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Mantis (3 years ago) #2212174Hi guys im thinking about getting a few pre owned POP's from AmiAmi can nyone give me ny feedback as to what the quality is like on their pre owned items?

It depends on the item classification. Check them out : View spoilerHide spoilerS: New - Guaranteed to be unused and unopened.
A: Like New - Item is sealed and is unopened or appears to be unopened.
A-: Like New - Item is not sealed by the maker but appears to be unopened.
B+: Very Good - Item has been opened but does not contain any signs of damage. All parts are included.
B: Good - Item has been opened and contains signs of minor wear or damage. All parts are included.
C: Acceptable - Opened item with conspicuous damage. Parts may be missing.
J: Unacceptable - Item is missing parts and/or is severely damaged.

I would say S, A, A- and B+ are like you're buying a new one. Items classified as B are usually in excellent conditions. Although Amiami says B cointains 'signs of minor wear or damage', i couldn't see any kind of damage on any B item i bought from them, so basically these damages they refer to are minimum, almost undetectable. I have never bought any C or J item, but when they classify as those, they always put what the 'conspicious damage' especifically is on the item's page :)