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savqez (8 months ago) #18826656I bought this from Play-Asia ([ext link ]) and a corner of the box is slightly damaged.
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
Is this normal? Should I do something about this?

Usually Play-Asia packs their boxes with a lot of styrofoam pieces. I bought a few figures from them and they all came in great condition. I'm not seeing any styrofoam piece in the picture, did they just bubble wrap the figure box?
Anyway, considering the damage in the cardboard box, I think even the most secure packing wouldn't be able to avoid damaging the figure box (looks like someone put a lot of weight over it or tossed it in the ground really hard). In this point, I don't think you can blame Play-Asia too much for the damage. But if you think they could have done a better packing, I think you could contact them to, at least, let them know about the problem.