08 months ago (8 months ago)C2QueenC2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
abi (8 months ago) #19156010Hi! Maybe here are some entries you were looking for:(mfc link)

Even so, I would like a scale based on the illustration with Kenshin and Kaoru with an umbrella (maybe I should try doing it myself ^^')

At that time I got item #9039 and item #7395 saving allowances and as gift.

Yes! The Kenshin figure in that picture is the one I had with Kaoru! Thank you!

A scale like that would be incredible!

AH! That second Sailor Moon item you had! I had the keychain version and thanks to your post I found it in the database. I had item #442252 I had it for a really long time, then eventually the tail broke somehow and then at some point I lost it. I remember using it more as a toy than a keychain.