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  • 1 minute ago
    noctisity submitted a comment on [User #87882] heroizumi
    heroizumi (21 hours ago) #29818059View spoilerHide spoilerI just got the Idolish7 little sweets thingies!! They're adorable ;__; ahhhh~ I put them on my shelf next to my Yamato and Tamaki prize figures, ehehehe.
    Also thank you~ My birthday is actually tomorrow but MFC is dumb and sent out announcements at midnight last night XD Not sure why, haha. Hoo boy I am gettin old. ~_~
    I remember ages ago when a lot of the local anime conventions had DDR contests, lol. I miss that game. Hardly anyone in Japan plays it anymore, but it's still super popular here. I wish there were more rhythm games in the USA. They're best at arcades because you can have such large machines. I always feel like the home versions aren't as fun unless you have the arcade quality stuff (like one of the full metal dance pads rather than a crappy dance mat, etc).
    Also I have no idea about more portable stuff coming out of Sony. I'm wondering if they're holding back on it because of how poorly the Vita did outside of Japan. I don't think there are any games coming out for it other than in Japan at this point. Nintendo kind of has the market cornered for portable gaming outside of Japan. Hell even within Japan I think, especially after the release of the Switch.
    I mostly play PC games because I can't aim joysticks to save mine or my teammates lives. XD If I play any games that are portable it's been stuff like Ensemble Stars on my phone or Pokemon on DS or 2DS. I only want a Vita/PSP to be able to get some otome stuff...though I can't say I'd actually play it in public...Though if it's in Japanese the people around me wouldn't be able to read the screen anyway, lol!

    Thank you for letting me know! And yeah, they’re really cute! I'm tempted to remove the chain/metal hook part but then I like hanging them up too lol. (Just wondering, did you have any issues trying to get the rabbit ears to stay on your Tamaki prize figure? I can't tell if mine was just being difficult or it was a common issue. I was so worried about snapping the ear by accident. OTL)

    Whoops, I always forgot MFC's birthday notifications are super off. Well happy (actual) birthday (again)! LOL \o/

    Yeah the home versions of DDR just don't feel the same since the mat can be pretty slippery. I still see them in some old American arcades once in awhile, but I'm surprised they have faded from Japan. I guess since they come out with so many new game every year.

    The only games I see coming out on Vita outside of Japan are visual novels/otome games or remakes from other consoles. I was looking at a list of bestsellers on the Vita and was surprised most of them aren't actually Vita-exclusive games.

    What sort of games do you play on PC? I tend to play mostly otome games on my phone (with some random stuff like Animal Crossing and Neko Atsume) but definitely prefer a larger screen for my games. I know a few people who play otome games on their Vita during lunch lol.
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    View spoilerHide spoilerxylosha (21 hours ago) #29819304Hi I have read the rules and agree to them. I would also like to join the club. Thanks!YukariShinohara (6 hours ago) #29843555Hello :) I have read the rules and agree to them. I would like to join the club!

    Hi and thank you for your interest in the club. Unfortunately, I'm not able to send an invite just yet. Please re-read the rules more closely as there is something else that needs to be completed first. Once you have done so, please comment here again for an invite. Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • 13 minutes ago
    katsudon (4 hours ago) #29845702I'm so tempted but at the same time, I really don't want to spend that much even though he's an exclusive... Decisions, decisions T_T

    if you like I can let you know what I think when he arrives.
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    so sweet! >_<
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    The smallest feline is a masterpiece
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    erza1 submitted a comment on [User #86783] Venetica
    Very nice collection , you have some very hot Ladies
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