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Ose_93 (9 months ago) #19155257I've never seen a bootleg on the regular Mandarake website. This seems to be the bidding site, which I have never been on.
I'm not at all certain how bids on there work. But according to the FAQ, Urban Mines products are in no way inspected. The only thing they do is make sure something is in the box.
So I guess this means there may be other bootlegs for this section. They don't check items at all, so they don't check for authenticity.
Jenthehen (9 months ago) #19155339Sounds like it's an as is auction site through Mandarake and they are not guaranteeing anything but that what is in the picture / general description is included. More along the lines of Yahoo Auctions (where I do occasionally see bootlegs, as well!) The description seemed to imply that these sales are not to the same standard as their shops.akarin (9 months ago) #19155356I think when it comes to Urban Mines they don't care about the condition or state of the items they sell, and they kinda state it in the description. Really surprised they'd sell a bootleg though, since they made sure to note in their regular site FAQ that they don't sell any since they "inspect" everything carefully. So this looks unprofessional tbh. Wonder how this got in their hands tho...lol

Yes, it's in the 'Urban Mine' section, where they have stated they don't check for anything and basically just take a photo of it and post it on their website. It's not the regular bidding auction.

And I didn't know Yahoo Auction had bootlegs too! I'll keep a lookout then, I shop from there way too often.