451 day agohyenaqueenhyenaqueen
NinaScottex (1 day ago) #19317904I agree with you! ;_; plus there are three for boys and two for girls, the secret should also be for female nendos.
I know that most female collectors who are not me want more male figures/parts, but this is a set, there should be equality so that everyone is satisfied.

Where was the "equality" in all the other sets? We got zero male beach bodies or pajamas.
4112 hours agoFerOtakuNyaFerOtakuNya
3314 hours ago (14 hours ago)WanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Friends? What is that?
3212 hours ago (12 hours ago)quirowquirow
Woah! A bit early for April Fool's don't you think GSC?
271 day agototorosaucetotorosauce
Put me out of my misery and slap some colour on my man.
181 day agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
I think that basically all loot boxes are a waste of money. I don't even care for makeup ones, which are a really great value for the money. The reason is because I am a pretty picky buyer in all regards, so for me it's a waste of money to have something I won't enjoy or use. I don't get that much enjoyment out of getting a lot of random things I don't like. I would rather put the money towards something I really want..
1512 hours ago (12 hours ago)ShinkaiiShinkaii
What the heck? They opened pre-orders for product that doesn't even have colored prototype? Even as GSC fangirl I can't justify this. :\ Don't really want it to become regular thing.
1522 hours agoAnnapiiAnnapii
NinaScottex (22 hours ago) #19321165No need to get aggressive, I just stated what I personally wish :/ there should always be equality, okay? I know many people would be happier if companies released more male parts, this is one of the more discussed topics on this website. However, I'm also a collector and I happen to prefer female figures. I couldn't care less about most Nendoroid more sets, actually, but this time they're doing a theme I'm a huge fan of, so I don't see why I can't publicly say I hope the secret is something I'd like to buy just like you do.

It's not that you shouldn't wish for things. It's just rough to be someone who likes male figures or parts. We rarely get to be the target audience, so when it actually happens, it means a lot to us. And when someone says something like, "I wish this had been a female figure." or "I wish this had more female parts." we can feel a little angry or defensive because this is our once in a blue moon opportunity to feel like the target audience.

We understand the frustration of, "I wish this would be something I'd like to buy." better than anyone, so I sympathize with your feelings. I think many of us just treasure this opportunity to finally get a theme to ourselves, and I hope you don't begrudge us too much for it.
1410 hours agoSageGuySageGuy
eviljackspicer (10 hours ago) #19329939**sees Goodsmile places unpainted item out for preorder**
This is Goodsmile either saying
YOLO or F&*K it.

Or trying to cash in before the hype dies.
141 day agoLillinettixLillinettix
I wish it's another male suit cuz the wedding set didn't have enough but chances are it's for girl nendos
141 day agohugtowerhugtower
I've never done it bc I'm very, very picky and I guarantee I wouldn't get anything I like. If I did, the ratio of stuff I like vs don't care about wouldn't make it worth it. Not to mention selling off or giving away small things that might not even be on the database would be way too tedious (unless you know people irl that like that series).

I can see where if you have an open mind, like things for aesthetic reasons, and/or are into a lot of popular series it would be fun to buy occasionally though...
1223 hours agoSeikiSeiki
hyenaqueen (1 day ago) #19317951Where was the "equality" in all the other sets? We got zero male beach bodies or pajamas.

plus only 1 male Cheerleader and 2 males in the Wedding set. Personally, I'd rather the secret be a male that way the ratio is reverse of the Wedding set to give a sense of equality that way.
1015 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
I don't care who the secret is but it would be cute if it was a sitting down, taking calls pose or a get drunk after work pose
101 day agoJosineJosine
I'm not really interested in most of the stuff that they put in grab boxes, so it's not really my thing. I do enjoy reading grab box unboxings on here though.
101 day agoakarinakarin
Why waste $ on stuff you'll potentially not like more than you will? Like 1/50 chance. Use that $ on stuff you will like instead :|
911 hours agoSeikiSeiki
Annapii (21 hours ago) #19323297I know discussions on this topic can get pretty heated. There's a lot of frustration towards the industry and the other side, and sometimes it gets misplaced. But there are also people who are just concerned that opinions like yours may actually hurt our chances of getting more content geared toward us.
I don't know about everyone else, but after the Final Fantasy fiasco, I do feel like my chances are being threatened when people start saying things like, "I wish this was more for me." (In case you don't know about the Final Fantasy fiasco, there was a very scantily dressed male protagonist that had a lot of backlash, leading him to be heavily censored, which was a big loss a lot of people who were looking forward to a sexy male lead.) Of course, I don't think the solution is to shut down dissenting opinions or start fights, but when things like this happen, it makes it a lot harder for people to be tolerant and patient. Sometimes, it really can feel like any content catered to us can be lost at any moment.

*sees "scantily clad male protag"*
*gets excited*
"was censored"
*heart shatters into a billion pieces*

I hadn't heard about this before and will be definitely looking up the story.

Overall, I am happy it looks to be a male due to aforementioned reverse gender ratio to the Wedding set. This looks like it might even make a good companion to the wedding set with the flowers to potentially make-up for the fewer males from that set. Then I do also want to see more male stuff made in general.

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