thank you very much! I just ordered it ^o^
Kilari59 (24 minutes ago) #2432257Available on CDJapan (ext link) ;)
22 minutes agoDanciDanci
Arrived today. She's...beautuful. *_* I love her grumpy expression! xx

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