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silentxangel (5 years ago) #1001657I laughed at your comment on the recent article here, and so I checked your profile and saw your avatar and laughed even harder, HAHA! You have an impressive collection. How's the Princess Mordina, in your opinion?
Thank you! You're too kind. I see that your collection will soon grow rapidly; there are some very stylish picks in there.

I like my Princess Mordina a great deal. The... finer details of her sculpt aren't as well-rendered as some figures of her kind, but the dirty elegance and beauty of her pose and facial expression more than make up for it! I currently have her displayed in bunny form (the snap-on magnetic bunny parts are a very clever implementation) with all three cuffs and ball+chains present and she's an absolute pleasure to see on the top shelf of a lit cabinet.

I nearly missed her the first time around and it was only through a lucky grab on the early aftermarket that I got her at all so my opinion may be coloured slightly, of course. :)