1 minute agoGewbGewb
StephieHerbert (1 hour ago) #3136068Yep it's me. :)

Small world hehe. Anyway, nice picture bro. Super kulit haha
3 minutes agoleahcatherineleahcatherine
I bought her new w/ the box still in shrink wrap from another MFC user. When I took off her hood for the first time after opening her, a tiny amount of excess paint on the top of her head chipped off, and now there's a small white dot where there is no paint. Could I get a replacement for the back of her hair from GSC, or is to too insignificant/just shouldn't worry about it?
7 minutes agoMangoMilkMangoMilk
frostocelot (1 day ago) #3134839Love how the lighting looks like a halo
COMPLETELY intentional. Expect nothing less from a master photographer. Yep! No accident here.

SweetIvy (22 hours ago) #3135010You didn't really start off on the right foot....
Touché, lol.

autumnlucks (21 hours ago) #3135044Your table was near your bed? Were you dreaming of Street Fighter or something? Haha :)

Yeah I have a small room so literally everything is near my bed. And no, I'm just a violent sleeper, lol.
7 minutes agoArutayroArutayro
Xephy (10 minutes ago) #3136109I'm trying to reverse Google image search but it isn't working because of the angle, lol.

If only it was that simple XD
9 minutes agoNendoroidoodadsNendoroidoodads
StephieHerbert (15 minutes ago) #3136105Congratulations!!!!!!!

Ty :D
10 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board gainsborough! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
10 minutes agoXephyXephy caution: walls of text
I'm trying to reverse Google image search but it isn't working because of the angle, lol.
11 minutes agoNekoPockyNekoPocky Nya~ ❤
Such an awesome loot...wish it were mine T__T
15 minutes agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert ❤ Figma ❤
15 minutes agoArutayroArutayro
McM (18 minutes ago) #3136097I got art from that artist as well. Not the same person though :x

Ohp...well, I'm making progress at least. I'm finding some cool stuff here and there so there's that
16 minutes agoRetro8bitRetro8bit Old School Gamer
GoGirl786 (2 hours ago) #3136019Happy 4th of July!

Thanks, same to you! :)
17 minutes agoChinspikeChinspike
zeroonetwothree (5 hours ago) #3135830why is the release date constantly being pushed back? D: is there a reason?
I'm pretty sure he's already been released. I've seen some posts on the sideshow forum from people who've received him. We're just waiting for him to arrive in Japan.

I've also found out that his elbow joints are rubber, which is a shame and completely unnecessary. I really hope it doesn't end up cracking or splitting. That's the only complaint I've heard though.
18 minutes agoStephieHerbertStephieHerbert ❤ Figma ❤
I've sold quite a few figma and nendoroids through ebay and though I've had a couple that won and then didn't pay, I've only really had one really bad buyer.

I sold a figma that was pre-owned but like new. It was in the box with all the plastic inserts and stuff. I packed it in a nice sized box with the bubble wrap and paper and it was just domestic shipping within the US. The figure sold for very cheap, like $25 including shipping and handling. A few days after it arrived, the buyer wrote messaged me on ebay saying that it arrived damaged and that he wanted $15 back. I requested pictures. It took more than a week of back and forth messages of him saying it's damaged I want $15, and me saying I'd like pictures first. It wasn't a language issue. Finally he sent a me a picture of the shipping box with a dent in it. So then it was about another week of me saying was the actual figure damaged and if so can I see pictures. Then he sent a picture of the back of the figma box dented on one side (the side where the accessories are, not the figma) and you still couldn't see the figma at all and he still hadn't clarified what type of damage. It took forever for him to finally send a picture of the figure with a sort of rip in the neck joint. Which is nearly impossible to be done in shipping since a) the plastic insert and b) the figure has long hair so for that neck to snap, her hair would also be broken or the entire head would had to have turn lateral in the box, etc. It was this figure item #5801 so I explained to him that the figure had two heads and two neck joints so really it was a simple fix to just use the extra neck joint on whichever head he wanted to display it with. I also offered him the option of sending it back to me for a full refund even though I was pretty positive he broke the figure himself. During all the back and forth he gave me two different reasons for not wanting to return, both of which couldn't be true- first he wanted to keep it because it was the last figure he needed to complete his series collection and he couldn't find it anywhere else and then later he said he was so mad because it was a gift for someone else. I offered multiple times to do a full refund even with me paying the shipping and losing out on that. I know that I really should have just done the refund but it made me mad that he was trying to get the figure and the money when it was already a good deal. I probably would have also given him more the benefit of the doubt, but he was actually originally blocked from bidding on my items because I had it set to not let people bid who had been reported x number of times in the last 3 months or something. He messaged me telling me these stories of how he had been reported and it was just some misunderstanding and he promised he was a good buyer. So it serves me right for believing the story and unblocking me. He did try to open a case against me through ebay, but ebay took my side and said he either had to take the refund or keep the figure so he closed the case and left me negative feedback which sucks. He said I refused to communicate even though we had pages of messages. But I did stop responding to him after the he opened and closed the ebay case.
18 minutes agoInuyoraInuyora
Hey buddy ^^
18 minutes agoMcMMcM
Arutayro (26 minutes ago) #3136090They also attended A-Kon apparently, which is where McM got theirs. It does look similar. If it isn't them, well, at least I found some good art lol

I got art from that artist as well. Not the same person though :x
18 minutes agotrapartrapar
exemp30 (25 minutes ago) #3136092Exactly he does seems pretty big. btw did yours have a bandai sticker on the top right with a number on it? Mine has a 3 on it I'm qondering if that's the number piece

Just checked. Seems it's not the number piece. Mine also has number 3 on the top right corner of sticker.
19 minutes agoRokikiRokiki
Just saw her sell 250 USD on ebay...(ext link)

Did anyone else pay this much? I didnt even spend half that, seems odd
22 minutes agoraetehytanraetehytan
Came home from a business trip to find her waiting for me- she is GORGEOUS. I regret nothing.
23 minutes agoSpicedWolfSpicedWolf Nendoroid Addict!
Up on BigBadToyStore too. And I just ordered from Nippon-Yasan. :/ It looks like this might be cheaper.. (ext link)
25 minutes agoexemp30exemp30
trapar (1 hour ago) #3136048Yep specially seeing that it was limited to only 500 really helped in making my choice as well.
Edit: Much bigger than I thought he would be. I'd put him at a 1/6 scale. The limited box he comes in is a nice touch. Makes it seem less of a prize figure. And it also seems he's in "one piece". ;) Doesn't seperate in the middle as far as I've tried.

Exactly he does seems pretty big. btw did yours have a bandai sticker on the top right with a number on it? Mine has a 3 on it I'm qondering if that's the number piece

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