Ai ga Areba Koibito ni Saiminjuts...愛があれば恋人に催眠術をかけても問題ないよね?

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Every day was a happy day for Akito and his girlfriend Natsuki, fellow members of the book committee, but Natsuki was reluctant to do more than kissing. (Does she not like me? thought Akito.) While the seed of concern grew, he found an Edo-period book on hypnotism. Perhaps this was a way for them both to overcome the problem. Was it moral? Was it selfish? To attain his "first time" Akito was willing to go to lengths for what he was convinced is true love. However, when he learned that the first time wasn't good for Natsuki, Akito took over her mind completely, with an intention to make her "practice"......

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