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Tegami Bachi - Niche - Steak - Shueisha Solid Selection 10 - 1/8 (Shueisha)


Lag's personal Dingo.

She travels with Lag, acting as his bodyguard against Gaichuu, and sticks closely to Lag along with her "pet", Steak, on her head. She battles using her hair, also known as "The Golden Sword", manipulating it into powerful blade-like tentacles capable of lifting things several times her size. She has bearlike forearms and claws which she usually keeps covered with oven mitt-like gloves. Niche displays animal-like characteristics, such as licking wounds and sniffing the air for any trace of danger. She dislikes wearing underwear, but wears them for Lag's sake, claiming that he is the first person to ever make her wear underwear.

She was born approximately 200 years ago in the town of Blue Notes Blues. She has a twin sister with the same power as her and she refers to Niche as imouto (younger sister).

Her name is derived from "niche", a crevice or narrow space to put flowers as an offering to the Holy Mother.

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