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I believe you on your word, but I just think it's. I don't wamt to say unrealistic because bleach is a "supernatural" anime, so you can't get 100% realism. I just find it really unbelievable that a normal higschool student, who practically stumbled on his powers by accident in the form of Rukia (no matter if he might have had something in his genes cause of his dad) can get this strong in such short time. That's just overdoing it. He's a normal human.
I would've maybe accepted those 2 years more if he had explained alot more about soul society's time difference, but even then I just find it farfetched. It's one of those things where the hero is way too overpowered while with captains who are as strong as him, it took decades to get where they are now.
Also, the pacing is just wrong in my eyes. If they really wanted it to only be 2 years, they should;ve done it differently.
I'll give you an example. When Orihime got kidnapped, Tatsuki almost ripped ichigo's head off, as if she had been gone for a week. If it was infact just a day or maybe 2 before they went to hueco mundo to rescue her, then took about a week to get her, Tatsuki's reaction was way way way over the top. She could;ve just normally asked where Orihime was instead of almost murdering him which gave the impression she had been gone longer.

Also what bugs me is Tite kubo introduces all these new characters and then hardly bothers giving them any depth. We hardly know anything about Uruhara except what has been said in turn back the pendulum, we hardly know anything of isshin (actually we know NOTHING), or uryuu's dad, or even chad. We know his power is fullbring now, and we know he was close with his grandfather. Jeez talk about character development...
Yet tite kubo takes the time to think of useless characters like Ichigo's boss at work.. why is she even there, she adds nothing to the story. I'd rather see more about characters that have been there since the beginning.

Also in the beginning of Xcution Ginjo kept asking Ichigo if he could really trust Uruhara. Now I understand it was just to get him to join in the end, but he just did nothing with the idea. He dangled it in front of our noses then in the middle of the story just kind of went with "oh scratch that"
He could've told more about what Karin did. But yet again another character we've known for years gets ignored, and she's only there when Ichigo needs to play big brother..

When you have a story like Bleach, you need something that differs it from it's genre. Or people are just going to throw it on one pile. Bleach had that in my opinion but gradually lost it overtime and completely butchered it in the Xcution arc.. (And I'm not even mentioning the design of the fullbringers this time but it still pisses me off..)

Regarding your question, I seem to remember that in the beginning they went with if you die in SS you will reincarnate back into the human world and it's a circle. But they seemed to have forgotten that overtime...

*looks for the spoiler tag regarding your comment about funerals*

View spoilerHide spoilerI'm not sure how far you are in the new arc, but it's an odd thing indeed because they have cremated that vice captain of the Old man when he got killed. So they seem to do something different everytime.
Thankfully, I like the new arc better since alot of my favorite characters have returned.

Oh I'm not mad and I respect your opinion btw, but I just feel a little.... taken for a fool I guess. He makes money of loyal fans, I except him to do his best and atleast give his characters some depth and originality, which especially in this last arc they lacked completely.

And I'm sorry, it's just too over the top for me, that it has been done in only 2 years.... even for a manga/anime like Bleach. I just can't imagine it at all. I need to have some sort of imagination connection with stories, that I can imagine it all being true, but this is just too much, it makes it too unbelievable.
I hope that makes sense. I just can't connect with it.