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56 seconds agoAcidPunkAcidPunk
Loving that pose <3 She is like "Come to me my little demon~"
2 minutes agoNeme303Neme303
I am sorry to say I must have been unlucky with mine. This is a beautiful sculpt of a beautiful character. However I have to score mine at 6-7/10 because the armor pieces let down the whole design. The pieces in question weren't molded properly and dangle about with little to no provocation. I had wished to display mine as she came in the box but the brassier is slightly twisted and the cup that holds her left breast is dented so I will have to display her without it much to my displeasure.

I really hope mine was an unfortunate incident, because I would hate to see such a beautiful figure marred because of a faulty molding.
4 minutes ago (3 minutes ago)serendieserendie
michitariru (14 hours ago) #14973804Right?! The best chance of a re-release would coincide with a third season, which may never happen who knows even though s2 was a big success. I'd love this figure with my collection but I see people charge 400 500 600 dollars for it and it amazes me because there can't be anyone out there desperate enough to actually pay that sort of price for one lone figure.
I'm still pissed that BiJ cancelled my order and when they did that it was too late for me to pre-order from any other site because every other site had an order stop...

I don't understand why there is not more merchandise for this series, it's incredibly popular and there's hardly anything out there for it. Not only that, Yukine never got his own figure. Certain companies need to stop with the Vocaloid b/s and pick up on something like this. There's a *huge* market and demand out there for it, so I'm just confused.

But yeah, there's absolutely no way in the world I'd pay $400-600 for this figure. I'd never pay that much for even a holy grail figure. That's my entire portion of the rent and all house bills. I would like to think with the third season this would be re-released or some other company would do something, but we all said that with the second season, and nothing happened :(

It just makes me depressed, Noragami is my second favorite series of all time (Natsume Book of Friends will always be #1), so I'm bummed there isn't more stuff for it and the stuff there is I can't get because of the insane price tags...
4 minutes ago (4 minutes ago)neyney
Maakie (7 days ago) #14812408Question! What about doujins from Japanese media, drawn by Western artists, is that allowed in the database?
It hits the origin + characters being Japanese, so it should be allowed. But wanted to check here for sure (so I don't spend a lot of time adding an item, to see it get removed quickly after).
Note for the one I want to add (as it may influence if the entry is allowed): It's in a style looking a lot like the original manga, I was surprised it was done by a Western artist.

If your doujinshi can be found on Japanese sellers website (MelonBook, Toranoana, Lashingbang,ect…) and/or if it was sold during a Japanese convention so yes it's acceptable.
There is a lot of work that come China, Taiwan, ect… from some convention like the Fancy Frontier and there are not allowed in the database since the guideline is clear about it :

Media released in Japan (Japanese releases only).

Hope it can help you :)
4 minutes agoEmilliaEmillia
I was really happy to pick up the Holy Grail Sailor Moon Proplica (officially Rainbow Moon Chalice) for 5000 yen on HLJ last week. Happened to be looking at the site and it was on sale, so I got it right away and it was sold out shortly after.

On the other hand, finally got around to ordering the first two seasons of the original Sailor Moon anime dvd releases ... decided to go with the Australian edition in the end and found a retailer who had them on sale ... Said retailer sent all four dvd sets in a tiny post satchel instead of a box so they arrived today completely smashed, but on top of that they weren't shrink wrapped in plastic, so I don't even know if they were new like the site claimed. So not the good deal I was hoping for! Now have to do through getting a refund...

(Sorry to hijack with a rant).
4 minutes ago (4 minutes ago)AcidPunkAcidPunk
YES YES YES. I'm willing to fall deeper into idol hell with my fallen angel.
7 minutes agoSaurysSaurys
Never played DMMd however, this guy made it to my collection. His body and accessories are a must get. And I like his color scheme. It's simple but classy.

I loved it when you interchanged Clear's and N's body parts. Now the desire to get N intensified more than before. ;w;
11 minutes agoUmaru-chanUmaru-chan
Na dann.
Klingtr doch gut.
16 minutes agoneLneL killed Tomoe's wallet
JunkGarage (7 hours ago) #14982578I wonder if there are people buying this just for the historic circumstance.
That would be me x)
18 minutes agoGCNessGCNess
So pretty!
22 minutes agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
I have responded to your comment on my profile. :)
22 minutes agoReycoenmaReycoenma
You could see the chapter of this week? what do you think about it :D Sebinho (46 minutes ago) #14990181Yes, we will see ^^
23 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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24 minutes agozombiebitszombiebits
that voltron tho!!
33 minutes ago (33 minutes ago)SelestinSelestin
Even 40$ figures will not have such poor quality, especially hair and overall seams.
34 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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