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Jc21095 (2 years ago) #3324213Ok sorry but ant figure out how to do a thread so I'll post here, I live in Secane, PA, United States just outside of Philadelphia and I'm trying to find an anime shop without driving too far, looked on Yelp but for some reason it just displays animal shops and not anime shops(and yes I'm searching anime shops, no auto correct), so please help
It's been over 15 years since I last lived in the area, so I don't know what's around anymore, and most of what I knew is in Center City Philly anyway :/ There used to be a shop called Anime Bento in Springfield, but they closed years ago; it's possible the owners may have relocated somewhere (before Anime Bento, the owners ran the [somewhat overpriced] Quakerhead Collectables in Philly).

Have you tried searching for comic book stores and general collectable toy stores as well? Sorry I couldn't be of more help...