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Cupcakez89Dolls are really cute :3 But yeah...DD are insanely expensive D:

So then you want character dolls? Insted of like the one I have? Hmm...maybe check mandarake? The cheap ones usually go for 8,000 yen: [ext link ] :)

Aww you saw Chisa! ♥ She's my favorite :) Probably the only doll I'll own though to be honest xD Dolls are so expensive...I don't want to get into them toomuch xD

Thanks for that link! I thought they'd all be expensive after being released, so I didn't even bother to check Mandarake. Madoka's only 9000! Hmm, maybe I'll wait till Mami comes out and see if I can get her second hand.
Oh, do you remember a while ago when I was asking someone on here if they knew where View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lylqhjGJE81qiog4oo1_500.gif was from, and you were like 'It's from Denpa teki na Kanojo!' Well I finally watched those OVAs. The site where I dl my anime from randomly had them up, so I thought they were something new. But then as soon as they showed his kitchen, I was like 'asdfjkl! This is that show!' (I couldn't remember the name). The OVAs were quite odd, but in a good way. I couldn't get over how odd the MC looked though...his face seemed so disproportionate. Anyway, too bad it wasn't longer :/ Have you ever watched/read that guys other series, Kure-nai? The anime just got licensed.