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ney (6 months ago) #21284575She was released few months before item #4426 (that's you have also reviewed) and the render is totally opposite : Louise got a really dynamic pose when Siesta, well…, is just a plain maid i think ? But her character is interesting too so why ? You pointed it at the end of your article, you bought her to complete your ZnT shelf and i tend to think Alter only made her to have an other character than Louise from ZnT unfortunately.

Yeah i think alter couldve done a lot better I agree.. pose is meh as I pointed out but quality-wise shes far from prize. Pose-wise even a prize is better lol

I think they couldve pulled off a nice kirche as she was pretty much main in S1 :) for saito
Yet no one made her..

As for siesta they couldve made a tripping pose with washing bin or something to make her more interesting? Or a cheerful pose? And a better base even grass base would do well..

But yeah Ive never been a fan of Siesta after S1. Henrietta same around S3-4 she became horrible. But id still buy her I guess for the right price..
Siesta was a mere 2.5k if i recall correctly thus why i picked her up. For retail i prob wouldnt have unlike with louise