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Jenthehen (6 months ago) #21290809People are being way too harsh. This is a classic Alter figure to me. I own her, as well. She is not dynamic or exciting, but I feel like it fits the character from the first season and she's one that I've never wanted to sell since I have good memories of Familiar of Zero.
We have to remember that this figure was released almost 9 years ago and for 5500yen. You can get her now from around $20-$30. Of course she isn't like this year's Alter releases (going for 15000yen typically!)
Yours is also extra dusty ;) Get some brushes / swiffers / canned air on her stat!

I totally agree, I picked her up for $15 and while she's not modern Alter quality, she's very crisp in painting and very consistent, just an all-round great figure in quality. And I have to say, early Alter stuff is quite charming - you see how they managed to become such a good company tbh.