05 years agoMilkshakeMilkshake
I did ! Your reply stayed in my profile by year or more lololo. XDD
I already said thut,but I'm honored,sankyuu~! <3
Yup,maybe she'll stay foreveeer ^u^ and i still have got L,homever I don't like him *but to be honest I want to buy a few figures at this moment...i must check new figurines and after holidays but nendoroid or sumthing like that <33 now i must buy new bag and kuroshitsuji,alice and dengeki daisy manga awrr*

I guess if you're live closer to Japan,for me it's second world end lololo >3< but it's nothing,someday I'm sure if I'll see Tokio ~! Shibuyalove.<3
Ahahaha,Italy was pretty nice,but... SO HOT...TOO HOT ! D: *about 40-45oC...*
Well,I'm person who likes coldest temperature *25oC-peeerfeect ^u^*
HeyCalifornia is awesome so you have nothing to worry about. :D I'm sure if you have got a lot of awesome places here ! XD And by the way,past month I was first time in Cracovia...Geez I wish i could study here someday ! The prettiest Polish town ever ! QoQ

by the way I don't think if I will be here a lot XD if you don't mind,can you give me other contact with u like skype,deviantart etc ?o3o i dunno what to count more lololo XD i hope if my ingrish became better btw :D