04 years agoHidanHidan
NemsEngelAceSasu (4 years ago) #1840019I wonder if this one is a offical Plush?
[ext link ]

This Ebay Seller has only FAKE, BOOTLEG stuff! Please don't buy from her. I already did last year and lost around 100 euro. Ebay.de didn't even helped me... She even lied to me several times that she pays my money back and in the end I couldn't even leave negative Feedback 8 times for my 8 fake, bootleg items and of course I got no money back! I don't even understand why she has got so many positive Feedback! shit happens :(

(((Hier kannst du einfach nachgucken: (mfc link) Kiki-haus: Alles kommt aus China und gefälscht... seitdem bestelle ich meine Sachen fast nur aus Japan!)))