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I am closing this alert because it is not up for member discussion. Old entries are not always grandfathered in and exempt from new rules - as far as I'm concerned every entry should be considered equal and held to the same standard. I've been on MFC for over 7 years and been through dozens of decisions (and have had many of my own entries alerted/deleted); our rules are stricter now due to the enormous amount of new users and figures/items/media added daily. Many items slip through our reach because it is impossible for us to look at every entry and analyze its credibility, hence why the alert system and VIB exist. Although it certainly isn't perfect MFC is primarily a database and we strive for accurate information. Alerts and changes to an entry should not be seen as a personal attack.

That being said, I am not sure if this rule was ever explicitly stated as being retroactive. This particular FAQ update was made in July 2015 so any doujin items added before then may be missing store links. Staff is chatting about this now. When we do come to a decision I will post an update in (mfc link) since I've been meaning to make a small update about Fate/Grand Order and the encyclopedia system anyway. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: A number of our staff are on vacation or without internet so we still haven't come to a decision. Thanks for your patience :)