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gloom (2 years ago) #5118638I have some hope for the DR3 anime... It seems like they learned their lesson about making an anime adaptation of a visual novel since they didn't bother to make one for sdr2. Even if the animation is lacking, I want to believe the story will at least be interesting. I wonder if any of the sdr2 characters will make an appearance?
View spoilerHide spoilerA little sad Naegi got tall but I like his haircut and it's gonna be great to see the survivors of the first game again! \(^-^)/

They actually wanted to do an adaptation of sdr2 but decided not to, which makes me a little sad because I wanted to see the events of the game animated, not because I thought it'd be good or something lol.

I'm still curious to see how the anime will turn out.
Who knows maybe they'll tell us what happened to the survivors of sdr2, hopefully.
View spoilerHide spoilerMaybe komaeda is okay!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)