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Replying your last comment, after WF thoughts =D

Besides BIG BEST surprise Aoba, nothing else was exciting. Ok, Vash in colors but it was expected, as well Hisoka, Rin and Yukio (already seen in that mag), and some prototypes like Gon. Barnaby looks gorgeous, too bad I won't have Kotetsu GEM, so it's a no for both =( Also child Gin-san, Raven, petit chara land of Tales but only HxH and AnE GEMs are of my interest. No male nendos (besides Iron Man), no one coins, no plushies T___T I was expecting KuroBas merch, but they can appear later.

My wallet is in serious danger this year, as I saw Hisoka to december, I already have PoT set and JR manga with DVD (it's too pricey for a 20 min anime only, I thought of cancelling it but at the same time I want it). And also we have to save up for Aoba next year. I have a list with plushies and figures that can eat my money, have to be careful. But I can't resist Rai ^^

I've already commented but nothing changed yet, only watching Hakuouki cos AF is too boring, and the other shows from past seasons: KuroBas, Shirokuma and HxH. I didn't watch Fate/Zero, never thought about it til you asked me XDD As I was never a Saber fan it wasn't on my list, and I don't think I'll do it now or I'd be attached to some characters and as I see FZ will have many stuff released, better save my wallet.

Ah I also bought SF ch2, it's been like 3 weeks but no news about shipping, is it normal?