2523 hours agoSquareofmeSquareofme
Let's see:
-Limited and exclusive (so guaranteed no bargain binning)
-5 digit price tag for a simple figure with few embellishments
-Prototype looks rough and unfinished
-Questionable level of glossiness

Yeah, bye Megahouse, I'll wait for the inevitable Stammi Vicino pair set from a less irritating manufacturer
221 day agomegane_megane_
After years of flat butt anarchy, the ass king has come to claim the throne
1921 hours agoInnamoramentoInnamoramento
I was so looking forward to this, but the black outfit?? He's so expensive and I would have ordered him in an instant, but not with that outfit. It's so boring, he has so many great costumes or even possible clothing colors or patterns, this seems like a lazy job and I won't order him. I hope I won't regret this in the future, but even more I hope some other, great scale figures pop up.
181 day ago (1 day ago)pixilatedpockypixilatedpocky
Damn, this was such a disappointment. He looks so rushed and cheap, definitely not worth the 10000yen price tag. I think I would've preordered him despite the bad paintjob/clumpy hair/yaoi hands if he wasn't so pricey.

Makes me sad to say this, but it looks like I'm gonna be passing on this (unless of course Yuuri gets announced during the Yuri on Stage event, but that's a whole other can of worms there)
169 hours agoDarklunaDarkluna
explosiv3 (10 hours ago) #20493273Not at all.. his facial expression on the figure is very calm. It compliments his whole body language. the one in the picture had his eyes squinting and his eyebrows almost furrowed. He just looks stiff in that picture.
lol it's like some people just want to throw out something bad to say about this figure.

Riiiight just throwing it out. His eyebrows are higher in the figure which softens the expression, but the shape of his eyes is very similar and the shape of his mouth is an almost exact match.


And quite frankly, Megahouse chose the blandest outfit possible, messed up the shirt color, tried to compensate for the simplicity of the design by glossing it up and making it look like he's dipped in lube, made his ass looks square-ish so that it resembles a diaper, chose a base appropriate for a trading or prize figure, and he's 10000+ yen to boot. That's great and all if he's still hitting a bunch of people's "like" spots as people will like different things, but there's plenty to critique without having to reach or throw aspersions about why people are posting their disappointment.
151 day ago (1 day ago)burcuburcu
The face isn't as horrendous as I thought it would be, but the hair and the paint job is like a joke. He looks like he's wearing a garbage bag. I have many fond memories of the discussions I participated in about that butt, so this fig has a special place in my heart, still I can't bring myself to instantly PO him. I'm slightly more hopeful for Koto's Victor and expect nothing from Toy's Works. The wait for this summer Wonfes will be long and I'll be very disappointed if Alter doesn't jump on the bandwagon.
1421 hours agoVeroxionVeroxion
Makkachin looks like a blob of poop. There's no detail for all his puff and fluff.
131 day agomilkypopmilkypop
If they believe we don't deserve extra parts then I believe they don't deserve extra money so I won't go through the hassle and buy the exclusive one via proxies or forwarders.
I really hope another manufacturer makes a figure of Joker wearing his mask in 1/7 scale so the party can be displayed together...
131 day agoDunizelDunizel
I didn't think they would make such a relatively simple figure a limited one o_O
Oh, well. I never thought I'd say that, but I'm not in love with it. The pose would be good, but the simple outfit with that paint doesn't convince me. The hair could be better too.

I'm still somewhat interested, but I don't think I'll preorder. I still believe someone will produce a Victor in the Stammi Vicino outfit (which would be perfect for a matching Yuri), so I'll wait patiently.
131 day agoKiz-xoKiz-xo
we waited 5 months for this?!
I'm not impressed by the paint job, and i was hoping they'd go with the outfit from the photo on here, but they didn't. in my opinion it looks cheap and rushed.
131 day agoNoel-chanNoel-chan
Phil_Liz (1 day ago) #20426004He's up on KotoEU but it seems like it's the normal version: [ext link ]
... This is just a kick in the butt for every european collector that wanted to buy the exclusive version. Honestly, it seems like we aren't "good enough" to get the bonus. I might be overreacting, but honestly... This is NOT okay. Absolutely not.
1210 hours agoMad_CollectorsMad_Collectors I ❤ plastic (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
What a disappointment.....
1212 hours ago (12 hours ago)MilurielMiluriel
I'm passing on this. I can't even really believe it, because I was so ready to just buy the first Yuri and Victor statue they gave us.
But for this prize, that's just not good enough. They don't even show his base, so it's probably just some plastic disc. The pose is nice, but nothing special. And of course this terrible shirt.
Yeah. Nope. There will be others.

Edit: Also I'm pretty sure if they gave me a day I could sculpt a better Makachin, and why is he the size of a teddy bear? How much did they rush this whole thing?
1222 hours ago (22 hours ago)liablueleavesliablueleaves
That Makkachin bonus looks about the same size as the one that's coming with the Nendo, and it costs half what the Nendo did? no thanks. I might be more swayed for this figure if it included a scale Makkachin or a nicer base but... the more I think about it the more I feel I should pass on him which hurts my soul because I love the pose. Why you gotta half-ass the love of my life, Megahouse
121 day agoChelsea_akashiChelsea_akashi
I was so incredibly excited for this, and now I'm quite disappointed. Not a fan of all the gloss;;; it looks so cheap and it is really bothering me ;v; Also the longer I look at it, the more I start to find the pose strange;;; a different clothing choice or even a white shirt would have been lovely as well;; Unless they make some changes, or the price is ok (( Doubt it)) this will be a pass. I absolutely adore Victor more than anything, but this figure is not what I expected.

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