201 day agoSolarisSoulSolarisSoul
Bruh it took me like a minute to see what you were talking about. You could replace it but that seems like so much effort for such a tiny defect. Of course, if there were more throughout the figure...
177 hours agoKouseiKousei ☆ ★ ☆
I'm not sick of any, 'cause if I don't like them, I just won't buy them. So it's a win for my wallet and a win for the people who actually do like them.
168 hours agorufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Maybe you don't mean your wording choice in this particular instance, but I see a lot of people complaining about popular franchises getting all the figures, as if figure manufacturers would focus on less popular franchises if they stopped producing figures of popular stuff. Much as I'd love other CLAMP stuff to get some love from figure companies, for instance, they wouldn't start making figures of xxxHolic or Tsubasa characters if Cardcaptor Sakura didn't exist. They'd just make characters of some other currently popular franchise instead.
1516 hours ago (16 hours ago)LilieLilie
lionhearth (16 hours ago) #24897100He could do that but he would be banned from using that particular proxy. which is something that op might not want(note that this isn't aimed at you or the op) (just my general thoughts)

This is a trend that is really starting to annoy me. So many new people starting to use Yahoo JP auction without having any clue, not understanding the risks and not doing enough research as to how it works. New people need to understand the risks involved and not take it on the proxy (dispute) when there has been an error on the buyers part or the auction sellers part. Yahoo Auction JP is not some Treasure Trove Heaven, the seller could in theory send you bunch of rocks and it wouldn't be the proxy's fault if you happened to use a cheap proxy service that had no item check service. When you dispute on proxy that did nothing wrong you hurt the proxy and everyone who uses it. The financial losses of the proxy will mean increased service prices that hurt other users who know and aknowledge the potential risks when using a proxy.

Don't like the risk that you might get a damaged figure and the chance there's nobody that will refund you? THEN DON'T USE YAHOO JP AUCTION/PROXIES!
141 day agoCantisamaCantisama
Seems like a minor defect to me. If that is the only problem the figure has, I would keep it. You never know if the replacement could have something worse.

Of course the decision is up to you. If it bothers you enough that you think it will distract you, and if others with the same figure don't have that problem, go for a replacement.
116 hours agoshinhawkshinhawk
A lot of people don't seem to understand that the figure industry is a business these companies are looking to make money. They're not going to make money by making figures of unpopular or obscure characters that only a handful of people like. Popular characters are chosen because they have a better chance at selling and making money for figures companies.

No character is more deserving than another. Also, there's no such thing characters stealing figure spots from others.
117 hours agoBea2028Bea2028
I think that all characters deserve the figures they get. As much as I would love to see figures of less popular Vocaloids,I love seeing the Miku ones. I think that the correct phrase would be this:
The popular characters deserve to get the figures they have,but there ar also characters that need more. The popular characters aren't "stealing" any figures from the others,because there is not a limited number of figures that can be made trough the curse of time. If a company wants to create a figure,they create it. And that's all.
111 day agomermaidsmermaids
it seems incredibly minor to me... i'm surprised they offered a replacement at all. i would just keep it, personally.
101 day agoAuriAuri
I wouldn't have even noticed there was anything if you didn't say so. I don't even think that classifies as something they would replace, it seems absurd to me even mentioning it if you were to sell it. I believe even in person you wouldn't notice that in normal lighting
96 hours ago (6 hours ago)GuilopGuilop
Companies make figures because they expect to sell them or because one of the responsible people really likes a character. Getting less Sabers doesn't necessarily mean that we'll get figures of other less popular servants.

I don't mind one character having tons of figures. It increases the chance that they make one I actually like and want to buy and even if I don't, as long as other people are happy with them, I see no reason to complain.

Now if your goal is to collect all Saber figures that were ever made then your poor wallet might have a reason to complain.
99 hours agoDribzDribz
I love how I can just see the icon and know it's goddamn Yu-Gi-Oh. No other does hair like that...
79 hours agocookie_on_firecookie_on_fire
Took a look at the description, and for those who are interested, the comment says:


"This is an import item, and does not come with Japanese instructions.
We cannot provide any support because this is not an official product.
Please bid with that in mind."

The seller really spelled it out, so unfortunately trying to dispute will probably get you nowhere :/
711 hours ago (10 hours ago)ponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
So they want 500 USD and a kidney for shipping a heavy, brittle and sub-par painted figure?

(come on, who paints skin in solid coats in 2017? e2046? bleh)

No, thanks.
71 day ago (1 day ago)utena-samautena-sama
well, the item description does say that the figure is an "import version", so that combined with bootleg photos means you've almost definitely purchased a bootleg, im sorry :( I don't think theres anything you can do at this point, aside from learn from the mistake. you could ship it and see if it's at least decent looking, or maybe for future use for a custom project or something similar, but the price of shipping might not be worth it - up to you! at least it wasn't too expensive, some people pay retail price or more for a bootleg!
71 day agocoolorangecoolorange
Naedix (1 day ago) #24879995
EDIT: Oh my god the ghosts are the other members of Plasmagica!

Is this the closest I'll get to having a Moa figure?
71 day agomurialitamurialita
Well, the weather decided not to co-operate, so the lighting is crap, but Stardust is still good. Have an unboxing.
69 hours agoMasterSoraMasterSora
How are they just gonna skip the other 3 series who barely have figures yet?
616 hours ago (16 hours ago)CantisamaCantisama
I love Samurai Champloo and the pose is extremely dynamic, but that price ain't happening. I would be all over a ~$100 PVC version though.
61 day ago (1 day ago)heathersaurheathersaur
PVC starts to decompose when the temperature reaches 140 °C (284 °F), with melting temperature starting around 160 °C (320 °F). - [ext link ]

If your house is getting that hot, you have other issues. Just have a fan to circulate the air in the area you have your figures and you should really be fine.

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