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46 seconds agochookypoohchookypooh
When you post photos can you please link them to the related figure(s)?
1 minute agoKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
Buddy wrap plastic bags, a marker if you want to mark each bag what figma is what , make a check list to make sure everyone is wrapped and place in a box with some packing paper. The boxes just pack in a box and if you have the parts in the Figma bags just put them in a box or you can also use a plastic storage tub which would reduce the storage smell from being sealed tight. It would also avoid any potential water or bugs. Although of the storage has no AC I'd air the container from time to time.
2 minutes agolluviakatelluviakate
Right! All these awesome new figures that have come out, I'm already cringing!
NitroPLUS (1 month ago) #10989810Oh dear... Need to reduce my spending on figures, but this will certainly not help! O_O
3 minutes agoRendered_Rendered_
I wouldd never expect new items for this series, but I guess anything is possible these days.
6 minutes ago (4 minutes ago)TsikuraTsikura
Do not take figurines to college.

1. Space is limited
2. Theft is likely and as a resident assistant, I've seen this happen alot
3. Roommates tend to not see much value in these 'children' toys and can break them

Just do yourself a favor and not take them. Of course you could be lucky but why risk it. Hell, even amiibos are a problem.

If you would like to send a clear message to your roommates and assert your dominance, get something like this instead. item #168018
6 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board jxing! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
7 minutes agoSpinkellaSapphirSpinkellaSapphir
I don't have much advice to give as I too am still young, but I share the sentiment of fear to a much larger extent.
My sister, who is a teenager, has made the firm resolve to move to Japan when she's out of school and live there permanently. She's really eager to learn the language and culture. I found her unfaltering dream to be somewhat silly.
I fell in love with Japan last year after giving little thought to it, and I realized I wanted to share my sister's dream. But unlike her, amidst the beauty of living in Japan, I'm paralyzed with fear at the thought of being there alone as a foreigner without family or direction of linguistic abilities. All of that has kept my dream at the very back of my mind at deemed silly.

Anyway, if you really wanted to change your current life, you probably wouldn't think so much about what you'd have to lose for it to happen, or so I think.
In these kinds of situations, I usually make my decisions on a whim, by a thread. Not a good thing. Please think carefully about what outweighs the other.
7 minutes agoPikPik
Dampiel (1 day ago) #13476503Heh heh heh as the cdi Link is just a poor attempt at animating the Link from the first two games

He's based off Link to the Past Link, isn't he? His hair flip is pretty similar, and they use LTTP artwork on the cover of the game.
8 minutes ago (7 minutes ago)PridyPridy
DeepEyes (20 minutes ago) #13534172Back? Why did you let her go? =P
No :O, x) I can't stand to wait for getting her :c. She will be expose with my Erina from Alphamax :D !
9 minutes agotako--lukatako--luka
I have her up for sale! sale #106665 $150 with free shipping within the US :)
12 minutes agoBeyond_InfinityBeyond_Infinity
Axelsaurus (1 hour ago) #13525404The shift from Alter to Amakuni was a major let down. Considering that she'll likely has an astronomic price, I'm out. What a shame, I really wanted a satisfying figure with Tsuji Santa's design from Alter.

Same for me sadly :/
14 minutes agohinagikuhinagiku
nice effect
17 minutes agoKittanZeroKittanZero
Dribz (30 minutes ago) #13531989WOW. That's dedication!

Haha, maybe borderline obsession ^^; It's lucky that my boyfriend likes GL too, otherwise he'd probably be pretty fed up with the fact that the wall facing our bed is covered in figures from it :P
18 minutes agoPorgo0Porgo0
i thought it was obvious that this guy get a figma...a good figma, but htis is really poor :/
18 minutes agoCherryHunterCherryHunter
Nice. It's been a month already.
20 minutes agodebinoresudebinoresu
osomatsu-san. ill hold my ichimatsu daki and watch my favorite episodes when im upset aha

im incredibly sorry for your loss, i wish you the best of luck in recovering from this

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