3121 hours ago (21 hours ago)PlasticomPlasticom
Why is she so expensive? It's such a simple figure.

I pass.
231 day ago (1 day ago)CreepyOldManCreepyOldMan
When my mom questioned me about my BRS Black Blade ver, I lied to her and told her that she is actually a guy. She argued that she is 100% sure that she is a girl because of the twin tail. I told her I am 150% sure she is a guy because of the flat chest. My argument is actually fairly convincing because until now, she is still questioning BRS's real gender =l

Few months ago, I bought a 1/4 Hestia. She saw her and start teasing me again. I told her, I like Hestia because her big breast and looks reminded me of mama... That silenced her instantly.

Moral of the story, just make up some sort of ridiculous lie and tell them something nonsensical. Works for me every time. Also, this coming Christmas, I will be getting Native's Kagarino :)))))))
115 hours agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
I shall sculpt nips for my gorgeous Jiji ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
101 day agoReiichiruReiichiru
WanderingWastrel (1 day ago) #22667892But corrupting the young is half the fun.
101 day agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Reiichiru (1 day ago) #22660408I'd go as far as to say I feel it's a little irresponsible of older members to encourage going against parent's wishes -especially when far younger members (14-18) may read this get the same idea.

But corrupting the young is half the fun.
101 day agohoratiohoratio
For your birthday gifts, get your family to buy you some other figures that are of the safer variety.

Save up and buy the sexy ones yourself; you will treasure so much more that which you spent effort on acquiring.
91 day agodebinoresudebinoresu
fuck off, scales are getting exclusive accessories now? if they want people to buy from the source so bad they should sell their items at the best value. if amiami can afford to sell her for 10k, gsc should be able to as well.

shes lovely regardless, and her price isnt bad. just kind of pissed at gsc's desperate bonuses.
91 day agoICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
I love the bonus but it'll easily cost an extra $30 to get it instead of just ordering on amiami -__- yikes
85 hours agoronnibun41ronnibun41
...he looks pretty dang good. Face and everything is exactly like the illustration; they even put the dirt detail on him which is a plus. I'd like to see some other swords with awakening poses in the future (hopefully) Now let's hope he's not limited/exclusive like his mini counterpart *knocks on wood*
81 day agoReiichiruReiichiru
It's been really interesting reading everyone's views, but I think this is super subjective for strangers to voice our opinions on your personal situation. Everyone's parents, lifestyle -and even national culture is different. I feel it's unfair to say 'You should just be you regardless of the consequences!'

As everyone is different, some people may feel the grew from choosing to buy and display more explicit figures; in that they learnt to ignore the negativity and judgement of others. Others say it helps define who they are. Others simply say they are adults and can do as they wish -and their loved ones have learnt to accept this and it's all good.

I'd go as far as to say I feel it's a little irresponsible of older members to encourage going against parent's wishes -especially when far younger members (14-18) may read this get the same idea.

It's great to be who you are. It's great to be confident in your hobbies. It's great to be independent and responsible. As adults, we have the freedom to be... well to be free.
It's not so great to encourage others to begin causing an unnecessary rift with their loved ones over this hobby.

In short, my advice would be to speak to them. Maybe they'll begin to respect or even enjoy them. Maybe they won't. Once you are in your place with your own cash, you can do as you wish. For now, I'd consider 'is owning an explicit figurine the best way you can choose to define yourself by?'. If it is, it's certainty worth discussing with your parents if you believe it would help them understand you more.

TL;DR: I think people should respect their parents' wishes while living them. Some people suggested asking for money and then buying the girls anyway -this seems really sneaky and bad to me! Especially if you know they won't like them. Could this burn a lot of trust with them?

perhaps i'm just projecting because I don't get along with my dad. not because of figures.. but it makes me sad that others would fight with parents over this.
81 day agoEastEast
personally I wouldn't ask my parents (or anyone besides bf) to buy me a figure that would be considered provocative in any way. it would just feel weird to me receiving a sexy figure from my mom lmao. but in the end you know your parents best and if they're cool with things like that then go for it
717 hours agoShinkaiiShinkaii
ICantBelieveIts (19 hours ago) #22720505Who is this again...?

As much as this joke is overused and unfunny, in case of this figure it fits pretty well since it has zero resemblance of the character whatsoever.
71 day agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
MY GOD SHE IS WEARING PANTS. Call the newspapers.
71 day agoValestein3Valestein3 500 frames per second
About damn time we get a painted prototype! As I expected, she's barebones but at least she comes with Mokona.

MFC did a good job with her face and keeps in touch with the manga in a way but like Hikaru, I feel like she has a case of derp face going on haha

I don't care though. I'll PO when I get the chance. She's my favorite out of three.
71 day agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Thanks goodness the GSC bonus is something I don't care about. He's ADORABLE and can't wait to order him on AmiAmi!!! <333
71 day ago (1 day ago)Ose_93Ose_93
Maybe tell them that you are looking through figures and to gift you with one of those gift Visa cards instead? Or money?

Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable asking my mom for a figure that was a bit more on the "risky" side. She's not a closed minded person by any means, but it's just out of my comfort zone. And the figures you are looking into are fairly tame, especially compared to my Native Aoba. It really just depends on the relationship you have with your parents. You know them best.

Edit: Is your mom completely okay with this figure? item #144376

She's showing a bit of skin as well. And while she isn't in lingerie, if your mom finds this figure pretty and likes her, I think it may be easier for you to approach the subject. The wedding versions of the characters you were looking into aren't in provocative poses or anything like that, so it's really just about how your mom feels about the clothing choices.

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