Minase Iori水瀬 伊織

Minase Iori
  • Minase Iori
  • 水瀬 伊織
The daughter of one of the associates of the 765 Production president, Iori is a spoiled rich girl who flaunts her family's wealth.

Although she is quite polite and refined on stage and in public, when with the Producer and other girls she has a very sharp tongue, and is quick to berate other people's intelligence (especially the Producer's). As a result of having two older brothers, Iori has grown up with a deep complex of hating to lose, and thus rarely shows any weaknesses.

She does, however, have a much softer side that she shows from time to time, making her personality that of a perfect tsundere character. The stuffed rabbit that she carries around with her constantly is named "Usa-chan".

Her image song in The Idolm@ster is HERE WE GO!!, but it becomes Futari no Kikoku in the SP release.

In the Xbox 360 port, she shares the image song Watashi Wa Idol with Haruka Amami

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