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CereFR (7 months ago) #21042781Wow thank you so much!
It is too expensive for me :(
I heard about Tokyo Otaku Mode, it is the cheapest at the moment for EU except non reliable sites. If anyone thinks about giving up its pre-order let me know. If not I think I will wait to the release date, I ordered Phat! Shiro from Nippon-Yasan and they told me they would have stock (don't know if it is the truth tough).

TOM is $170,99, if you can't declare lower value on the figure then you're stuck with customs. So i think you would have to pay more if you bought it there.
Nippon-Yasan is also from outside of the EU so customs will have to be payed except if you chose their Amazon shipping method.
I bought my Phat! Shiro from Mandarake, got lucky i guess.