07 months agoCereFRCereFR
Wow thank you so much!
Jjuryef (7 months ago) #21039091
Yorokonde http://www.yorokonde.de/: €182,90 ('Partnered' 94% with 18 feedbacks from Germany)
Sukipanhttp://www.sukipan.de/: €192,90 (95% with 11 feedbacks from Germany)
Red Dot Commerce https://www.reddotcommerce.nl: €183,95 (Pretty unknown but growing, reliable based on personal experiences. From the Netherlands)
Archonia: https://www.archonia.com/mangashop/en/ €224,29 (83% with 29 feedbacks from Belgium)

It is too expensive for me :(
I heard about Tokyo Otaku Mode, it is the cheapest at the moment for EU except non reliable sites. If anyone thinks about giving up its pre-order let me know. If not I think I will wait to the release date, I ordered Phat! Shiro from Nippon-Yasan and they told me they would have stock (don't know if it is the truth tough).