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GCNess (9 months ago) #19101578VERY nice, I wish my GKs were that good.

Thank you so much! I actually had a little practice on the process before picking up Gks, which helped me improve.

moonstarfc (9 months ago) #19102077Nice job!! I'm interested in GKs but I'm afraid to mess them up so I'd rather leave the paint job to someone else xD

Thank you!! I had the same reservations as you when I first started. I was afraid I would mess everything up and was even more afraid since the kit was an original that wasn't very cheap. I will say that with practice you get better. It was also helpful to look at other people's progress photos. If you didn't know, there is a YouTube channel called Leona's Workshop which I found very helpful since she has short videos on each process with helpful tips on different scenarios in her WIPs.
murdoch (9 months ago) #19104012Ahhhhh I love this GK! And that leg sculpt tho. I approve.
Paintjob is damn good, I especially love the way you shaded his skin and his clothing.
TigerChan (9 months ago) #19108743He looks really amazing!!

Thank you both so much! I know, those legs and biceps.

Redliger (9 months ago) #19115865Good job on your first kit, the first one is always the hardest. It just gets easier and you can get more creative with each kit you build. The sky is the limit, welcome to a brand new world. :)

Thank you!! And thanks for the encouragement!