1 minute agoKazkariKazkari
I have a feeling her figure and Sorey's will become like gold dust due to a certain screw up.
3 minutes agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
Hey there! Thanks for the FR :) You have a lovely collection of Sonico ^_^ How long have you been collecting for?
4 minutes agomedusoidmedusoid
shinhawk (2 hours ago) #2634624Bought her along with Jubilee at AmiAmi. For EMS, they charged 4000 JPY. I checked HLJ and their quote was 2660 JPY. Even though HLJ offers smaller discounts, I still would have saved a bit more with the combined shipping. I'm definitely reconsidering where I do my business now. I know AmiAmi's packing offers far more protection for the contents compared to HLJ, but the amount I'm paying this just seems quite excessive even for AmiAmi.

Make sure to take lots of pictures once you receive them. :)
8 minutes agonaisornaisor
Moro (43 minutes ago) #2634805Because people who ARE going to buy it suffer from the price, and I don't gain enjoyment from other people being overcharged for things???
I...really appreciate your concern, but for 4,960yen I don't feel overcharged. I personally don't find any enjoyment from people telling me I should feel bad for something that was my decision and actually feel quite good about it.

After all, figures are just unnecessary things we just like; nobody is making us buy this or spent that much but ourselves. Even if the figure doesn't turn out all that good it is up to us to find any worth from our decided purchase and enjoy or regret that.

No intends to offend, but just to assure you that you don't have to feel bad about me pre-ordering this figure. I'm sure many who ordered at GSC store of the bonuses are happy too. :)
8 minutes ago (7 minutes ago)VanceVance
what month are they released?
8 minutes agoMusicMarshmellowMusicMarshmellow
Zee_Van_Only (2 hours ago) #2634681You should use EMS if you can, that usually misses customs lol! Some shops also declare lower prices for you so you will end up paying less customs I hear ;) Yeah, Ebay is unsafe and usually over-price too! If you have any other questions just ask me, I've been collecting for about 3 years now :D

Do you know at what price the seller declare that will not get us custom charged? I know over in Germany if you declare your parcel less than 22e, you wont get custom charged. Also, where do you usually buy your figures? Any physical/online stores you would recommend?
11 minutes agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board evamalis21! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
11 minutes agoiYuzukiiYuzuki
nekomimis (2 hours ago) #2634699I can't believe I missed preorders for her on amiami :( oh well. depending on the feedback she gets after being released I'll try to pick her up second hand

Do u want my preorder? :D
14 minutes agoRaiphinRaiphin
I NEED THIS to complete my Creepy Kyubey Figure collection.......but can only find on Mandarake for 10000yen.
16 minutes agoYamiNekoChanYamiNekoChan
Now my dream would be complete when I get a Richard figure as well...

18 minutes agomickytaka558mickytaka558
TychoRC (3 hours ago) #2634558Hmmm. How about you wait until after wonfest to see if MH (or anyone else, for that matter) will announce any Haikyuu figures? The way I hear it, Haikyuu did pretty well in Japan, and really raised the popularity of the manga, so I like to think there’s a decent chance. If they don’t, you can comeback and get these. I would start with Oikawa, because the most current release of Kageyama is a rerelease, so he’ll probably be easier to find on the after market. Then, if you like him, and you still haven’t heard anything about another maker starting the line, you can do Kageyama next.
Sadly, sometimes it’s all about your gut feeling with this hobby. On the plus side, maybe you can try to sell these ones later if MH does announce the line. One thing that will make these more appealing to a lot of people is that they’re cheaper. A lot of people have been taking issue lately with MH’s prices :T

I'll be waiting for announcements until Oikawa's release. As soon as he's out, I'm getting him (no matter the price; I love the character too much) and then we'll see. I live in Italy and it'll take probably about a month for him to arrive, I'll wait until he arrives if I like the figure, I'll get the others as well.I have about three months to decide. :)
20 minutes agoTeruyowTeruyow
Fixed it :)
20 minutes agoNeofrankyNeofranky
Bolt (2 days ago) #2630108Buen dia, ya llevo algo de tiempo en el Club, pero no posteo muy seguido. Igual quisiera consultar sobre una duda, bla bla bla

Para protegerte de Bootlegs en general, evita comprar en eBay de vendedores Chinos y/o muy baratos. En MercadoLibre no se, pero conque cheques la reputacion estaras bien.
Lo más seguro es aprender a usar Mandarake en conjunto con FigInStock u otro systema similar. Va a ser dificil encontrar Myth Cloth EX nuevos, almenos de los personajes clasicos y/o populares.

Los Myth Cloth EX para Hong Kong (sello plata y morado de TOEI) tienen una menor calidad a lo que he leido. Los Myth Cloth EX japoneses tienen el sello creo que de BANDAI (creo que es plata puro) y son mejorsitos, vendedores suelen no distinguir a menos que preguntes. Bootlegs jamas tienen ningun sello. No estoy seguro cual fue version de Myth Cloth EX fue la que se distribuyo en México, o si se distribyeron oficialmente los EX en México, pero probablemente fue Bandai (japonesa), porque ellos tienen mayor contacto con Norteamerica. Aunque pudo haver sido la de HK porque somos sucios Gaijin, ya sabes como son los japos. Si realmente quieres un personaje favorito en especial mi recomendacion es que agarres el que puedas original a un buen precio.
21 minutes agoAntonius2004Antonius2004
Moro (43 minutes ago) #2634805Because people who ARE going to buy it suffer from the price, and I don't gain enjoyment from other people being overcharged for things???
Of course it's going to be a good sell. That doesn't mean I don't consider the price to be highway robbery, just like the price of figma Snake. When figmas start to cost as much as scales, people notice.

I've ordered both... But I don't feel robbed at all, mainly because the quality of these figures is really high, like, the figures themselves are basically spot-on 3D representations of their original forms which I admire greatly.

6,000Yen is about $60AUD, in my eyes that's not a bad price.
23 minutes agoYamiNekoChanYamiNekoChan
lyrzpfw (1 hour ago) #2634770very minor spoiler about sorey, alisha, and rose
View spoilerHide spoilerit's not bullying at all. whoever first said that is taking it out of context. the gang finds out rose has high spiritual power compared to alisha and they suggest it's better for sorey not to share his life force anymore with alisha since it's a burden on them both. they said this out of concern. it's more like they treat her like a stranger or an acquaintance after she leaves the party.
i also cancelled the alisha figure pre-order. it doesn't matter they made the alisha scenario DLC free for a few weeks. it was supposed to be 1300yen at first but 2CH exploded when the magazine scan started floating around. scamco made it free for a limited time after seeing the huge backlash on 2CH for damage control. i also won't be getting the game to show i don't support what they did with this game and its heavy promotion with alisha.
also less than a week since zestiria hit the streets, they announce the alisha scenario DLC. this means they had this planned from the start to milk fans more. it wasn't something thought up out of thin air to please alisha fans.

If you don't mind spoilers, here's the scene that I (somewhat) translated. Anyone feel free to correct me since I'm not very good with japanese, also this contains my own thoughts in the matter and how I Interpret the scene based on the dialogue and what the characters have talked about before/after that.

View spoilerHide spoilerSorey: “I don’t want to get Rose involved…”
Mikleo: “It’s alright. Gramps told us - Those who can see the same as you are your real comrades.”
Lailah: “Unlike Alisha, Rose won’t be a burden to you, Sorey.”
Sorey: “You’re right! Alright, let’s go.”

This is not about thinking lowly. It’s because Alisha’s spirit power is not as great as Rose or Sorey. If Alisha continues to become Sorey’s Attendant, she will suffer greater damage. Why?

Alisha is a normal human. In one scene when they were purifying a Hyouma, Sorey’s sights are deteriorating, in a fast rate at that. His right eye cannot see anymore. He didn’t even notice that the Hyouma was actually still alive and it almost killed Alisha and Mikulio. Because she is a normal human, Sorey had to share more of his spirit power to make sure that Alisha stays as his Attendant.

At that point, Edna said to Sorey: "You have to be vigilant. Or else, Alisha and Mikulio will lose their lives."

Sorey knows about this clearly since Lailah explained it to him (It was muted by the programmers) and yet still continues with the contract without telling Alisha about the consequences. In the end, the contract cannot continue because both his and Alisha’s spirit power are reaching their limits. Both of their lives will be at stake if the contract continues on.

However, Rose normally has a lot of spirit power, the same as Sorey. This is why Sorey does not need to share a lot of spirit power to her. They are simply worried about Alisha. The reason why Sorey decides to take Rose with him as Alisha’s replacement for his Attendant, is because he knew that if Alisha continues to become his Attendant, she will suffer even greater damage than before. Eventually, it would lead to her death. In fact, he is the most worried about her.

We can safely assume that Sorey’s right eye has returned to normal since making an Attendant contract with a high-leveled spirit power Rose reverses the consequences.

Moreover, this game is still Japan-only. That translation might not be correct. Japanese’s grammar is complicated after all.

Whew… That’s all that I can share based on my own analysis. Thanks for paying attention!
24 minutes agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
sealand (19 hours ago) #2633263Thank you for the welcome!

No problem~! ^w^ I'd like to chat, if you don't mind~ ^^ What are some of your favorite anime series? :)
26 minutes agoDarkiekunDarkiekun
Bought mine today from Amazon! Last one there so I just grabbed it, £25 with free postage so I can't complain too much XD Can't wait!

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