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G-Rave (1 year ago) #12470277Hi there!
Which Charlotte do you mean? This one? item #100423 is 3$
Oh, and I forgot to mention, but all figures you asked about before are new (not sealed due to being blind boxed tradings). Not sure if Naoto's box is still around...
Alice and Frost prize was displayed and has no box, so I'll gladly part with them for 7$. And I can split them, but I doubt it will be a good idea. It's not a set, but one figure. And if I take away Frost Alice would be left standing alone on a huge base with a hole in the middle. Doubt it is worth saving a couple of bucks...
Also, I suddenly found out I have doubles of all kyun-charas from this set - (mfc link) Brand new, but without tarot cards and boxes. So if you're interested I can also sell them for 5-6$ (and will totally give a discount if you'd like to buy the whole set ^^)

Went ahead and sent you a PM so it's more organized, sorry. I meant Nagisa actually item #195448. So none of the Persona kujis have their cards?