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LovelyIdiot (8 months ago) #20116798You have a very charming and witty way of writing, and it really made this review all the more fun to read! You also encapsulated how I felt about getting my first Alter figure perfectly. Thank you for posting this!

Ahhh thank you so much for such a kind comment! I was so delighted and overwhelmed when I got Hanayo, I really wanted to share my feelings, and I'm so glad I could do it in an entertaining way!

hadalisii (8 months ago) #20134424Seeing how utterly happy you are with your best girl i tend to get more and more excited to finally get my hands on Kotori from this Alter-holy-grail-perfect-line. AHHHH reading your reaction made me realize how much i love figure-collecting as a hobby! It brings joy to the world!

I hope you find Kotori to be as amazing as I found Hanayo! I really like that they chose that art for Kotori. When the results of the poll for who would win a Christmas UR came out, I was really happy that Kotori's theme won, it was the best of the lot imo and I love her figure form. Ah, this hobby is really the best <3

caneton (8 months ago) #20146416alter is best girl.

Damn straight! These feelings inside me ... are they for Hanayo or for Alter? I want to enjoy more Alter figures - but slowly, so that I can have the time to slowly cherish each one before meeting the next.