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starlightshine (8 months ago) #19115989I'm going England! Thanks ^^ would have liked to go Japan but I cannot nihongo + not many universities offered courses in my major... Haha I'm pretty sure many people feel like that too. Don't worry about it!
Nice!! Exchange can get really expensive though, since it's super tempting to just travel around without the worry of grades :^) How about summer exchange to Japan? I think there's one that allows you to clear level 1 Japanese so beginners are welcomed! Actually, the popular exchange country for my course is Taiwan but I'm not too keen on that and the only time I can go on summer exchange is right after year 1 and I had bad planning skills then so... welp bye hopes and dreams!!! My nihongo would be of a much higher level too if I went urghhh orz Hm, I feel like most people in my school somewhat has their shit together and then there's me so it's hard not to feel that way orz.