07 years agoStarshipPooperStarshipPooper
SubbyJust want to say you have a ridiculously awesome collection with a ridiculous amount on order:P How do you deal with all the boxes?

I only keep the best of the boxes. If the boxes have some really great art work, I cut them off and toss the rest. Or I remove the plastic and collapse and fold the boxes. I do that with all my Figma and Fraulein boxes. Even then, I have a huge stack!

I used to have a decent size room filled with boxes up to the ceiling.

In any case it's a constant battle, every time I receive my main shipment for the month, I go through my boxes and decide what to keep and what to toss. Even if a box is bad, I'll hold onto it if I decide I don't like the figure and will sell as a used figure later. I'm just waiting for them to age. No point trying to sell recently released figures when people can buy them now brand new. My goal isn't to make money, but to find a home for them but I don't want to waste my time doing it.