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Hi! Maybe here are some entries you were looking for:(mfc link) Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favourites as well, though, I couldn't find anything at the time (was on junior high) I always wanted the whole manga and ovas, now I only have half of them, and when I started collecting, the Kotobukiya figures were available, but for some reason they weren't too appealing for me, though they're really nice. Even so, I would like a scale based on the illustration with Kenshin and Kaoru with an umbrella (maybe I should try doing it myself ^^')
Definitely getting this sort of items was difficult when being a kid, in my time all I could get were cards at conventions and collectible stores (mainly Sailor Moon, but I also got from Ranma, Pokemon and Slayers) . Only some Bandai toys were easier to find as at that time they were sold at toy stores and also supermarkets toy's section. There was a variety from Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon (early 90s) and then CCS and Pokemon from other brand (early 2000s). At that time I got item #9039 and item #7395 saving allowances and as gift. Years later my brother and I got a Pikachu and Raichu, and later I got from my dad and brother a Pikachu plush. From CCS I got some collectible cards and manga magazines printed here in spanish, but always wanted the clow cards and couldn't get them, until now that I can buy my own stuff online, I got the rerelease and quite a number of other stuff from CCS and Sailor Moon (though I told myself I wouldn't because that time has passed, but nostalgia beat me and I'm still getting stuff that is being released ^^')