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tharglet (8 months ago) #19116450item #3857
Only mildly likely from the tags I found.
You could try looking through the figures tagged kneeling and see if any seem similar
Other than that, maybe do a crappy doodle of it? How the serpent/snake lay on her body?

Buffy6 (8 months ago) #19117095This has two versions, closest I can find without a better description.
item #287299

Josine (8 months ago) #19119472This one maybe? item #393543 item #323294 item #420989

akagami1 (8 months ago) #19122960I want to see the crappy doodle. But tbh any image would be better than just a description, because it can be interpreted in many different ways.

Thanks for all the help so far it's none of them sadly :( Spent over an hour last night using the search features on MFC and could not see her. I really wish I'd brought her now really bugging me what figure she was I know for sure she was an Anime figure, she was in the second-hand figure part of Trader on the main Akihabara street. A drawing would be helpful but I can't draw at all :|