36 seconds agoPale_TunaPale_Tuna
iomi89 (12 days ago) #24397775I have 3 pieces available for sale all MISB , for 180 USD per figure. I'll ship with tracking number only ( EMS, DHL or Fedex ) Shipping from Qatar. Is shipping included within the price?
58 seconds agoashtonleeashtonlee
Rikudou (16 hours ago) #24827434Most definitely. Along with a production sample from the factory rather than their awesome looking prototypes which ends up being changed to something else entirely (PVC).
This was actually supposed to be a given. I still cant understand how and why do tsume use different materials for prototype and the actual product. Forget fooling us into thinking the product is good but they lose costumers and reputation because of that. And of course its really pissing off for the customer too.
5 minutes agoeunice971121eunice971121
azusamukami (4 hours ago) #24849669Tired of all of these fucking delays
Did you decide to keep your Tatsumaki?
7 minutes agoSayuSayu
naikousei (3 hours ago) #24850640Damn! Gonna go check my shipping progress again. I ordered her from the same place, same shipping option.
How is she? ♡

She's ABSOLUTELY beautiful ♥ I did a video about her, I'll post it on youtube later! I really love her! Her dress, her base, her hairs... everything! BUT.. she has ONE default : the star in her hands. We can't fix up, so the star falls all the time :(
9 minutes agoGetterDragonGetterDragon
Great collection of Japanese movies.
19 minutes agoInnocenceShiroInnocenceShiro
Kiz-xo (8 hours ago) #24844068if i didnt like this design i would too, damn i saw a bootleg of the other G.E.M remix the other day, and assmugn its the same size, WHAT THE ACTUAL F**** MEGAHOUSE?!? ITS LIKE $130-150 FOR A TINY ASS FIGURE

I love it too T_T but I think these figures ae expensive for what the offer to us (the size, the paint job....) of course, my opinion is based on the other one, and maybe the finished product of these are tottaly different and I regret my decision... But oh gosh, i don't know what's happening to MH ;_;
33 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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34 minutes agononsensebearernonsensebearer
I hate that I think this is fucking hilarious.
I guess I really miss Ichigo Mashimaro.
37 minutes agoerza1erza1
Can't decide if I should get this kitty because dam she is hot!!!!!!
39 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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40 minutes agodarkill17darkill17
Coffee (1 hour ago) #24852068No worries, fixed that as well.

41 minutes agoPorgo0Porgo0
Carousel (6 hours ago) #24847801I finally got mine in today and goodness there are a ton of paint errors.
Pics D:?
42 minutes ago (35 minutes ago)Jason_WanderJason_Wander
Wait.. what? Oh crap, just saw their page. Damn, need to get my deposit and see if anyone else has it

Edit...oh amiami has it again, but it's freaking 14,000 yen.JPM3 (12 days ago) #24363029FYI - If you preordered this figure from MHtoyshop, well...you don't have a preorder anymore.
44 minutes agoVodkanrollVodkanroll
48 minutes agoSilentNoizeSilentNoize
is it just the photo or me or is the paint a little...too bright?
54 minutes agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (5 hours ago) #24849306Oh my god yes! Or maybe coach Victor should have them. Or that twin pack. I'll pay good money for that twin pack with the missing nuts. GSC ARE YOU READING THIS YOU BETTER BE READING THIS COME ON THIS CONVERSATION IS LIKE A MONEY BAG FOR YOU GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
I honestly would play with the figma Yuuri and Victor so much if they ever make them. I'd have to buy a second set to actually display. SEE THIS GSC LOOK AT THIS YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH TAKING MY SALARY FOR YOURSELF DO IT ALREADY.

I'd be so happy if coach Victor comes with them. Knowing GSC they'd probably be a GSC shop exclusive or something though. I wonder how I could politely email GSC and not so subtly suggest all of these things, haha~ The twin pack would of course need to have the church background on the inner part of the box.

Honestly, same here XD TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY GSC. JUST DO IT.

I cannot wait to read that review XD Humorous reviews are the best kind! After Victor arrives then we've just got to wait until November for Yuuri's FS Nendoroid :'D Hopefully we might see prototypes for Casual Yuuri and Coach Victor in between time.
1 hour agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
green_pond (4 hours ago) #24849488Oh gosh I wish I could bring myself to sell him if that becomes the case. Instead I'll probably just end up keeping him in the box and bitterly storing him in the back of my closet or something...
I'm hoping they are just having some issues incorporating his character design into this particular line in a way that looks good. I could see that being difficult. It would be so cruel to make only two of the main trio.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do it myself to be honest, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

This line has a very definitive style so that could very well be the case. Particularly if they're planning a casual Yuuri. I wonder how they would include his glasses without them looking cheap or fragile/unstable.

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