5 seconds agoHevlaska573Hevlaska573 Evil has chícharos
Just for future reference, I had a pre-order from GSC's shop transferred to me and cloven kept me updated of every change. Everything went smooth as butter and I got the order successfully. <3
1 minute agoxxnickiyxxxxnickiyxx
Smarter (2 hours ago) #2279147Please link figures to your pictures, thanks.

As far as I can tell it's the faces of item #143955 & item #143954 on the body of item #206637

Could be wrong, but if not so cute to see they're a match
3 minutes agoNekovNekov
Thanks so much! You rock! ;D
7 minutes agoFabienneFabienne
Hi, thx a lot for your friend request.
Nice Collection of Nendoroids you have there ^^
Do you have one top favorite among them?
7 minutes agoastralwingsastralwings
Nendolover (37 minutes ago) #2279276xDD ang ganda ng lighting mo sa pagpicture sa nendo
ah~~ natural light lang 'yun hahaha XD
9 minutes agoKalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
She looks really nice so far, but as others have said: the nose seems to be too low. I hope that gets fixed later on.
10 minutes agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror
FreezerBurn (9 hours ago) #2278439WonFest for me was a realization I want too many figures haha. I don't know how people can just order or have a few. If I could I'd be buying a new figure each day, but school's coming soon. I'm happy to start College again but at the same time I wont be ordering many figures which makes me sad. Well I'll probably still squeeze one or two in lol, but I'll be living at my friends house and he has no idea that I collect this stuff and I've known him for 15 years hahaha. I'm going to be bringing a few nendoroids with me though, little cuties xD.
How was WonFest for you? You see anything you want? I'd make a list but it's probably 20+ figures long.
Oh my Snow Miku finally got shipped! I don't know if UPS hasn't updated their information though so I have no idea when she's coming. I read some people have already received theirs and also didn't have a clue that it was about to be delivered to their door lol.

I think a lot of shit debuted at WF looks cool, but there's very few things I actually want. I've picked a few themes and I'm sticking to them, and collecting is a lot more enjoyable like that. There is the matter of the OrchidSeed WF Alleyne though... tempted by that green-eyed beauty~

My Miku hasn't shipped yet. I think what's happening is GSC is sending things to the US to be distributed via Ultra Tokyo Connection. I paid for flat rate EMS and usually my stuff is already here by now. Instead, people are getting a few shipping notices day by day. I don't like this... I'd be more understanding if I bought more than ¥10,000 to get that free shipping (free shipping is generally slower).
10 minutes agozeixblezeixble
Your DR obsession is my Love Live obsession so I understand ;w;

Katto (4 hours ago) #2278854Yeah, if it wasn't for the DR obsession, I wouldn't have bothered ordering her. The quality, size and price don't match up. But she's a cutie-pie and it's the closest to a Monocrea kit I'll get (because they're pricey and so teeny) so it's okay :3
Thank ye :>
11 minutes ago (11 minutes ago)BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
All updated, please check I listed you correctly!

Kinkslinks (1 day ago) #2276510Can you remove me from all except Mizuki and Ren and all the straps?
In the future please don't claim slots and then drop them. Only those who asked for plushies before the price changes can do that. I removed you anyway but just as a note for next time. Thanks!

Fullmetalpiggy (20 hours ago) #2277391I have a question; if I order a plush strap with the regular Aoba plush, will they still be able to ship small packet you think?
They will definitely both fit. I'm fairly sure I was fitting four plushies into SAL easily last time.
12 minutes agoBaldwinNguyenBaldwinNguyen
Hey Matt, sorry to bug you all the time but any updates on the Snow Miku order? Seems like a lot of people are starting to receive their tracking #. Thanks!
12 minutes agomentalkamentalka
OMG! Your pictures of her are awesome!!! :D I really want to order her, but they don't ship to my country... :( But at least I can enjoy in this pictures that you made. :) Great work!
12 minutes ago (3 minutes ago)animezer0animezer0
This was sold out really really quickly, first on amiami and then on CDJapan.
I got mine from the last two on CDJapan. It's now shown as "out of print".
I believe it was on there for just a day..
13 minutes agoEKingEKing The Ecchi King
At least she looks great from the back at an angle.

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