06 months ago (6 months ago)ZandurFoxZandurFox
Mine arrived yesterday, but she has quality control issues and minor paint flaws such as her socks being almost painted like her skin color with a few holes, and the basketball was already broken off when I take out the base from the blister box. So, I had to super glued the basketball to the base which was pretty tricky, since the peg was snapped off! So, I had minor dried super glue marks on the base where the ball is sitting top on and at least it is pretty hard to notice.

Monokuma has paint flaws and a minor defect on one of his ears.

I don't know, I might sell Kirigiri Kyouko and get a replacement of one of the earlier releases at a reasonable price, since Hobby Search's stock of her is now sold out.

Let's just say, I am disappointed...but despite all that, she became one of my favorites due to the elaborate non-boring base.