05 years agoMonkeyDMonkeyD
KingPOSEidon (5 years ago) #986836well im glad im sticking to one line and im specific on my collection but problem with that is MH knows what i like..
Yeah ive been looking around for a decent priced + shipping crisin nami. i oredered from otacute aswell. ill probably suck it up and pay the $60 shippinf if worst comes to worst.
Yeah i love grouping my figures looks more epic, ive got the new world strawhats, current shchibukais, whitebeard pirates.. and looks like ill be getting the supernovas hahah i might have to get the jp special luffy to have his attire fit the supernovas.. id love a bepo PVC figure but i found this one and it was hard to turn down [ext link ]
plus it doesnt look half bad here picture #449422

You are right, Bepo at this price realy is a temptation.
I'm looking forward to see how you will group the new POP's into your collection. I remember the day when I had a huge discussion with a friend of mine, whether Sir Crocodile should be placed among the shichibukais or not... In the end we put him next to Mr. 2 to make him feel less lonely...:-)