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Thank you for accepting my friend request :D
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FandomTrash (1 day ago) #22524807is this available anywhere else aside from gsc? i really don't want to pay $20 for shipping. :/

Go for a group order and get split shipping (◡‿◡✿)
4 minutes agoLilieLilie
Josine (28 minutes ago) #22600964Your point of bigger action figures existing doesn't mean that figmas aren't still tiny as shit. Not sure why you feel the need to defend figmas as fiercely as you do, lolI personally find figma's to be great size for easy posing and playing. Not to mention they are perfect size for stop motion animation, not too big or too small. If you find figmas to be too tiny then that is fine aswell, you don't have to buy them.

Why i'm defending figmas? Because lately figma's have been getting a lot of shit for some reason and with bad arguments.
5 minutes agoTiggerSharkTiggerShark
Plus the newish bahamut anime should increase interest in the series as whole~
5 minutes agoAoi-sanAoi-san
Majikaru-Rin (2 hours ago) #22598489Haha~ I initially thought they weren't my cup of tea either, I though they were a bit creepy to be honest. But then I ended up buying two and realised I did not regret my decision to descend into madness at all X'D Though admittedly I don't actually use them as pillows.
I'd been silently hoping YOI would get Dakimakuras because I just love hanging them up like oversized tapestries~ I'm just so grateful the illustrations turned out so gorgeous! Especially their faces, I could rave about them for hours. As you said Yuuri particularly turned out very beautiful!

Hahaha same here xD I won´t use them as pillows as well, since I am also thinking of using them as a tapestry or something like that.
I totaly feel you! When they released those pillow covers (which I ordered as well) Ive already thought about them getting dakimakuras, and here we are! :)We definetly didnt do anything wrong, they are absolutely gorgeous :) I could keep staring at them for hours as well xD
6 minutes agomisssi79misssi79
Mhtoyshop delayed her 2 extra months
12 minutes agosauskeuchiha111sauskeuchiha111
Selling sealed, brand new, unopened from the US - PM if interested
13 minutes agoCrimsonNanashi25CrimsonNanashi25
Will definitely buy when the preorder starts. Shiro-chan is Kawaii
14 minutes ago (13 minutes ago)KirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
I don't know about that.. I have all my figure boxes in my closet on the top shelf or on my dresser. If you mean like.. shipping packaging I usually use bubble wrap or packing paper preferably if I have any available at the time.. if I don't then I generally use shopping bags or random paper.
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Stalking (4 years ago) #1201331Despite the size of her "features", she is surprisingly comfortable! I've owned/used other Oppai mousepads in the past and I quite like this size better UvU <3

Left my Kud back in Argentina when I moved to Japan a couple months ago, and was pleased to find her for 400jpy today in Akihabara.
Welcome back, Kud!
17 minutes agomoeronpanmoeronpan
Oh that's really cute, I'd love something like that for my pure neemos.
Does the roof open up? Are there other ways to open it?
18 minutes agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
I saw her in Rashinban today for 6500jpy. Condition: opened, used, no blister.
I went for it.
Actual condition: Outer box opened, inner blister present and unopened.

24 minutes agoHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
astarte952 (7 hours ago) #22593798wow!



28 minutes ago (28 minutes ago)JosineJosine
Lilie (43 minutes ago) #22600578I like how you cherry picked that one sentence, ignored all my other points and then say that i've lost all credibility. Of course i know the difference between Figma and RAH, i used RAH as an example. I thought it was fairly obvious (with the way i replied) that i didn't literally mean that RAH's are bigger figma's.
My point was that both Figma's and RAH's are action figures and if you need a bigger than figma figures then there already are RAH figures as an alternative option.
Btw did you know that the Madoka Magica RAH's were manufactured by GSC and Max Factory together with Medicom?

Your point of bigger action figures existing doesn't mean that figmas aren't still tiny as shit. Not sure why you feel the need to defend figmas as fiercely as you do, lol
28 minutes agoHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
View spoilerHide spoilerWanderingWastrel (10 hours ago) #22592019I have item #266242 and item #266255 pillow cases (not body pillow cases, but head pillow cases). I haven't ever used them, though. My foul sweat-stained head is not worthy to lay upon such item of beauty.Knight-Hart (9 hours ago) #22592511Hell naw son, I ain't that far gone.Polkadopolis (9 hours ago) #22592632That's some of KKoji's stuff isn't it? I have an Undertaker blanket and a Howl's Moving Castle bag by him ovoDearDemons (9 hours ago) #22592756WHAT MAGICAL BEDDING IS THIS?AND HOW WAS I NOT AWARE? I'M NOT A TRUE FAN UNTIL I SLEEP ON SEBASTIAN BEDDINGKirenisa (8 hours ago) #22593589haha wow very classyPolkadopolis (7 hours ago) #22593800If you're interested you can buy from KKoji's etsy [ext link ]
He also has a society6 if you want bags, mugs, or prints [ext link ]
Shimakaze69 (6 hours ago) #22595498I have this blanket (not an official product) (mfc link) but I almost never use it at home because I don't want my cat to rip it with her claws. It's basically my travel blanket. I also have 2 pillows item #517932 item #499915 that are for decoration. For the cost, using anime related items as actual pillows and bedding is not efficient, plus washing them eventually ruins them so I avoid getting them dirty by any means necessary.solluxcaptor (1 hour ago) #22599431I'd love to get some anime bedding but it's pretty hard to find so I just have blankets currently. I'd love to get a replica of Sailor Moon's bedding most of all.kurulein (1 hour ago) #22599868omg, I love your bedding! Your room just looks so nice in general, I love it!!! :D I own a few cheaper Dakimakuras and Anime themed pillows, but just have one small pillow of Tatsumaki and Fubuki from OPM in my bed. Inspired by you, I actually started looking around Etsy and Redbubble to see if there is anything that suits my taste... I alreay see my money running away. xDH4RUKA (1 hour ago) #22600076Couldn't find it in the db, but I did recently get this [ext link ]
This is probably as spicy as my bed's gonna get while living at home lol. I'd like to get some kind of blanket one day, though. But they are pretty pricey for high quality stuff.
I like how you've got your figures set up above your bed, too :)

Thanks ALL for stopping by to take a look and commenting. **HUGS**

Everyday, I spend like two-three hours for just cleaning/dusting...

Making the bed every morning is **CHILLS** :XD fun and keep me smiling.... ^_^

Figures/Dolls.. my collections have been giving me a happy smile everyday... :)

I bet all yours collections give you all a happy smile too..... ^_^


28 minutes agoSazakoSazako
Ah dam,

Supanova, which is one of our only two of our pop culture festivals just passed through Perth (I think Waicon is now a non event).

Why didn't I think about a meet up over here of us collectors.
32 minutes agoStockos64Stockos64
Stockos64 (32 minutes ago) #22600819Stockos64 (33 minutes ago) #22600815

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