03 years ago (3 years ago)takezortakezor
I love this HQDX line... many different characters and the sculpt is very good in most of them. I actually have many figures of this line. I love how they made all Freeza Forms for example. But I hope they just made all the Buu's and Cell's forms... they just made 1 out of all them and it's the Majin Super Buu which is super nice.
By the other hand, I can't understand why they made Gogeta and Vegeta SS4 but they missed Son Goku SS4. Many years have passed but I still can't find the reason behind it. :(
And also I dislike that they made so many re-releases (clear version and kai version) of the same figure, waste of time when they could have released many other characters never done in DX scale.
At least they continue that saga with the sCultures line, which is very good too, although I wish some of their figures were bigger (Lunch in the moto, Gyumaoh, the upcoming Trunks and Yamcha etc).