18 months agomirberrymirberry 絶対可憐
When I was still little, and Sailor Moon was airing on Cartoon Network, it was no secret to my family that it was my favorite. I had all of the Irwin dolls and plushes, and loved them to bits. My mother, who at the time had no idea about eBay, actually scoured the city for Sailor Moon stuff for me, and found shops that had the imported plushes from Japan.

This means that I have items such as item #20629, item #191108, item #191109, item #21320, and item #20861, though all save for Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon are now in unfortunately awful shape because hey, I was a kid, I played with my toys back then!

I have some old Pokemon toys too, but none of those have the same nostalgic vintage as the Sailor Moon ones. I'd love to re-acquire these old, rare items so that I can appreciate them properly.