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VeIvet_Crowe (7 months ago) #21079033Is this figure worth getting? The leaning does still scare me.

The lean does not seem to be universal, some people have posted that theirs hasn't leaned. Even if it does, we have a lot of info here about how to fix her, from super budget options like making a ball of shirts to put under her, to a slightly more involved way using support rods. We even have some stores you can get acrylic rods, which are quite nice being transparent and all, they don't subtract from her visual appeal too much.

She's one of the best visually designed figures in my collection and one of my absolute favorites. Her leaning can be a bummer, but we have quite a bit of info compiled on ways to go about combating it if it does happen. I'd say it's worth, but I'd give it more thought if I were you. It's a pricey figure to get nowadays and the better fixes with acrylic rods add an extra layer of cost and manual overhead. Take some time to weight the pros and cons.