9 minutes agoJingobeanJingobean
lunaistar (1 hour ago) #26341690I was thinking of doing that, and I will try, but I am just worried of getting attacked by fans as I was blocked before for just giving an honest review of a commission I got from someone. Thankfully people here have been nice to me so far compared to other communities, which one had a mod bullying me, and one community where no one replied to me at all except to other posts. I've been having worse and worse luck with people lately and been blocking people more and more, and I am getting tired of it. :( But if I say nothing, more people will also fall victim to them, and I don't want that, so, again, I will try.
Thank you for your feedback it's appreciated.

I totally understand what you mean,I've always been terrified of any kind of confrontation,or the thought of making someone upset with me D: In this case it might be a good idea to first play dumb,basically lol.Start commenting on their accounts saying something like,"Hey,I haven't heard back from you about my figures,I think my emails must not have gotten to you! Can you please get back to me?" to start with,to see if/how they respond,so you can't be accused by their fans,or them,of attacking them ;) Then if they ignore you try to take it up another notch by putting them on blast.

That's really crummy of those guys,I'm sorry! ❤ Too often it seems like the world is just full of jerks >~<;; *Hug!*
10 minutes agonaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
snow_hime (46 minutes ago) #26341924Where did you preorder her?

Sorry, I think that statement was unclear! I ordered from from GSC a year ago. The other order mentioned is from AmiAmi, but doesn't include Sakura.
11 minutes agoRyoSaebaRyoSaeba
Thank you! :) Here's link to a higher res version that's on imgur.
[ext link ]
18 minutes ago (18 minutes ago)kyoshinheikyoshinhei
As has been suggested before, I would advise to strengthen the leg peg with a metal rod.
First reattach the peg with either epoxy or super glue and then drill through the peg and into the base. This will ensure that the hole in the peg and the base are perfectly aligned. Then drive a glue covered pin or a similar piece of metal into the hole.
I show the technique in this tutorial. (mfc link)
You can skip the double pin part since you're not fixing a moving part which means you don't need extra strength and twisting resistance.

As for the gun, if the damage is near the end of it and the broken part is not too heavy, just use a small drop of glue and it should do the trick. Just be careful to not bump into it.
If the part is heavy, then you need to drive a metal pin into it again. This time though you would probably need to drill each side separately. Try to be as precise as you can to get the proper alignment.
hi if anybody is selling this can you PLEASE pm me, i want her so bad ;_;
21 minutes agoKashyKashy
Awesome, most of the figures here are in my wishlist... and they will stay there forever!
25 minutes agofrostwonderlandfrostwonderland
Selling her brand new and sealed for $65 including shipping within the US. Comes with GSC bonus faceplate! PM me if interested.
29 minutes agoPlatoGPlatoG
Why her ratings are so low? she looked so cute to me ...
30 minutes agoMikudayo-Mikudayo-
Some boxes fell on my Satsuki figma while I was moving cubicles at work and she ended up with her antennae and one of her shoulderpads broken.
From that point on I learned to only take disposable figures to the office.
32 minutes agoSolarstormflareSolarstormflare
Mudbox is free and perfectly useable for beginners. I've used it myself to 3-d print my sculpture. Otherwise, Z brush has more options and is industry standard in the 3-d modelling world. Good luck!
37 minutes agoazusamukamiazusamukami
naikousei (39 minutes ago) #26341988Thanks, hon.

It's disheartening, you know? Especially in a community where many people ALREADY feel like outcasts.

Couldn't of said it better, sis.
39 minutes agonaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
azusamukami (1 day ago) #26289361I know we are moving on with this conversation but i just wanna say i 100% agree with you.

Thanks, hon.

It's disheartening, you know? Especially in a community where many people ALREADY feel like outcasts.
46 minutes agosnow_himesnow_hime
naikousei (2 hours ago) #26340219I just got hit with over $100 in shipping costs myself, but that was for 2 1/7th sized prize figures, '13 Snow Miku, a 1/6th scale, a 1/8th, a few prize figures, those new S.H.Figuarts for posing reference... you get the idea.
For one figure alone, though? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b0/3a/d3/b03ad3f6ed984d34dca975d2642e1008.gif

Where did you preorder her?
49 minutes ago (37 minutes ago)naikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Cool, a pride One Piece character to go next to pride Miku.

Gay-mergirl, out.

>swims away with your girlfriend
50 minutes agocremareocremareo
Sorry I have nothing useful but this is really interesting, hella good art
51 minutes agolunaistarlunaistar
Oh gosh that really sucks. Doing an inaccurate job is a pet peeve of mine. I now always try to give a really detailed reference of everything I need when I commission someone, and if they don't follow, I take my money back right away for not listening to the customer. I used to get so many customs that were not accurate in design, and it really bothered me that they did that. I even got an inaccurate commission even when I described everything in detail, so I managed to get a partial refund for it. I myself don't accept a commission if the details are too hard for me, as I don't feel I would do a good job doing it so I reject the commission instead of accepting it. I am really sorry that had to happen to you.

Ose_93 (3 hours ago) #26339249I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It's great that you didn't send any money, but sucks that you still lost out on the figures.
I once commissioned someone on cosplay.com to make a Rin Okumura jacket for me months in advance for my con. When the person let me know that she had was running behind on the ETA she had given me because she had so many other commissions, I told her it was okay since my con was still 4 months away.
When she sent me a progress picture, I noticed that the jacket was a bit short and let her know.
The thing ended up arriving the day of the con so I wasn't even there when it came.
And the jacket was so obviously made in a hurry, the sleeve holes were different sizes, and the length was more like Ed's jacket from FMA.
I asked her to refund just the cost of labor and said she could keep the cost of materials since she did spend money on it, but I wanted something back. She never responded. :/
57 minutes agolunaistarlunaistar
Yeah, I'v been very patient and tolerant almost my whole life and some people just don't realize that. I am tired of it now, so now if I commission someone and I HAVE to pay first, I ask them to send me wip as proof they are working on it, and if they don't, I will immediately charge back on Paypal. I've been doing it with sellers too, since 1 seller didn't send me my tracking when I paid for it. It's very dishonest to try and scam people like that.

Ciciely (3 hours ago) #26339801TWO YEARS!?!? I would've lost my mind after a month or two and had it sent back. Props to your hardcore patience. I'm sorry you've had such rotten luck with commission work.
58 minutes agoEllieeElliee
Once when I was putting a new figure into my shelving unit, it managed to fall off and swing down into the shelf below. It smacked item #206809 right in the head and took off both of her little horns. Luckily I glued them on and they look good as new, but I'm still traumatized.

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