56 seconds agoJessicaJungJessicaJung Mahou Shoujo
Moro (9 minutes ago) #2417128I thought that part was only a problem with items that weren't preorders? Or am I remembering wrong?

No your right, from what I've heard and experienced pre order items came in fine.
2 minutes agoPlatinumOtakuPlatinumOtaku
Eben gibt halt viele und vor allem viele schöne , wenn ich so richtig am Rad drehe erinnert mich mein Unterbewusstsein immer daran das ich meist erst in 1 oder 2 Wochen wieder Geld hab.

Ich hätte gerne eine Sammlung mit Charaktären in Yukatas , meine Sakura ist der erste Baustein dafür. ^^
Naja und natürlich meine Misaka Sammlung ausbauen.^^
2 minutes agoJessicaJungJessicaJung Mahou Shoujo
Never pay up front is the advice I get from everyone. They're kinda slow at everything.
2 minutes agoai-risaai-risa
She came in the mail just minutes ago(ordered from jlist) and I was so excited to open her and when I did my heart fell to the floor. She had biiiig black smudges ALL OVER her legs. I know she's a prize but I've never seen such a mess before. I should have taken pics but I was so desperate to make sure I could get it off that I practically ran to grab a magic eraser and fortunately It all came off with a bit of scrubbing.

Thank goodness!

Unfortunately She's got a noticeable chunk in the paint just above her bangs and a white mark on the front black part of her shoe, both of which I'm afraid to mess with.

I'm still happy to have her but the unboxing process was probably my worst ever T.T
3 minutes ago (1 minute ago)MoroMoro
*takes a deep breath*

Cutting straight to the point... why should you even care what other people think? Why should you let other people's opinions dictate your decisions about a series? If you don't want to watch (x) anime because it's not to your taste, then of course don't. If you're just deciding "I won't watch this because it's 'too' popular" then that's kind of... :/ A series doesn't "decide" to be popular, and it isn't the fault of the series if there are fans that behave obnoxiously. Judging a source material by its fandom strikes me as a pretty unfair thing to do, frankly.

There are things that were super hyped that I didn't want to watch and/or didn't care for, and also didn't like the fandom, but using that by itself as justification to hate something just seems immature.
4 minutes agoTokitokiiTokitokii D.O.R.K
Moro (15 minutes ago) #2417120Revoltech boxes tend to be kind of obnoxious in general to be fair, at least newer ones, because all my newer revoltech Eva boxes are SUPER busy with way too many pictures crammed in there.
Sometimes posing revoltechs just so can be a big challenge, my EVA-03/Bardiel is really hard in particular, you sometimes have to slightly pull joints out of the sockets and things like that to get them to work. I like them because they're so durable though, they will come apart long before breaking.

Well usually they do represent the figure and character and what's inside but with this pinkish box it's like they are offering a cheap price revoltech for those who can't get the normal revo, and yet the price is the same as the usual big revoltech...
What a challenge, i always had problem to pose my Masamune regular and white version, the from time to time fall on each other too, i think revoltech are not for me, i do like figma better in term of pose and joint, movability etc...

I feel like the price pump up and the quality drops :/
5 minutes agosephirot22sephirot22
and why there are no Trunks, Goten o Gohan....? If is a Saiyajin Tournament Cell don´t have nothing to do there XD
5 minutes agoOvyOvy
Selling set ((mfc link)) for $50. Opened, good condition, with original packaging. PM for more details.
6 minutes agoOvyOvy
Selling set ((mfc link)) for $50. Opened, good condition, with original packaging. PM for more details.
6 minutes agoOvyOvy
Selling set ((mfc link)) for $50. Opened, good condition, with original packaging. PM for more details.
6 minutes ago (3 minutes ago)strictlystylesstrictlystyles Closet Nerd
mikki-malu (2 hours ago) #2416931I know your pain, it's really hard to choose a calendar without any previews. I'll post pics when I get it but it's going by SAL so it'll take 3-4 weeks and the calendar might be sold out by then... Maybe these pages will be posted here or somewhere on the Internet while mine is on the way, it's the first Racing calendar after all so hopefully people will want to share.
I just found this on twitter (ext link), can't read Japanese but it's likely this is what's inside.

any time is fine with me. CD Japan and jbox always have calendars in stock months after so worst case i can still procure it. If those pictures are accurate then it looks like a really good calendar. the first 2 pages though are bland, bu its still good.
6 minutes agoOvyOvy
Selling set ((mfc link)) for $50. Opened, good condition, with original packaging. PM for more details.
7 minutes agoKiririn-chanKiririn-chan
Naja meine sammlung ist jetzt nicht so der hit.

Seit 2 jahren aber erlich gesagt nicht so ganz.
Richtig sammeln tue ich seit diesem Jahr, da hab ich die meisten Figur bekommen.

Ich hab auch noch andere figuren die ich nicht aufgelistet habe diese sind nicht so der hit die waren sehr günstig und hab ich mir zu der zeit gekauft wo ich noch nicht so ne Anung hatte.

Ihr habt hier alle so tolle Sammlungen da fühl ich mich sehr klein dagegen.

ja ich hab mit figmas halt angefangen deswegen habe ich so viele.
Viele mögen die nichtt, ich an sich finde normale Figuren auch schöner aber figmas können echt praktisch sein und bei manchen sieht man die gelänke jetzt garnicht sooo doll.

Die Spiele und Manga sammel ich natürlich schon länger.
Ich habe über 500 Manga und konnte hier garnicht alle eintragen bis jetzt weil sie nicht alle gelistet haben.

hab mir jetzt auch eine mege Vorbestellt.
Und hab mir eine Figur ausgesucht die ich ien paar tagen kaufen werde.
Will auch etwas vorran kommen.
9 minutes agoEmboar500Emboar500
I'm not a fan of the series and its fandom, but I find the Godoka is the best one you should consider to prioritize cause it is the best one when it comes to character design and appeal. But still up to your decision which one is you choose from. (or you should get them all)
9 minutes agoMoroMoro
kevinlowl (1 hour ago) #2417043"in-stock" lol, yeah right, they probably scrambled to look for it on Yahoo Japan Auctions/Amazon or something.
I thought that part was only a problem with items that weren't preorders? Or am I remembering wrong?
12 minutes agoMoroMoro
strictlystyles (3 hours ago) #2416847Ive always noticed paypal has their own exchange rate the use. I thought this was just their fee for exchanging the money. Theres a way to get around that?
If you keep a balance in yen then you only have to pay the fee once when you convert your USD (or other currency) balance to yen to start with. That's what I did. But otherwise I always just use my bank card as the foreign currency fee my bank charges is negligible.
12 minutes agoOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3

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