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Welcome to the board AmayaHikari! :)

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Toma unos kyuns.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo28/koukun/tumblr_nnbph8C9jQ1rrr564o3_500_zpsdltinog6.gif http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo28/koukun/tumblr_nnbph8C9jQ1rrr564o2_500_zps7engzzzc.gif
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Agreed. Again, sorry if I offended anyone, I just wanted to produce a good laugh or two, but I'll be more careful next time.

Anyways, in regards to item #76816, the sculptor did this really cute Asuka some years later: item #76814.
19 minutes ago (1 minute ago)HoroWiseWolfHoroWiseWolf
(mfc link)
Wonder what the figfix in the text for Rin is about...

redshoot (1 day ago) #2923605The smile face (eyes closed) is the GSC bonus ^^
Oh good, I'm not missing out on anything then.
20 minutes agoValtielValtiel
Valtiel (5 days ago) #2910293Sold
Looks like she's still available after all. I'm selling her brand new, still sealed for 80 USD.
20 minutes agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
Dann (1 hour ago) #2925474The quality is good above decent as expected from MegaHouse but I wouldn't recommend it personally, grew tired of looking at her don't know if is the awkward pose, the thing btw her legs or those things on her back but something bugs me when I look at her, while I love ancient princesses in sexy outfits like that Menace from the same line I just don't enjoy this Luna figure.
Thanks for your input. Was just about to order her. Now I'm going to sleep on it... :D
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jajajaja pillado!
te agrego :) ^^ Yuriko-neko (29 minutes ago) #2925505chan!! cazado otro figuradicto! la foto de tus amiibos te ha delatado XP
25 minutes ago (25 minutes ago)DCJPDCJP
Shaolan-kun (1 hour ago) #2925466Sorry to ruin the party, but I don't think it's in any way funny to laugh at ugly GKs. These items are often made by amateurs who, as unskilled as they may be, put a lot of love and effort in creating a kit which they'll never make a profit with (moreso if it's ugly). That's why I would never think of mocking them. Would you really attend Wonder Festival and, when confronting an ugly GK (or simply one you don't like), mock the creator like "Wow that's so awful, do you really hope to sell that thing?".
Don't forget that practice makes perfect. I don't believe all the great sculptors in the GK and PVC worlds were able to create good looking ones on their first try. That's why I respect artists and their work, and if it doesn't appeal to me I simply ignore it.
No offense intended, but this is my personal opinion.
Edit: of course prepainted PVCs are a different story since, aside the artists' work, there's a business behind. Manufacturers who put out awful figures deserve to be mocked, even more so when they have been able to create good ones beforehand. View spoilerHide spoilerI'm looking at you, Griffon!

Eh, I understand your point, and I don't think it's more in the way like "wow, how would you ever sell that".

It's more just in fun with no intent to be offensive. I will be honest, if I saw a specific few of these figures in conventions in person I would probably burst out laughing. I would be lying if said I wouldn't. There's even the possibility that the sculptor had a laugh about it themselves.

As far as directly harassing the author, that's not cool. Like you said, the main reason people may present these is to get to better, some will be stunning, some may not be so good.

Then there's the few that can draw a laugh, which I would actually thank the person for doing. Again, it's not in a mocking way, it's just a human reaction.
27 minutes agoEccmyEccmy
Muntoe (50 minutes ago) #2925492Totally agree with this too but you've gotta realize a lot of the ones in this list are already super old already (some 10+ years) and the sculptors have come a long way so clearly they've realized their mistakes and had a lot of practice. Also some sculptors just aren't good at certain types of figures (ex. chibis) or some happen to be really great at sculpting but not painting (or vice versa).
No matter what you're gonna do you'll have some hits and some misses in art - I don't think anyone here is claiming that the sculptors aren't talented. Maybe a better way to drive this thread would be to point out an older GK that looks kind of silly but then be amazed at how far the sculptor has come today ^^ That would keep things a little more positive.

I fully agree with Muntoe, my sentiments exactly.

And here's my own contribution that comes to my mind:
Honey Workshop
item #59498 (1997, very first GK)
item #214383 (2014)

If you can read Japanese, go have a look at the circle's page about his Hammune figure (ext link), he left an interesting comment about it, pondering on his clumsy work of back then. He'd even like to go back in time just for one hour and ask to his past self! XD
29 minutes agoYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
chan!! cazado otro figuradicto! la foto de tus amiibos te ha delatado XP
31 minutes agoHeckfireHeckfire
Holy shitake...apparently I preordered her from AmiAmi and totally forgot about it. Er...yaaaay?!

33 minutes agoMuhPlasticMuhPlastic
My only real complaint is the lack of an effect part. This is mostly reused-retooled parts from the first release so there had to have been room in the budget to include something.
36 minutes agoannjooannjoo
SeiCaGe (1 hour ago) #2925462I think GSC should have waited on completing his accessories if their gonna add some more rather than showing pre-live video and PS yes there are nendos that only have arms and 2 fp, Love Live nendos are like that :3
I'm guessing they just want to keep the fans updated? It's the same thing with showing uncolored prototypes.

Yes there are plenty of nendos with little to no accessories, not just the Love Live ones. But nendos from the same series and having the same run type would usually have similar amount of accessories, especially when they're released so close after each other. It wouldn't make much sense to have jiji with the normal amount of accessories and suddenly Kashuu with minimum.
36 minutes ago (11 minutes ago)EamxuEamxu
Hi! Yes, I noticed after posting them that half of them were reposts so I didn't know what to do. I can still add the Jan Codes to the remaining ones that I posted and still waiting for an admin to delete the reposts. Thanks for the heads-up!

edit: Just added them on half the products and also changed their price. Did I miss anything else?
37 minutes agotomokotomoko
Woah, those are so adorable~ Congratulations on winning them for so little!
41 minutes agoHupiomHupiom
Reycoenma (9 hours ago) #2924866waw friend that figure of Super Pochaco this surprising , as I want her in my case lol, and has a slightly higher price where you got or bought through an online store ?? :)
I usually order through AmiAmi where it's currently 11,000 JPY:
(ext link)
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone

This community is mega friendly ♪
45 minutes agodrowrangerdrowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Wow, congrats on winning such an amazing auction!! <3

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