05 years ago (5 years ago)Corrode_BlossomCorrode_Blossom <3
Chloe-tsundere (5 years ago) #1076988yeha well my mom will lose her job by november so I can only have 1 order for december just to be sure ... as she wants me to pay her 200 euro a month so no figs for me ...
already have taiga bunny suit ver. for december

Oh, that's not good to hear. I hope your mom will find a new job as soon as possible. I really know how it feels to be unemployed.

Hm, I already got 2 items in december. Velvet and now Konomi, that's my limit for now. But I really want to stop ordering figures in the future (2013, only those Natives and Konomi) since I neglected a lot of other things due to this such as dvds, manga, anime and clothes, lol. It's just unhealty how it goes at the moment.