01 month agoMetatronMetatron
Ok guys I just want to give my quick review for Zenmarket.

I just ordered several figures with their proxy service. When the items arrived at their warehouse, you're free to choose the shipping method etc.

And then here's the tricky part:
- After you select the shipping method etc, you need to wait for them to confirm the package, which could take 1 week alone.

The shipping fee for the package has been confirmed
Go to Packages →
The items in the parcel you have created exceeds the limit of the weight and/or the size of the chosen shipping method. Therefore, we have left some of the items at our warehouse.

Apparently they just left some of your items without the option of changing the shipping method.

And you need to pay 1,000 yen to cancel the current package!! (obviously you're forced to do so)

I guess this is how they make money eh, by being dishonest.