Konjiki no Yami

Konjiki no Yami
Konjiki no Yami
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golden darkness


    A dispassionate, withdrawn assassin, Golden Darkness is hired by one of Lala's arranged suitors, Lacospo to kill Rito, until she breaks the contract, noting the true nature behind her target. Golden Darkness is currently staying on Earth, roaming around the city streets and Sainan High, with a motivation to continue her duty to assassinate Rito, although she has yet to accomplish this (hinting she only said this as an excuse to stay on Earth, which is then confirmed). Commonly referred as "Yami-chan", she spends her time reading books and magazines, while eating taiyaki (it is the only thing she eats on Earth since it is the first food offered by Rito, prior to spending a night at the Yuuki residence for a sukiyaki dinner). By her planet's calculations, she is 24 years-old, despite having the appearance of an 11 year-old (albeit a rather mature one), although this is only mentioned in the anime and has a weakness towards anything slimy.

    Like Lala, Golden Darkness' physical abilities are exponentially stronger than a human's. She carries a unique ability to turn her body parts into various objects through use of nano machines circulating her body, ranging from swords to dragon heads. Unfortunately, excessive use becomes a hazard to her health. She states she hates "ecchi" people, and does not hesitate to assault a person who looks at her in an obscene way, even if it's her own fault like when she was using her abilities to increase her bust she attacks Rito when he saw her, mostly out of embarrassment or for many occasions standing at the top of something such as stairs where her panties could be seen by accident. She has also stated, that she doesn't understand if she can feel love and all its wonders, though she slowly becomes closer to Rito once seeing that he is a good person.

    Like some To Love-Ru characters, Golden Darkness' mannerisms, appearance and abilities bears similarity to characters from illustrator Yabuki's own manga. She bears a starking all around resemblance to Eve from Black Cat. Both characters also share the same voice actress in their respective drama CD/animated counterparts. In addition, her Lunatique spaceship is a reference to Tearju Lunatique, Eve's creator in Black Cat.

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