13 months agoLilieLilie
Have you noticed something strange? It feels like this site is sort of dying or going through some sort of phase. I could be wrong, but i'm assuming the amount of members on this site should be growing every year as this hobby becomes more popular.

Good example of growth is the r/animefigures sub in reddit that already passed over 15k users. But on here mfc i've noticed that on the blog section for example new blogs are getting much less views than 2-3 years ago. Nowdays the blogs get around 600-2500 views and if you go back like 300 pages to blogs 2-3 years old, you will notice they have a lot of more views 2000-8000 on average. Though there's some things that have to be taken into account: Was the viewcount system updated recently and shows the amount of views on blogs correctly now. Maybe few years ago the system calculated views incorretly and showed more views for a blog than it had in reality. I don't know, but if the view count system was not changed then it means new blogs are now getting much less views than few years ago. One could also argue that maybe the blog section just has gotten less popular, however i would disagree with this since the blog section is probably one of the most popular sections on MFC.

I've noticed the frontpage pictures are now mostly from the same members every week with few new expections. Item pages seem to be getting less comments than few years ago, but i need go through more item entries before i can be more certain if that is correct or not. It's just weird that it seems the activity on this site seems be lower nowdays while this hobby is getting more popular. Maybe people are becoming fed up of this site and just leaving.

Could MFC be dying or just going through low phase of activity? :D Could the price increase of figures be part of the reason?