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Kuki (9 minutes ago) #6494553Can someone share the link for her? I'm too excited to find it, sorry. *^*

Its not up for pre yet so you are going to have to wait another 2-3 days.
6 seconds agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
Knight-Hart (7 hours ago) #6488992I was going to make a list like I usually do, but I decided to leave it to devil-takoyaki since he always makes an awesome list. I'll stay on top of it for MegaHobby May and next WonFes.

I was thinking about them too, but then I remembered that they said that they might not write one for this WonFes, according to (mfc link).
23 seconds agodymitrdymitr
Here you go: item #378335
1 minute agoAzukayAzukay
I would be happy if they made a scale for Ainz. He would look so badass.
2 minutes agoChristownChristown
ghostmuffin (3 hours ago) #6493977is there some kind of tutorial somewhere on how to do this stuff..? ;-; also does your credit/debit card ever get alerted to being used for overseas transactions or anything...?
i added you back on llsif eng today! i hope your phone behaves itself. ;-;
also, i've been wondering, do you have a twitter or anything? ;-; i feel like it might be easier to carry on conversations there!

I think there is a guide somewhere on this site to using BiJ forwarding with Amazon.co.jp, and it would work basically the same with any other store. I can also help you with it if you want :)

I've never had that happen with my bank actually. Does it happen to you?

Great, thanks! Yeah I hope so too, it was really weird, it didn't work for two days then all of a sudden it's fine.

I do have a Twitter. I don't tweet a lot, just occasionally when I'm playing an eroge or something. What's your @, I'll tweet/follow you :)
2 minutes agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
ronri (23 hours ago) #6466847This Nendo has been approved by Matt.

Dude, Matt straight up sucks!
2 minutes agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Hello and welcome to MFC! :) If you have any questions about figure collecting, then feel free to ask! Or if you just wanna chat, I'm always up for a chat c: Have a nice day~
3 minutes agoSakariiSakarii
I hope it comes with Kero-chan. /priorities
5 minutes agomokachanakashiyamokachanakashiya
happy birthday
6 minutes agoRikiiaRikiia
F0XSQUAD (1 hour ago) #6494234I saw your comment on the Casual Tamamo figure. What do you mean by 'giving away' ? Just selling or actually giving it away? I'm curious :)
As in, I'm giving away my preorder so the person who takes it pays for it.
6 minutes ago (6 minutes ago)EliusElius
LunarSkye (5 days ago) #6348808
I don't know why people are so upset about this, honestly? Coffee listed that club #1507 can help you keep track of this figure, so there's no problem if this page gets taken down.

For me, I would have never known about this figurine if not for checking wondercon 2016 because I'm not a huge vocaloid fan(but I ADORE this design, I want her when/if she comes out). This figurine will be even harder for me to 'follow' if she's removed. :/
7 minutes agoSatomiSatomi
I was hoping there would be at least one figma with a bicycle at wonfes - I just never thought it would be a Miku figma. I still hope Max Factory decides to make more Yowamushi pedal figmas of course, but I'm really liking this so far.

The hair looks great and the i really like the eyes as well. I really hope that we'll get some good faceplates for her, because if she is anything like Onoda item #198373 and Makishima item #236224 articulation wise (Which she probably is) will she have a lot of playability. Can't wait to see her painted!
8 minutes agoKagamineKagamine
This kimono is awsome! :D mind sharing where is it from?
9 minutes agoKukiKuki
Can someone share the link for her? I'm too excited to find it, sorry. *^*
9 minutes ago (9 minutes ago)UnlimitedCodesUnlimitedCodes
Revien (49 minutes ago) #6494436Once again a bunch of people who haven't owned any of UCs work, let alone their recent ones, complaining with little substance. Hows the ride on that bandwagon working for ya?
Awww. Why so pressed? Is this your mom's company? FYI there's this weird thing called "photos". And the photos I have seen of UC's ""work"" tell me all I need to know, I don't have to hold the actual trash in my hands to form an opinion. But hey, continue to enjoy their exquisite yet reasonably priced work if you do, why even pay attention to us plebs?
9 minutes ago (9 minutes ago)Nagara_VenteelNagara_Venteel
Kakeru is my favourite, so I am totally cool with this, however I would happily take Heishi or Senri as well. Here's hoping!!
10 minutes agosailormatlacsailormatlac
Simple... but effective!

Let's wait for the price and general quality then decide.
11 minutes agoruispatonkiruispatonki
What outfit is this? They should've done one from one of her cards.
11 minutes agothreeaw1threeaw1

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