1 minute agoIronWarriorIronWarrior
Well shes up for Preorder at sites now!
4 minutes agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3
Yummerly (36 minutes ago) #2415746According to hIE, the star key is exclusive - (mfc link)
At least we get the wand though normally though ^^

not worth getting through GSC honestly lol I didn't even get the sealing wand key for the nendo

glad we get the wand though!
4 minutes agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Lehst (3 days ago) #2409701We all know who this really is...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/12/128211/3230763-2669304940-13521.jpg

Exactly why I clicked on this! I was like "Yoooo! Kuwabara! ...Wait...".

Too bad; I want more YYH stuff.
4 minutes agoCloudedmindCloudedmind
Ok updated. I left the links though because they're handy for some people like me.
5 minutes agonick_clarknick_clark
Yummerly (36 minutes ago) #2415746According to hIE, the star key is exclusive - (mfc link)
At least we get the wand though normally though ^^

the star key is cute, but way to big for the figure, I'm not going to miss it, honestly :P
6 minutes agoPlumePlume
StrawberryFuma (18 hours ago) #2414143I'm hoping that this one will be better quality. I know it's not from the Proreplica people, but I'm hoping that, since this was made with collectors in mind, they'll take more care in it's production. The 90's one was very much meant for kids, so I'm hoping that because they seemed to be focused on adult collectors that it won't be quite so bad.

Yeah, I think many of us are hoping that they'll be fixing some things now. If not the paint or anything like that then at least the music...
7 minutes agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
To the the Germans out there! I would be willing to organize a GO! PM me if you are interested!
7 minutes agogumonshoegumonshoe
looks good to me
8 minutes agoMagiksGirlMagiksGirl
His face is so weird! I actually thought this was a counterfeit when I first saw it XD
10 minutes agostmhwkxxxstmhwkxxx
outlander (5 days ago) #2405954Still waiting for news... Sent first email on Aug 25th. They replied on Aug 26th and said about shipping in the end of September... No news so far.
At the moment, any mail received, only the first one telling me that they are going to sent me a new body piece. how much more need to wait?
11 minutes agoSerpentyleTorcSerpentyleTorc
Hmmm. I tend to refer to the larger ones as him/her and the smaller ones as it. But it depends who i'm talking to, some people take it the wrong way when i start refering to characters as people.

Something i didn't expect from myself when I started collecting though, is that I tend to prefix all of them with lovely or darling. It just slips out.
11 minutes agokamikakamika
Sztike (1 day ago) #2412418plamoya ? (ext link)
i've considered it but they're a little bit more than what i'd like to pay in all honesty ;; (i've seen them going for cheaper before, so it's just having the trouble of finding them i suppose) but thank you!! there will probably be my last resort!
11 minutes agoSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (31 minutes ago) #2415756I may preorder Sheryl now. hehe
We will know next month when preorder opens.

Yeah Volks will probably let us wait a bit before they give us more info... I am just such an impatient person! :D
12 minutes agoangelbottangelbott
/not with AmiAmi/

I still think some people have problem with Pre-Order addiction can't afford them when they are close to release date...
AmiAmi should fix people who click on FIVE pre-order limit they like "whoa! it's time up as your five pre order list is full!"
...it just my opinion for this..
You should go to HLJ to po them you can cancel your order list if you can' afford before HLJ sent payment email to you. :)
12 minutes agodymitrdymitr
Most of my figures come from source material that I'm well familiar with, as such they represent that persona and I've a stonger emotional attachment to them i.c.w. My other possesions. It only makes sense to refer to them as her/him.
13 minutes agoNaiskaNaiska
I really love it ! The colors, the nendo. It's beautiful. <3
16 minutes agoBelkainBelkain
Arrived yesterday. Looks awesome, I'm really pleased with it.
Maybe I'll even search for the variant colors, but the prices....

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