421 day ago (1 day ago)murdochmurdoch
Well shit, everyone. We're really going into "anatomically correct" territory?
Go to the main page on MFC and tell me all the popular lady figures are anatomically correct, they're bodies are contorted into impossible shapes that no actual human being could have. I mean, they're anime characters. Every erotic female figure I've seen that had a sculpted vulva hasn't looked realistic either, this isn't anything new.

Don't get me wrong, I 100% agree with the majority of these criticisms so far, the final product is flawed and his balls are definitely.. not ideal. (lmao) also is it me or is his bush a little too clunky? I'll be the first to admit he final product definitely didn't meet my expectations. I think the most of us just got so fucking hyped for the D that we got our hopes waaay up, so I totally understand why a lot of us are disappointed.

View spoilerHide spoilerEdit: I just wanted to add a few positive notes. I understand everyone's frustration but I can't help but seriously adore this figure. The sculpt of his body overall is gorgeous, like, really fucking beautiful. And I love the sheer, unapologetically lewd vibes that Aoba is giving off. The base and bondage gear are rad. Yeah he's not perfect but still a pretty damn good figure (well at least in my opinion he is)

also bondage gear tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) amirite
3420 hours agoNarcissiNarcissi
I remember someone made a blog post about their pre-owned Rei having crusty dry...baby batter here.
2920 hours agomurdochmurdoch
I came across this screenshot a while ago and saved it immediately, I wish I knew the source so I could give credit where credit it due.
But anyway- I figured you guys would appreciate this treat.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q368/murdoch1/tumblr_o601soLew41trdj8io1_1280_zpspesxdmzb.png
291 day agoCannedMuffinsCannedMuffins
The blindfold is actually...a super great idea. It makes his face not look as odd. I might be doing this when I display him. Thank you for this great idea!
281 day agoakarinakarin
I'm not all that surprised that the seller sent trading figures in a bubble mailer. But the smart thing to do would be to pack them in a small box, since there's more than 1. Max 2 in a mailer, but 5? It's too much and not really savvy to put them all together like that. They probably wanted to save on shipping costs, who knows. What you need to do is persist with the seller, but if you don't hear anything from them, get PayPal involved.

I've been so guilty of a transaction I've had lately. I recently sold a 1/8 Madoka and the figure and her box were in great condition. I've had it stored for ages, and just when I take it out of the storage I had it in, the box tore from the bottom as I pulled it out and the plastic screen became unglued. I was devastated. But regardless of that, the figure was still in pristine condition. I messaged the buyer about what happened with pics and they said they were fine with that as long as the figure was okay. I gave them a small refund for the box though.

Needless to say, as sellers we need to take responsibility for the shit we do, man. We can't just take the money and disappear.
2516 hours agoyunomiyunomi
I see nothing wrong with his balls. I was gonna go and assume that a large number of you people are familiar with yaoi and how yaoi artists draw balls but apparently maybe not. Realistically, it is also anatomically correct. Like some mentioned, balls will retract to erotic situations or temperature. This is because you have a muscle around the testicles supporting them called cremasteric fibers.
I can't believe I'm even talking about this...
I mean I usually keep these infos to myself anyway. lol
251 day agoEXkuroganeEXkurogane
First time ever in the history of MFC the top 5 photos of the day are all ochinchin
22nd of January 2017 is a historic day
226 hours agoana33ana33
gosh if people want to see wrinkly hairy balls so much go to pornhub , I am quite happy with Aoba having smooth and cute PVC ballz
201 day agoWaltZ015WaltZ015
Forget Saber. Forget Miku. Forget Sakura. AOBA will be the next Madokami.
191 day agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
His dickness is POTD two days in a row, PLEASE can we go for 3? OuO

The-Hurricane (1 day ago) #17683519As for complaining before receiving the figure, I mean, I'm not exactly sure what's going to change when I have him in hand? I can...fondle his dick as I bemoan how horridly sculpted it is? :P
Just seems weird that so many people judged his junk based on shitty potato-cam photos instead of waiting to receive him or see HD photos. lol, transparent. You seem to have your mind made up either way so doesn't matter.
1623 hours agoCerespamCerespam ~Soraname
Have you guys ever seen a ballsack in a cold environment? Yeah, looks exactly like this, like a rubber so I think most of you that are complaining about his balls don't have a dick or live with a male person that likes to be naked all the time to witness this kind of thing lol
141 day agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Contact the shop and offer to send it back if they want. If they do, ship them back the package... with a completely different figure than the one they sent you. Just to confuse everything even more.

(I'm joking. It would be funny, though.)
141 day agoriringoriringo
Wow the blindfold is great! Totally re-balances the face and canon to one of the alt routes too.
131 day agoRyukosamaRyukosama
Drakhatos (1 day ago) #17675163Is that really a question? It's their fault, right, but mistakes happen at times. If you keep it and sell it, I hope it'd happen to one of your orders as well, so you'd learn from your greed, and to make someone else sad and give them trouble. Up to you, but there's an easy answer to what's the good and the bad choice.

Woah chill pls O.O

It didn't cross my mind that this could be someone elses order until xxnickyxx mentioned it, I'm sorry I didn't think of ALL THE POSSIBILITIES RIGHT AWAY since this never happend to me or someone else in my collectors community before.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone in any way possible, Jesus... <.<
121 day ago (1 day ago)ShikareeShikaree
Protip: next time you're thinking about taking advantage of someone else's mistake, don't post about it. =p

But the better choice is probably to raise your moral standards.

(Though reading replies below on how NY handles such cases, I would definitely not ship anything unless they pay first, either in cash or vouchers. You are under no legal obligation to ship anything back to them, at least under US law. The item is legally yours, again under US law. Refer to: [ext link ])
1121 hours ago (21 hours ago)take123take123
Ive seen some really awkward used figures when you shine UV light on them. I usually only buy sealed figures.
111 day agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
New user pics are looking D-licious~ *spins*
111 day agoKirito-donoKirito-dono
Drakhatos (1 day ago) #17675163Is that really a question? It's their fault, right, but mistakes happen at times. If you keep it and sell it, I hope it'd happen to one of your orders as well, so you'd learn from your greed, and to make someone else sad and give them trouble. Up to you, but there's an easy answer to what's the good and the bad choice.
Greed? What are you talking about? Ryukosama just ask us about our opinion, it is really not OK to be so judgmental and aggressive. At the end of the day, it is her call to decide what is going to be. I think that so many of us would think about selling the other figure and there is nothing wrong with that.

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