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WanderingWastrel (6 months ago) #21267028Price changes are unpredictable. Some figures' prices go up after release, and some go down. Many figures' prices change gradually over time, either up or down -- but others gyrate wildly up and down. You don't know what a price is going to be in the future.
So the rule I use for a figure or item that I want is:
if money_available > current_price then buy it oh god buy it before someone else gets it hurry hurry click the button click the damn button and buy it!
But that's just me.

Hahaha! My mind runs exactly on the same "if-then" conditional. As long as it's something I really like, I always PO it because I don't want to regret later. Like the others have pointed out, the aftermarket prices can be really unpredictable while prices of popular items can skyrocket. I came to this hobby very late and have had to shell out a pretty penny for back-catalogue items like
item #78599
item #78598
item #198393