6813 hours agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
tachola (14 hours ago) #27323343 the only place you can really talk about it is on this thread (mfc link)
Yes, by collecting all feedback about the new changes in one place, it can far more conveniently be ignored.
5515 hours agoemosuccubusemosuccubus
i had a dream about mfc finally changing the profiles last night

ive never had a nightmare become true before
3314 hours agoTakasugiTakasugi
It's ugly as hell and unnecessary.
3212 hours ago (12 hours ago)LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Ive said this before but I dislike how it looks like a social media profile page. The point of MFC is our collection, not our details like member status and popularity on MFC.

I liked our old profile pages because all our details were to the side and our collections were the first thing someone saw when they visited our profile.

Now shit like our avatar and member details are in this huge ass block of white and its an ugly waste of space taking priority over whats most important on MFC.
3014 hours agoMoroMoro
~hooray~, now the last usable part of the site is a complete hideous mess too.
2112 hours agoKouseiKousei ☆ ★ ☆
My first thought: please let this not be the final version.

I'm a little baffled at how the site has been changed in various places. It feels like it was taken over and used as someone's school project for a beginner's web design class. ... Even though in my experience in those classes, they drill into your head how to effectively use space, color, etc...
2014 hours agoCaptainZCaptainZ
And here I thought it couldn't get any worse
163 hours agoweebweeb lexiechan
400+ comments in the forum and we're still ignored
152 hours agoshikanishikani
Glad I canceled my supporter status last month. This site doesn't deserve my money anymore.
157 hours agochapters0chapters0
159 hours agopukepuke ✧・゚mahou ♡ shoujo ・゚✧
who thought this was a good idea?
1513 hours agoSeikiSeiki
Collection order on the profile being a random group of items in a random order is somewhat annoying. I tend to like going back to newer purchased items and overall like having a small wishlist where I can memorize the placement of everything in it to quickly check something in it from my profile.

There's a TON of extra dead-space. Activity log is horrendous because it pretty much covers the whole page from top to bottom as opposed to a tiny little section like before with all of the excess space going on.

The area around the profile icon that shows user info has less going on in more space and overall looks like a tumblr blog header. It's designed for a cover banner, which only Supporters or important boarders get, shafting over half the userbase. Overall, the set-up as a whole and amount of important, locked settings to fix some of it feels like it's designed with Supporters in mind.

Less figures show on the profile too with much more emphasis on the user themselves. It's like our figure collections aren't important anymore, ironic given the site's name.
148 hours ago (8 hours ago)CSpazCSpaz
Looks like it is time for me to quit paying subscription and move to a different site.
1411 hours agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
very ugly
1415 hours agochiyuunchiyuun GRADUATION FROM LIE
i think everything takes up way too much space than what it has to >>

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.cubeupload.com/5R2qUT.png
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.cubeupload.com/q4ZX84.png
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.cubeupload.com/w6DFJU.png

it just feels really big and i don't like that. i will probably start using the site on 80% or 90% zoom out if they don't fix it, which i really hope they do.
149 hours ago2hu2hu
No one wanted this.
1311 hours agosybeysybey ryonafucker69
bad. ugly.
1316 hours agocremareocremareo
I don't like how it shows all the "owned" green checkmarks on your owned list

like... duh

other than that I've already lost hope so
1214 hours ago (14 hours ago)AuriAuri
Anyone wishing to still use/see stuff on the older version of their profile can use this link " myfigurecollection.net/profiles.php?user=yourusernamehere "
125 hours agoBloodFlowerBloodFlower
Looking at the new profile I realised that the whole design is a carbon copy of Facebook's. Try opening a tab with your Facebook wall and one with your MFC profile and look at them back to back and try to tell me is not.

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