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iChelintanNP ^^ That was really well done!
I wonder are Figmas popular in Thailand? I heard there are a lot of fake figmas and nendoroids there. I would rather buy real scale PVC figures. Those are easier to tell wish is fake wish is real. Right now I have Katsura figure on my wishlist. I would want to order him now but he will be released on the time I will be in Thailand trip :/

From my opinion in Thailand Figmas are not as popular as Nendoroids (but I like Figmas more than Nendoroids..) And it's true that there are a lot of Fake of them but I think it's easy to know that which one is real or fake from the detail and the box quality. About Katsura I don't see any G.E.M. series here ,so I think maybe it's hard to find him in Thailand...