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ponnie (5 years ago) #1001576Thanks, I really hope it helps.
I'm quite a Madoka fan, so it's like 'collect them all' for me.
Nyankos were a lucky find at AmiAmi, a bit too expensive, but so adorable :3

Your collection is very impressive - only top-notch figures! Even Alter's Motoko, she's super cool ^^

By the look of it, he was worth the cost :) I'm a big Natsume fan, I guess I need to be more attentive so I don't miss stuff like that. I was very lucky with the Motoko, there is a comic book shop in San Francisco that I stop in every couple of months. A few years back she was just up on a shelf, regular price and all.

Ha, I just read your Seasonal Delays diary... I'm the exact same way, I even have an excel document mapping out all my pre-orders and shipped items so I can see the hit my wallet will take each week. It never seems to work :)