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elessar123 (7 months ago) #21040814No, they were caught multiple times selling bootlegs. As recently as a year ago or two ago. Typically, if you get it at the same time as the figure's official release, it should be fine.
All the bootlegs that I remember are when they delay shipping, or put it up old stock. The problem is that they're not an official distributor, so they get their stock from other people. The other people sell them bootlegs and they get mixed in with the legitimate figures. That's why they're listed as bootleg.
Ultimately, it's buyer beware.

As i said, it's my experience with them. I always buy from legit sites (AmiAmi, BiJ, HS, HLJ, Mandarake, etc) and i had no problem with them, actually i've ordered lots of figures from Nippon and i have to say that all of them were legit (of course i can prove it, and i can tell the difference between legit one and a bootleg) I'm not saying you're liying, don't misunderstand me at all, just saying i didn't have any problem about that with any figure i bought to them.

Besides i have to say that i only order figures that i have doubts about shipping method (I use SAL reg) because of box size. In many sites the same figures are not available for SAL while Nippon let you that option. But until now, everything i bought from them were legit.