05 years agoEllyElly
Haruhiism (5 years ago) #1015903You talking about this particular issue on their front page?
[ext link ]

I can probably order it at my local bookstore if you want one and ship it. If anything I'll take the Haruhi papercraft for myself. =)

Yes, that one! :3 And oh man, if you could, I would so appreciate it! <3 Lemme know how much it is~

WindsorSeven (5 years ago) #1016632@Elly, you can order it at Amazon.JP [ext link ]
Hmm...I would need a proxy for this though, right? I haven't really ordered anything from Amazon JP, so I've no idea. :x

Climbatize (5 years ago) #1015969wow the poster is awesome but there are too much naked men :-P But now that I think about it, there are not too much girls in Fate/zero :-)
I plan to frame it, lol! :> I was looking for the issue at AX, but it was sold out EVERYWHERE! ;A;