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xcupidxstuntx (5 years ago) #1079570Aha, my teacher's chinchilla just slept all day because he was pretty old, bless him. My main concern about my figures is my cat - she seems attracted to money, and why would she want to lie on the bed when she can jump the four feet to sit on my PS3?

Awww. : ) And yep, critters in general seem drawn to your most expensive and easily breakable stuff. I guess if your PS3 is anything like mine it may be the warmest place in the room, heh, that thing gets so hot.

I got Yuri, yay! My mum is probably relieved he's off her hands too, she's had to put up with me asking:
'You will be careful when you wrap him up?' and 'You haven't dropped him, have you?', though she got her own back the last time by replying 'Looks Ok...oh...oh dear', giving me a heart attack.

I really need a Detolf now. I think you're going to need a second one, looks like you're building a good collection. : )