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Sturmhornisse (5 years ago) #1075980Yes I ate deer. It is very tasty but be careful an old one can be hard to chew... Very hard! And you have to use the right cooking technique otherwise it can be a bad surprise xd
Well I will try kangoroo meat if I find it.... I guess I would try almost every meat.
Hard to communicat with Japanese. Well I will try to learn Japanese in university if I have time. But I already know enough that it will be really hard :-/
Without the language one can't understand their culture.
It really sucks that figure boxes are that huge... I would probably go shopping in Akihabara and sent the figures to Germany even if it is expensive. Or buy an extra piece of luggage in Japan. No better solution in sight and I couldn't go without figures :-/
Might go into a Maid Cafe there, they often speak enough english. But they are expensive as hell!
Well that somehow diffrent in Germany. Here the women often have complexes about their looks. There are ten year old girls who say they are not happy with their body. WTF? They are ten years old they should not care about that!
But the ignorance in Australia isn't better. Maybe they don't have mirrors and photos of themself at home? On the other hand in baroque era fat ladys were beautiful they probably are stuck in that times....
All over the world are stupid and hypocritique persons. They do never doubt themselves :-/
We had a English teacher from Wales probably the most hypocritique person I ever met!
He said critize me but the he ran crying out of the class room if you did.
He said he can forgive you something but in reality he always rememebered you abou it, using it to control you!
He said he was democratice but never ever let us decide something in class.
He said he will not brag but he alway told us about his super cool friends, his car etc.
He said he didn't preech us moral but he did every lesson for half an hour...
I could continue but it makes me too angry :-/

plenty of hippocrits in this world..... sometimes even i feel like im one of them... i try my best to not be one of them tho.... and about what got me into figures, i'll write a intro about it xD its been a while i think i should write something on my page and upload some pictures etc, hope u read it when i do! what about u what got u into it