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I'm fortunate to have lived long enough to where my collections don't really cause any concerns; I'm secure in who I am. Most all my family and friends know about my other collections. Some of the folks I work with are into the Anime thing also, or know something about it as a periphery to their gaming. However, I do "test the waters" before bringing up figure collecting. If visitors care and comment about the figures I do have out, my response is to inform them what an appreciating asset they are. I haven't yet got my first Super Dollfie SD16G set up (waiting on a stand) but she'll definitely set off comments after I do. My wife wasn't sure about the initial cost for Ami, but she is suddenly really interested (it's the doll thing). It'll help to keep her young, and we can enjoy it together. I do marvel at myself, that I have succumbed to the lure of Dollfiedom. ..and yes, I am happy to have found this place to enjoy this hobby with the rest of you.